Saturday, February 27, 2010

Boxes and Beads

We have made it to Florida. Weather has been cool here, the 60's, but feels great to us. I have been doing what I do best here, SHOPPING! Mom and I went out the first day and Cayla and I went out yesterday.

Payton has been enjoying her time as well. She is not short on love and attention. Yesterday, she spend the better part of the day playing with a box and some beads. Who needs toys?

Great-grandma was pushing Payton around in the box.

The beads would go on and off, on and off, all day long.

I love my dad. One thing about my dad that I remember growing up is that he had the newest gadgets. He was even called Pastor Gadget because he would read the Bible off his Palm Pilot while preaching. Well, his gadget obsession is still around, now fortunately, he enjoys some cheaper items, not always the technological ones. We were out shopping the first night and he and Payton spent a long time in Bed Bath & Beyond. Out he came with a cushion seat for Great-grandma, a cleaner for the inside of your windshield, and tongs that can be used to pull your corn out of the hot water, then has a circle to cut the corn off the cob, he also special ordered a cafe latte, to make a variety of hot drinks at home. I found myself laughing, thinking about his goodies, and he was a good sport to pose for a picture.

I was so excited to make it to IKEA! If I lived closer, I would have bought so many more items. They have some great fabric, but I couldn't think of anything I needed fabric for. If I didn't have to fly home, my cart would have full. I did find a few items I wanted for our master bedroom makeover. It is so fun to walk around that store. Makes me want to do over our whole house!

Today Jordan, Jaime and the kids are coming over for the day to celebrate Jordan and my birthday. Looking forward to a fun day with family. Wish Steve was here too, but I am sure he is quite content in TX hunting. Spoke with him yesterday, no big kills for him yet. He dropped his gun and broke the scope, so he is using one of the lease's guns. He is thankful to have a gun to use, but disappointed that it isn't his that he is comfortable with.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

From Snow to Sunshine!

OFF TO FLORIDA WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today Team Southards heads in 2 different directions. Steve left a little after 5 this morning for an annual hunting trip to Texas. He is so blessed to have this opportunity, and every year he tells me this is a "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity. Now that he has gone 5 times, I am not sure if he can use that line anymore. I am so excited for him. Hunting is such a refreshing time for him and he has such intimate time with the Lord in the tree stand. Here he is, early this morning, on his way out. He is like a little kid in a candy shop while packing for Texas.

(He took my camera with him, so I am left with iPhone camera until I get to Florida and can use my family's camera)

Payton and I leave for Florida mid-day. Our flight is at 1:20, so I need to go get our final things together. She is supposedly napping, but I hear her talking up there. I think she is excited like her momma and can't sleep because we get to go to the warm sunshine!

She woke up and asked to put my sunglasses on to get ready for the sunshine!

I have done a terrible job about not gloating. I am just so excited to see family and be outside in flip flops. Payton is at such a fun stage right now, I am excited for the Wiens family to get to enjoy her.

For my family and friends in Florida, see you soon!

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Rain Boots, Marathon, Painting and Payton

I seem to have random postings, so here is another one :)


I forgot to brag on my husband for Valentines Day. He got my rain boots! Now you may ask what ever prompted him to buy me rain boots and the answer is ME. I have wanted some for awhile, but couldn't bring myself to purchase them because they are more fun than practical. My "slush" fund is limited every month and I seem to find things I want more to spend that money on. So I dropped a few hints, and I got to open up my very own rain boots on Valentine's Day. It doesn't take much to keep me happy. I got to wear them yesterday as our freezing rain and snow mix was causing all sorts of yuckiness outside.


I want to take a second to brag on my best friend Callie. She ran her first Marathon this past weekend in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. It wasn't a huge race, so she ran most of the 2nd half all by herself! She didn't see other runners and very few spectators. She even said the cops who were blocking the streets really didn't cheer much. Her training partner backed out on her a few days before (she did the half marathon instead, so she ran the first 10 with Callie). She is such a trooper to stick it out and finish! I am so proud of her. Maybe one day we will run one together.


