Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 year reunion

Friday was my 10 year reunion. Steve and I left the beach mid-afternoon to get home in time to shower and head back out. We had to make a few stops on the way home to Orlando. First stop was to buy a dress. If you read my last posting you would see that I had gained some weight on our vacation. So the little cute white dress I had to wear, did not fit me. Quick stop into TJ Maxx, I grabbed every dress in my size that looked like it would fit my belly and headed to the dressing room. I came out about 20 minutes later with 2 in tow, figuring I would let Steve make the decision. I was pleased with the final decision and Steve kept telling me that was one of his new favorite dresses on me.

Our next stop was Parksdale in Plant City, FL. It is one of our most favorite farmers markets. During the season, they are known for their Strawberry shortcakes that are cheap and to die for! In the off season, they have shakes for $0.99 that are made of real fruit. I was in heaven with my fresh mango shake, and boiled peanuts! I don't get boiled peanuts in Kansas and those salty, flavorful little bad boys made this pregnant ladies day.

We cleaned up and headed to downtown Orlando for dinner with friends then off to a bar for the reunion. It was nice to catch up with people. I appreciate those who worked hard to put the evening together.


  1. You look awesome! Sad I didn't get to see you this time! Hope you guys had fun!! Love you

  2. I wish we had known you were here! Glad you had a great time! My reunion is in November :)