Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brushing Teeth and Eating Venison

Brushing teeth has become more painful for my fingers. We have been using one of those brushes that go on my fingers and I brush the teeth and gums. She has 6 large teeth, 2 back teeth that have cut through, and I believe some more coming in because she is chewing on her fingers and won't let me in her mouth at all. She locks that mouth down. The picture below just happened to catch a view of her top 4 teeth.

So we moved up to a big girl toothbrush today. I brushed for a bit, to do some actual brushing, but Payton was more than pleased to finish up for me. She got mad when I took the toothbrush away.

Steve was home for lunch today, I had fixed spaghetti with venison. I never had venison before I was married to Steve the hunter. I can honestly say that if I never had venison again in my life, I would be ok. But, since it is "free" meat (somehow hunting can be an expensive sport, but Steve swears the deer meat is free), we eat it often in our family. I was organizing our deep freezer the other day and we have more venison than I know what to do with. If you are local and want some venison, come on over when Steve isn't home and I will happily share :) Steve doesn't read my blog so I can say that :)

Steve wanted to capture the fact that Payton, trying venison for the first time, was more than happy to eat it. So my daughter has now eaten some of the deer that will soon have it's skull and antlers mounted in our basement, what a comforting thought.


  1. Oh my gosh..Payton's expression while brusing her teeth literally brought the biggest smile to my face. She's getting to be such a big girl! Also, I hopefully can find a time to talk to you in the future about updating my blog...I love how you re-designed yours!

  2. Harper loves to "brush" her own teeth with a real toothbrush too. She used to always grab for Handley's so Santa brought her one of her very own in her stocking!