Thursday, October 21, 2010


I am so thankful for my time I got to spend with my dear friend Stephanie in Portland. Steph and I met in Florida a few years back, she had recently relocated to the area, I wanted to run a marathon, heard that she had run one, and thought that maybe I could sucker her into running another one. She will tell you that she didn't have a quick enough excuse so we got her on board. Steph, myself, and one of my best friends from college Sandra, ran and ran and ran our little hearts out, having some wonderful bonding experiences along the way. A few months after Steve and I moved to Kansas, Steph headed back west to her home state of Oregon. She has visited KC a few times, it was due time for me to head out to the NW to visit her. I was super excited, as I had not been to the NW.

We had a wonderful few days together. Great conversations, wonderful food, fun places to visit, good laughs and much more. We definitely ate our way through Portland. There are some of the most amazing food places there.  Here are some highlights from the trip...

German Pancake, absolutely amazing!

Our only breakfast out at Steph's favorite breakfast place

This is actually the house Steph just moved out of, but I loved the look of it. My dream house a deep porch like this one.

I lied, this was breakfast out too at the farmers market, some local food stands.

Mount Hood in the background

One of the Apple Orchards on the "Fruit Loop" we visited

Another Orchard that had samples of every type of Apple!

Some amazing fall colors on the "Fruit Loop"

Needed the scarves for sure, weather was much cooler than I expected, did not pack enough cold clothes

We made it to the coast on Sunday

Cannon Beach, with the Haystack Rock (I think that is the name) in the background

Steph taking matters into her own hands :)

Fish and chips on the coast!

Thanks to my husband who played Single Dad for most of the time away. Thanks to all my amazing neighbors that helped watch Payton on the weekdays Steve had to work and to my wonderful in-laws who came over for a quick trip on the weekend to be some extra hands.  And thanks to Steph for the amazing time. I came home a better wife and mom. Absence makes my heart grow fonder :)



  1. glad to hear you had a great time!!

  2. Oh these are so GOOD! I'm ready to do it again! And, I can't believe we only ate breakfast out ONE time. So, I'm hoping we can get some Cracker Barrel when I see you next;).