Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Riding in cars with boys

Well it is one boy. We are headed to St. Louis to spend a few days with the Southards family. It is a 4 hour drive. I love taking road trips because steve and I get a lot of uninterrupted conversations. Payton is such a great traveler, she usually sleeps or looks out the window. As a kid I would always look out the window, Jordan would read books and Colin and I would play games (license plate game, alphabet game).

I hope everyone has a great end to 2009!

Monday, December 28, 2009

My current love

Being that we are in the depth of winter and snow right now here in Kansas, this tea has become my current love. I find myself really enjoy tea in the winter months, as I tend to wake with a sore throat and congestion. This tea with a little honey, makes my morning all better. I even made some this morning, put it in our best thermal mug, and took it to boot camp (we are kinda outside as we are in Sherri's barn). I thought about that warm, delicious drink during workout and was so pleased to get back in the car and drink it on my way home. Sherri lives out on land, and the drive home this morning was beautiful. Open fields, snow covered with the sun shining. If it wasn't so cold, I might have gotten out and taken a picture.

This is my other current love, seeing this sweet face in my arms :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Very Merry White Christmas

Merry Christmas!

For those of you who aren't in Kansas City, wanted to give you a glimpse of what you missed this morning. For my Florida friends and family, yes that is snow. Steve thinks we got about 6 inches, but there are some areas that the snow drift piled up near a foot. Good news is that we don't have anywhere we have to go for the next 2 days, so we are hunkering down inside and enjoy our time of rest.

People in Florida often spray white stuff on their windows to look like this, we got the real thing!

The snow by our garage is piled up nearly to Steve's knees!

Payton's first taste of snow. She kept going back for more.

It is hard to hold a squirmy, heavy child when you are both bundled up.

After a few minutes, Payton was over being outside. She hates wearing hats, and wasn't sure about the mittens. She was in her warm bed for naptime just a few minutes after this picture :)

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Married Minds Think Alike

Steve and I are starting a new tradition this year. It is fun to be young and think about the traditions we want to start as a family. We bought each other PJ's and opened them Christmas Eve Even (yes the 23rd). Since we have Christmas Eve services(that go late), we knew that wouldn't work well so, we made our own rules and opened them on the 23rd. We then put them on and watched a movie. Payton didn't join us this year as she was in bed by 6pm as she was running a fever. Don't think she could have made a movie anyways.

I first had to laugh at our difference in wrapping, you will notice below our 2 styles. Steve didn't even want to wrap mine, he wanted to leave them in the store's bags. After I convinced him to wrap them, that opening the presents was some of the joy, he proceeded upstairs and "wrapped" my gifts. He said he couldn't find scissors, so you can see how wonderful they turned out.

The funny thing was that he opened my gift first and made fun of the pants because they were "boring" and gray. I went into my whole explanation of my shopping experience and how I landed on the gray ones, trying to prove to him my reasoning. I then proceeded to open mine (he did get me 2 tops and 1 pant) to find GRAY pants. I started laughing so hard. I guess after 5 years of marriage we have started to think alike. Out of all the options for PJ's, we both ended up with classic, simple gray pants.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Causing all sorts of problems!

Payton is in to everything. I thought that a few months ago when she started crawling it was bad, it has gotten worse. Since she is standing so much better, she has reached a whole new level of draws and stuff. I feel like my house used to stay pretty clean, but recently I can easily spot her path of destruction. I don't want to put locks on everything, what suggests do you have for child proofing without redoing the whole house? In the kitchen I gave her a drawer that she has stayed in only until now. I feel like we have to retrain all the other cabinets again.

And we have a stair climber. This is often the view I see. Everytime we go up, we practice coming down. Any ideas on training stairs?

Merry Christmas to me!

