Sunday, May 30, 2010


Team Southards headed to the Lake for a few days. With a pastor's schedule, we don't get a "typical" memorial day weekend. But since Steve has Friday's off, we still got a few great days of lake time.

I decided Payton didn't need a swim diaper, since it was only her swimming in the pool and otherwise she would be walking around outside, so if she peed, oh well. I was a little worried about poop, but figured she only goes once a day, so we are set there as well. Sure enough, first day, 5 minutes after we are outside, I look in the bottom of her cute white swimsuit with little red hearts to see some dark clump near her rear end. Her nice little clump of poop waiting for me. I had to laugh as I stripped her down. She was content being naked.

She even went swimming in the lake with daddy. She wasn't too sure of it.

This year the life jacket was much easier than last year.

Family boat outing

Payton driving the boat.

Another family pic before heading home.

We got to spend a day with Papa and Gigi and Uncle Ben.

We are so thankful for the lake house, it is the perfect getaway for us!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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