Here is a video that I shot this morning with my digital camera. The quality isn't the best, but you can see Payton saying hello (one of her favorite words), she says Mommy (she moved from mama to mommy and this absolutely melts my heart), she shakes her head no (which she loves to do), she stands up and blows a kiss. Sorry about the end when I turn the camera, I didn't know it did that. Enjoy



We have some of the best neighbors. Sara next door often watches Payton in the day for me when I need to get some errands done without her. She recently re-did her almost 3 year-old son's bedroom. She did a great wall that looks camouflage, I am sure Steve will love for our son to have a similar room. She was getting rid of old furniture and I told her I would be more than happy to take it off her hands. I love free furniture to play around with and fix up. I found a $5 OOPS can of paint from Lowes. I was very happy with the color that goes well with the yellow that will be Payton's big girl room when she moves out of the crib.

Heading to Florida tomorrow!!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring Please

This is what I see outside my house today. Ice, snow, freezing rain, blowing rain and snow. I leave for Florida in 2 days, can't say I am sad to leave this behind.

I am trying to bring a little spring inside, found these pillows at Home Goods. The floral pillows are some of my favorite pillows I have seen to match my current couches, but take my decor in a different direction, they bridge the gap between what I have and what I would like to eventually have decor wise. The only problem was these pillows are out of my budget. I bought them with the idea that I will try to find similar fabric and make my own. I was also proud of myself for mixing fabrics and styles. I am usually so matchy-matchy, that I am learning to be outside the box. If anyone sees similar fabric, let me know.

Friday and Saturday we headed to my in-laws lake house. We love getting away for a few days. When we are at the lake house, we stay in our pjs all day, watch movies and read magazines. It is great quality time. While we were there, I went on a hunt for driftwood. I have seen a few ideas recently with decorating with driftwood. The lake is really low right now, so I searched the shore and found a few beautiful pieces. I love the fact that these will be in my home and I found them myself at the lake, which is a very special place for the Southards family.

While at the lake house, Payton was playing in the bathroom, throwing objects into the tub. Before we knew it, we hear a bang and a huge cry. I walk into the bathroom to find her sitting in the tub, wet (I had just taken a shower) and blood dripping down her face. First thing I think is, "I hope this doesn't scar." As a teenager, Payton would remind me that I let her hurt herself, and now she has a scar for the rest of her life right across her face. Good news was once we got the bleeding to stop, the cut wasn't as bad as I first thought. But now my poor child has a scar face, with a bruise starting to show and I am getting questioned by everyone. This was her sleeping in her car seat on the way home from church. Notice the puffer jacket she is wearing in our freezing weather, that will stay in KS, no need for that in FL! Hoping that when we get back, the weather is more like Spring and we won't need that jacket here anymore either :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Date Night and Toy Box

Thursday Night was date night once again. It is my favorite night of the week. Hilary and Zack, our next door neighbors, who are the closest thing we have to family here, watched Payton. They love their time with her and she loves spending time with them. They have a dog named rocky who Payton loves too.

Steve and I did a big night out of ice skating. A few months ago when we spent the night downtown, we were going to go ice skating but the rink was packed. I really didn't want to spend $20 to bump into people. So we decided we would go another night. Good choice, we went to another rink closer to our home and pretty much had the rink to ourselves. I showed Steve that even though I grew up on the beach, I was one pretty skilled ice skater :)

After skating we tried out a Chinese restaurant, that came highly recommended and it was amazing. Andy's wok on 119th towards Town Center is a must. We will be back.

This morning Payton found her way into her toy box in her closet. She spent 45 min by herself playing in there and didn't want to get out for nap time. Tonight when we went back up to her room, she found herself there again once more. I think it is her new favorite spot.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bob, Boo and Baby

Our afternoon nap has returned! For some reason, this past week, Payton has been fighting her afternoon nap. She will play some and whine some for over an hour before I have given up and gone to get her. She is majorly teething, as she is a constant snot and drool face right now. Not sure if that is what is bothering her naps, but today pulled out the infant Tylenol we had a good 2 hour nap. I knew she wasn't ready to give up this nap yet, as she has been a 2 nap/2 hour baby all the way until last week.

