Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beach Trip #1

Well we made it to Florida safely about a week ago. Our flight was great, we had a whole row for the 3 of us and Payton traveled very well. Since we had more space, she could move and it was one of our easiest flights.

Saturday morning the girls went to look at bridesmaid dresses for Colin and Cayla's wedding. Cayla has already picked out beautiful dresses, we went to see them in person.

Grandpa convinced Payton to wear her hat and thankfully she wears it everyday now. The sun here is so intense compared to Kansas! Grandpa seems to bribe Payton with blueberries often.

Payton with Grandpa and Mimi. They have kept very busy with all 3 grandkids under 3 years old here.

The first day Payton clung to me like a monkey when we tried to get in the pool. By the second day she was fearless and loving the water. There is a great shallow area that the little kids can sit in and play.

Our attempt at a family picture. It was very hot and we had company coming over so unfortunately we didn't get to look at the picture and make changes. Poor Steve is kinda off to the side and blurry in all the pictures. It was more balanced in real person, but the picture makes him seem way off to the side.

Payton loves dipping anything into a "sauce." I have learned to give her her own bowl of sauce, otherwise she triples dips her chip or cracker into the sauce. She really doesn't even eat the chip, she often just sucks the sauce off.

Steve and I got to have a date night out to Beach House which is one of our favorite restaurants.

Before heading out for date night. Steve isn't too sure about my hat, I got it shopping here without him and he said he never imagined his wife would be wearing a hat like that. Once again, our differences are seen :) I explained since my body is growing I can't purchase many clothes so I need to buy accessories.

It was nice to clean up a bit. We really don't wear real clothes while we are here. We spend the whole day in swimsuits.

Payton with Colin and Cayla before they had to leave the beach house. We are without them this week. She really loves her Tio and tia, you wouldn't know it here by her face.

We have been able to see some relatives while we have been here. Grandpa and Grandma Wiens made a visit on Sunday afternoon for lunch. It was such a special time to spend with them.

We had lunch on Monday with my Aunt Colleen, Uncle Larry and Cousin Landra and her 2 sweet girls, it was great to catch up quickly with them as well. I was so bummed I didn't get pictures of our visits with either of them, I wasn't thinking before everyone left and didn't grab the camera.

Steve has been able to fish 4 times already and has had a lot of success. We have already had some fish dinners and have fresh grouper in the refrigerator for tomorrow. Steve even caught a 400 pound shark! He has been having a great time on the water!

We are looking forward to the rest of our time here. Steve and I have already got plenty of sun and Payton is so cute with her slight tan lines. I am definitely better about getting sunscreen on Payton then I am on myself.

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