I have been wanting a sewing machine for a few years now. I am not planning on becoming a sewing goddess, but want it for simple decorating projects and cute little clothes for Payton and kids to come. My mother-in-law has been very kind to let me borrow her sewing machine that is all spiffy and in a table. That is what I had made the pillow covers with. Well I have been having troubles with that machine, probably user error, and eventually she will need it back, so I have been keeping my eye out for a deal. I found one. Jo Ann's has their singer machines on sale right now. This one was a little nicer then I planned on getting but it was only $10 more expensive than the step down. I know many of my friends get tired of my deals, but here is another one. This bad boy retails for $399 and I got it for $199. That is right, 1/2 off. That is not common for sewing machines, believe me, I have been keeping my eye out. Jo Ann's had sold out of this model, so I had to order one and it should be in in a few weeks. I have saved up some money from selling decorations at a local consignment shop and I am hoping for some Christmas gift $ to make up the rest.

One nice thing about buying it from Jo Ann's is that a sewing class comes with the purchase. I take my machine in and as the nice sales lady said, "have some quality bonding with my machine." Look forward for some projects to come your way!

Florida Pictures

We had a wonderful time in Florida. Here some pictures of the visit.

My dear college friend Jessica, who is married to my 2nd cousin. This was my first time meeting her little guy Easton.

Grandpa and Mimi with a tired little girl

It was so nice to be in tank tops and flip flops!

Uncle Jordan helping open presents

Daddy helping

Great Grandma Anderson and cousin Jodie helping. Jodie helped everyone open gifts!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Anderson Josiah Wiens

I started this blog in Florida and never posted it .... so here you go.

We are having such a great time in Florida. We love spending time with family. So many of you have asked about updates on my nephew Anderson. Jordan and Jaime had a meeting with Anderson's "team" of medical professionals on Friday. Jordan and Jaime were a little worried going into the meeting since they had seen some "things" on his MRI. We were all praying for little guy. GREAT NEWS! Things look fine. I can't remember all the medical explanations, but Anderson is looking so good that he doesn't have to return for another check-up for 6 months at his 1 year birthday!!!!! We give God the glory for taking care of this little guy. Here are some pictures of him. He has the best smile and laugh. We love our time with him. Even though Payton doesn't look happy in the last picture, she enjoys him too!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fabric Headboard

I have been wanting to make a headboard for our guest room. We used to have this room completely decorated, but I decided I was tired of gold and red, so I sold the bedding and all the decorations at a great local furniture consignment store. If you are in Olathe, I would suggest checking the store out. I have gotten to know the owner Kathy, and love her. Check their website our HERE. Since then, the room has been soooo boring. I have been waiting to move our bedding from out master room over until we get our king size bed. Well, tired of waiting, I finally decided to make the headboard today and move the bedding over. Still want to paint the walls, not sure what color yet. The fabric was leftover from the pillows I made for the couch (I did a terrible job estimating the amount I needed). The project was under an hour, a good start to the change!

Boring room!!!!

A website suggested an egg mattress instead of batting, much cheaper!

Stapled the batting on (the twin size was too short, but since I am not a perfectionist, the bottom is behind the bed anyways)

Fabric Stapled on

Bedding from our room with headboard.

Still need to mount the headboard to raise it higher.

Date Night Downtown

Last night Steve and I went on a date downtown KC. We went on and bid for a 4 Start hotel in downtown KC for $50, and we got one! We spent the night at the Crown Plaza downtown. Zack and Hilary next door watched Payton for us.

It was freezing last night. We went down to the Crown Center, enjoyed dinner and the lights. We were planning on ice skating at the outdoor rink, but it was packed with high schoolers, and I didn't want to spend the money to bump into people the whole time. We enjoyed ourselves, walking around downtown for a bit, trying to stay warm, then getting cozy in the hotel.

We want to be better about date nights. Our goal in 2010 is to get back to a weekly date night. Marriages need that attention!

Before leaving Payton at the McNeils

The Mayors Tree in KC

Christmas Tree

Being married to Steve Southards, we don't buy fake Christmas trees. We also don't go to Home Depot's parking lot and pick one from their lot (which is what I did as a Wiens). No team Southards goes to the Christmas Tree Farm and cuts down our own. This is our second year doing this. We continued the tradition of cutting down our tree, then heading down to Louisburg Cider Mill and getting hot cider. It was a little harder this year with Payton, since the wind chill was in the low teens. We went quick. Payton was so cute all bundled up. I included a picture from last year, what a difference a picture makes :)

Steve on the hunt for the best one!