Saturday, September 19, 2009

Garage Sale Deals

Hilary (next door neighbor) and I hit up some neighborhood garage sales this morning. I am a pretty picky about garage sales. First, I like neighborhood garage sales, better chance of hitting up more in less time. Secondly, I drive by a lot without stopping. If something doesn't catch me eye right away, I usually don't stop. I am sure there are deals inside the garage that I might be missing, but I am willing to risk that. Thirdly, I want a BIG deal. There have been items that I believe are overpriced, that people won't come down on, I will walk away. Always be willing to walk away.

Great deals today. Best deal of the day is the $2 wood table and 2 chairs. Yes that was $2 for the whole real wood set. Now the catch was one leg is broken and needs a little TLC. I can afford TLC for that price. All the other 5 toys were a total of $20 from another sale. I had gone to target this week and was floored with the prices of toys. I feel like I got a great deal. Payton now has her own cell phone too. I was happy with my findings and so was Payton.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

In a painting mood continued

After I painted at Steve's parents lake house (see post below) I came home and decided to tackle a few rooms I had wanted to paint at home. The formal dining/living room in the front of our home had been calling my name to paint it. I wanted a bold, fun color. I was very excited with the results.

The next day I decided to paint the upstairs guest bathroom. I really didn't care what color it was, I just didn't like the builders grade white that was on the walls. I had picked up a $5 oops can from Lowes a few weeks ago, and decided to give it a whirl. I don't love the color, but it is a nice neutral and it is much better than white. Hey it was $5.

Then I decided that was needed to bring some of that bold, fun color into our family room. I was tired of this wall hanging that I got from Pier 1 a few years back. Nothing some paint can't change. By the way, the white vase was a steal. I found it at HomeGoods on cleareance for $8. I loved the shape, but was pastel pink with flowers and butterflies, YUCK! Love the spray paint.

My body is tired from the painting. 2 days straight and taking care of a sick little baby at the same time. I am happy it is done!

In a painting mood

While at Steve's parents lake house over labor day weekend, I painted the living room. They had to pull up the carpet due to water leaking in, and are planning on laying down laminate in a few weeks. This was prime time to paint without having to worry about spilling anything on the floor. That is a great way to paint. I chose a yellow to brighten up the room a bit.


Well for the Labor Day weekend, Team Southards found ourselves at the Lake of the Ozarks for 2 days, home for church on Sunday and then to each of Steve's grandparents farms for 1 evening. We had such a great time visiting with Steve's whole family at his Mom's parents dairy farm. Going to the farms remind me of what a different upbringing Steve and I had. We then spent a day at the Southards farm. Steve and I went on a great float trip while his grandparents watched Payton. A couple funny things from our time with the Southards. Granny had a cough and soon realized that everytime she coughed, Payton would do a small cough back to her. So it became a game, the adults coughing, trying to make Payton cough. It was funny. The other thing was Poppa Southards reading "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed" to Payton. He was making up his own story by looking at the pictures. Granny, Steve and I were laughing so hard, a 80 something year old man's version of the book. Here are a few pictures of the weekend.