Yesterday I was trying to keep her interest and I gave her "Bob." I named him Bob, because I thought Boo needed a friend with a name she could say. When we were expecting Payton, I was determined I was having a boy. My parents went on an Alaskan cruise and came back with a baseball cap and a moose. The items have been sitting on her shelf on her wall long before she entered the world. I noticed them the other day and decided it was time for them to come down. I tried the baseball cap on, and thanks to the Southards head, that bad boy did not fit. Hopefully there is a baby brother one day to wear that hat when he is little.

Payton did take to bob very well. Boo is her soulmate, she has to have him to sleep, so I was surprised how quickly she let Bob enter the relationship. Enjoy the pics of her and her 2 men that she sleeps with.

This next picture is what her floor in her room looks like everyday. I could be what some consider a clean freak, so I have had to let it go with the books. Every night I stack them on the shelf, and every morning she takes them all right down. At least she spends some time looking at the books.

We had our friends 3 1/2 month old baby Clara over for a few hours this morning. Their regular sitter had a doctors appointment, so we got to hang out with her for a bit. It was so cute, Payton wanted to keep looking at her. She even had the word "baby" down within an hour. She loves B words, hence Bob's name.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Gluing, Sewing, Painting, and Tying knots

It is definitely Winter in full swing here in Kansas. So that means I have had extra time in the house as anyone who lives in cold weather knows it is no fun to bundle up a little child and take them in and out of car seats and stores. So enjoy the projects that have happened the last 2 weeks in the Southards' household.

(We are also in the process of the master bedroom makeover, those pictures will come later).


Back in September I painted our front room. You can check it out HERE . It is one of favorite rooms in the house. The only problem was that I had a large blank wall. I had been looking all over for something to cover that wall, but everything I liked was out of my budget. So I got the idea to use fabric from my new favorite fabric store and cheap art canvas to make my own "artwork"

I started out stapling the fabric on the canvas, but ran out of staples, and since I am get it done girl who doesn't like to stop projects, I moved to my hot glue gun to finish up the project.

An hour and $25 later, my art work! The fabric was $12 and using my good old Micheal's coupon, the canvas was $13, so yes a grand total of $25!

I am pleased with the results. This is my inspiration room.


Time for my winter pillow coverings. I had done some back in the fall (HERE) but needed some for winter. Again, material from my new favorite store Home Fabrics & Rugs, that cost me $6 for 2 yards. So all 4 pillows covered for under $6! I have the idea to embellish them a bit, but haven't gotten around to it.


With the change of our master bedroom, we have been moving around some little pieces of furniture. This was one of my nightstands (I started sanding before taking the picture, so it did look better in my room). We have moved up to a king size bed, that dwarfed this little guy so he needed a new home and a new paint job.

With a little paint from an "oops" can that I had picked up a Lowe's awhile back ($2) our little friend has a new home next to my reading chair in my favorite room.

In the year and a half that we have lived here, I have never been quite content with our mantel. It is a very large mantel that goes the whole width of the room. I had painted the back vase awhile back and had picked up the purple guys from an estate sale recently for $5 total. I liked their shape but knew I would change colors. So out came the handy dandy spray paint for our makeover. I did learn my lesson this time. I went the really cheap route and bought $1 spray paint and I wish I had bought the "better" brand for $5. I could really tell a difference in the ease and quality. Anyways, they still turned out alright, you can't look to closely though.

It works, still not crazy about the mantel set-up, but good news is that gives me more opportunity to find creative ways to decorate!


I have been wanting to make Payton a fleece no-sew blanket. I have many friends up here that little kiddos have one. My challenge was I didn't want it to be too babyish, so she could use it for awhile. All the fleece at JoAnn's was to cutesy for me. While at Hobby Lobby the other day, I saw the zebra print and knew exactly what I wanted. Every girl needs something in zebra and pink in her closet. The blanket is about the size of her crib mattress. I think I like it better than she does at this point, but I am hoping she likes is more the older she gets :)