Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The last few days

Here is a quick photo catch-up of the last few days.

It is so nice that Payton feeds herself, I will have to readjust to taking the time to feed the baby when this little squirmy one in my belly arrives. 

I have had to learn to let go with messes as Payton feeds herself. When she is done eating (especially hot cereal for breakfast) I have to search all sorts of parts of her body for food, especially her hair and ears (everything goes in the ears right now).

We had friends over Saturday night to grill out. This is one of the few times Payton is with mostly boys, most of our friends seem to have girls, she is the oldest at this pool party and she stood her own, getting the 2 little guys wet.          

The girls. I have loved traveling but it is so nice to be home and get together with friends. I really love Olathe and our life here and it is nice getting ready for the fall and get back in the swing of things.
The guys working in the basement. Our sump pump went out, thanks to Mike put a new one in for us. It wasn't fun to come home to water standing in the basement. Luckily the water was in the unfinished part. 

Sunday Steve preached at all 3 services, then we headed to our friends Dave and Kim's house. They have a little guy born on Steve's birthday (almost 3 months ago) that we got to see for the first time. I brought them a meal and since Kim is a vegetarian and Dave and Steve like protein, I had to be creative. We ended up with one of my favorite dishes, Spinach Quiche and fruit pizza. I left the turkey bacon off Kim's 1/4 of the Quiche. It was a great night catching up with friends. 

Monday we had E-man (Ethan, but it is so cute how Payton says E-man) hanging out with us all day. He is 4 months younger than Payton and they play so well together.  

I love how kids can play with a cup, rocks and grass for 45 min. Who needs toys anyways?

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  1. That quiche looks so good! Maybe you can post the recipe;)??! Miss Payton keeps looking older all the time. What a cutie!