Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Family Time

Please excuse the tardiness of this post, I thought it was posted last week before I left for vacation. This was our weekend 2 weekends ago before leaving for Florida. (Please excuse the grainy pictures as well).

Friday is Steve's day off. We often don't get to enjoy down time at home, as we are traveling or something else is going on. This Friday was a great family day. We went to breakfast at First Watch to cash in on Steve's free birthday meal. I love eating out for breakfast and there aren't too many reasons for this to happen, so it was a treat for me as well.

After breakfast, Payton and I went looking for garage sales while Steve lifted. When he was done we headed to Steve and Payton's secret playground at Heritage park. Payton loves playgrounds right now. She is getting pretty bold on them so we are on our toes much more.

She loves going down slides all by herself. Even this big one that is a tube!

She asks for more as soon as she gets to the bottom.

Saturday evening we celebrated Hilary's (our next door neighbor) 30th birthday. Our friends Mike and Candice watched Payton so we could go out. Candice ended up offering to keep Payton overnight and for me to come get her after church. Their little guy Ethan is 1 years old and Candice said they were playing so nicely and it would be no problem.

I woke up Sunday morning without a little one calling me name! What a gift. I couldn't sleep in because as soon as I wake I have to eat to help with my nausea. But boy did I take advantage of my morning alone.

I grabbed my tea, my Bible, journal and the book Primal that I am reading right now and sat on the back porch and had uninterrupted Erin time. The morning was cool and sunny, it was beautiful.

I had time to water my garden and enjoy my flowers!

My tomato plants are getting so big. I hope when I get back from Florida I see even more difference.

After being outside I still had time to take time to get myself ready without a little one emptying all my drawers. This straight hair girl has learned a new way to curl her hair and it is fun to mix it up.

I had a great morning at church, Steve spoke and it was so nice to be able to mingle with friends and meet new people without having to worry about Payton. When I picked Payton up, she had boy clothes on (Candice did put her in a yellow shirt) and she was in no hurry to come home. She loved her time at the Zimmers' and I loved my time away from her. I was so thankful for the gift of a few hours without my child. I do love being with my child, but especially since I stay home with her, I cherish the time away.

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