Monday, November 30, 2009

Big Girl Outfit

Yesterday once Payton was dressed I looked at her and decided she wasn't a baby anymore. Nope, she looks like a big girl. Here are some pics of her outfit. I love her boots, they are Target's version of Uggs :) Her puffer vest has Elmo!

FYI - Little miss has 4 teeth cutting through right now. She is being a champ about it. Just drool and snot constantly running.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I am such a blessed Woman. I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Here a few of the top:

1. There is a God that is ever pursuing me and pruning me to be more alive in Him.
2. People in my life - relationships are what matters
3. I have a roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep in and food on my table. Many can't say that
4. My body is healthy
5. My mind is sharp

What more could a girl want?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you are able to take a moment and be reminded how blessed you are.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Too Cheap?

Happy Wednesday Before Thanksgiving Everyone!

Steve and I are headed to St. Louis to spend Thanksgiving with his family. It is a 4 hour drive, we are thankful to have family within driving distance. I rule in my rulebook is you don't decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving. It drives me crazy that people have had lights up for weeks! Well I have broken my own rule. Since we will be gone this weekend (Saturday after Thanksgiving is usually when I decorate) I decided to get a little jump start on the decorating. No tree yet, but most of the decorations have changed from Orange and Yellows, to red.

I changed my wreath on my front door. This is where I question if I am too cheap. I had a Letter "S" that I painted orange hanging with my fall wreath. I love having the initial, so I decided I wanted to use it for Christmas. I thought that I would cover the letter with wrapping paper instead of paying a $1.50 for a new "S". WHAT A PAIN. After I completed it, I decided I should have bought a new letter, painted in green, then done some paper, not worrying about orange showing through. I thought I would save money and take off the wrapping paper and use the orange again later. The end result was acceptable, but too much work to get there. Check out the pics. I love the wrapping paper. It was from World Market a couple years ago %90 off!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Farm Trip

Team Southards headed to Papa and Granny Southards Farm this week. Steve has been wanting to get some hunting in with Papa and was really wanting me to kill my first deer. After hearing about me hunting with Steve for 5 years, I joined him in the tree stand.

The first morning we were there, Steve killed a 9 pointer. It was the largest one he has killed on the Southards farm.

That night Steve and I went out in the woods. I was in the stand for about 10 minutes and realized I was looking more into the sky watching birds instead of looking on the ground for deer. I got bored pretty quickly. My wise husband decided we should go walk through the woods and "stalk" dear. I was walking holding the gun imagining myself in some old time war, walking through the woods. My mind was trying to stay entertained. Needless to say, we only saw 2 dear that night as they were running away from us.

I need to add a side note here. While following my husband around the woods, in our camo, I had to laugh to myself. I always imagined my riding in a golf cart around the golf course with my husband, in our polo, on a nice warm day. Here I was, wearing huge coveralls, camo jacket, holding a gun, following my husband around the woods on a cold day, so cold that I had to have a hot hands in my gloves to keep my hands warm. Not the original picture I imagined, but Steve is more than I could have imagined for a husband, so I take the country boy in him!
The next evening was really "warm," in the 50's is now warm for this girl. I enjoyed not being weighed down by all the extra clothes and accessories for the cold weather. We got into my father-in-laws stand and waited. Steve was making fun of me because I was sitting in the stand with my bright white running shoes with orange deflectors hanging down. He was so glad we got covered ourselves in camo for me to add the bright white shoes. Needless to say, me and my running shoes waited for a deer. There was a 4-wheeler on the property next to us and it scared a deer out of the woods towards it. Long story short, the deer came towards us and I had a quick window to lay it down, and I lined up my shot (no scope, mind you) and took my chances. I dropped the deer in it's tracks. It didn't take another step. I thought it was a doe, but as we got down (Steve had to assure me that it was dead and wasn't going to jump up and get me) and went up to the deer, we found out it was a button-buck. I used Steve's 30-30 (not sure what that means, but it was a big gun for me and made a loud noise, not too much kick though) and that was the gun he used to kill his first deer that was a button-buck.

Here are the picture to prove it. I don't believe I am going to make a hobby out of hunting, but it was a fun thing to do with my husband.

Some other fun pictures of our farm time!

Pumpkin Goodies

This fall I have really enjoyed baking with pumpkin. My favorite was pumpkindoodle cookies that I got a recipe for out of our Kansas City Newspaper.

I just baked Pumpkin-Oatmeal-Chocolate Chip Muffins.

They were so yummy!

Moving into the Christmas season, I am going to have to lay off the pumpkin for awhile.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Naked Baby!!!!

I love naked babies! Payton is so fussy during diaper change time because she wants to MOVE. Some days I let her jump up and crawl around a bit naked, just to air out the body. I caught her in action today. I want to love all over that little body!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Baby Shower

Today our small group hosted a baby shower for Clara Grace Guderian. It was such a fun shower, because the baby was already here. She is 2 weeks old and due to schedules, we had the shower after she arrived. A girlfriend Kayla and myself hosted the shower and had a blast. The group went in together and bought a swing for Dave and Amber. Unfortunately we didn't the best picture of Clara, but she is a doll with a full head of dark hair!

10 Months Old

Sister is 10 months old! Sister is what I call Payton. Not sure how or when it started, but I believe I call her that more than her name. Below are some pictures from the last month.

A few things my 10 month old is doing:

  • Crawling all over the place (she started at 8.5 months)
  • Pulling herself up (she just started that, never did like standing on those legs)
  • Getting into everything
  • Still breastfeeding 4 times a day
  • Eating pretty regular meals with Mom and Dad. She tries everything, but a lot ends up in her bib
  • She talks to herself in the low window we have in the kitchen, she sees her reflection
  • Loves people and being around other babies
  • Still loves to mimic, she is quite hilarious with the sounds she makes
  • Started sharing her food and wanting to feed mommy and daddy her food
  • Showing "personality" and stubbornness, tempers have started when she doesn't get her way
  • Gives open mouth kisses, it is so adorable
  • Loves to be naked.
  • Crawls into rooms and shuts the door on herself so she can't get out and sits in front of the door making it hard for me to get in

Came home from an early workout and found Payton and Daddy in the recliner in her room. I guess she got fussy right after I left and Steve rocked her until they both fell asleep. It was precious to me

Payton's 1st Halloween was spent at the my in-laws Lake house. Needless to say we didn't get dressed in costume, just fun Orange and Black

I found her after nap one day standing in the crib. She looks so old standing up. I remember seeing a commercial when she was just born of a baby (probably about 1 years old) standing up in her crib. I remember thinking how big that baby looked, that is my baby now!

We had a few days in October that we had daycare at our house! 2 friends both had daycare's closed because of the Swine flu. One day I had a 2.5 year old boy, Payton 9.5 months and her BFF Addi 8.5 months. It was a crazy day. Payton and Addi played so well together.