Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pigtails, Cheese & SunButter

Big day for Payton, the crazy hair has been somewhat tamed :) In Florida her hair is sooo curly because of the humidity. When we are in Kansas, it is just crazy. I have had straight hair my whole life, so I do not know what do with this mess. So today, we tried pigtails, and they worked! She looks so much older, Steve said he didn't like them just for the fact that she did look so much older.

They are so cute in person!

Yesterday while grocery shopping I handed Payton a block of cheese to hold to keep her busy. We were almost done shopping and I saw her biting on the block and I figured it felt good because she is teething and it is cold. As I approached the check out I noticed that Payton had chewed through the wrapper and was having a yummy snack of cheese. I had to pry it out of her hands for the cashier to scan it, then she went back to eating it while I bagged the groceries. Everyone who walked by stopped and had a laugh. It was pretty funny. She was a happy girl and wasn't sure what the big deal was.

Close-up of the evidence

Payton has had a minor rash the 2 times we have tried peanut butter before. Ironically the rash was on her arm, but I don't want to mess with peanut allergies. So I found Sunbutter made out of sunflower seeds. She had her first sandwich today and seemed to enjoy it. Being that it is $6 a jar, she is the only one that will eat it, we can stick to cheaper peanut butter.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Florida Trip

We made it back from Florida. Payton and I flew in Tuesday evening. It was a long flight, as Payton and I were in a middle seat with a grown man on either side. They were gracious men, but it was a challenge keeping an active 15 month old still and quiet for 3 hours in a very small space.

Our trip was wonderful as always. We spent the first weekend in Bradenton cleaning up our rental home. The next week was spent at the Exponential Conference in Orlando. It was a great time for personal challenge and challenge for what God has called the Church to be. I really enjoyed attending the conference with Steve. Mom and great grandma loved their time with Payton. She is so fun right now. Here are a few pictures from the trip.

It isn't the expensive toys that keep their interest the most.

Wagon ride with Mimi.

The classic Payton and boo pose. Thumb in the mouth, and ear in the hand.

Trying to get a picture of the cousins. 3 kids under 3 all looking in the same direction is a win!

I was trying to encourage the CHEESE!

Our last day Payton and Jodie were holding hands in the car as we ran errands. I am so thankful they to get to see each other often enough.

Looking forward to the Wiens family beach trip in June.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


The other night while Steve and I were sitting on the deck finishing dinner, Payton was exploring. She found the pot of dirt that needs a plant added to it and she had fun, she even ate the dirt and didn't make a weird face.

She wasn't quite sure what she had gotten all over herself.

If Zack and Hilary are in the back yard, Payton often makes a flying leap over the fence for a visit.

Showing off for Hilary.

Today we leave for Florida. We will spend a couple days in Bradenton cleaning up our rental home as our tenants just moved out. We have a very good prospect to move in in May, please pray that this works out so we are not another month without rent.

Then next week Steve and I are attending Exponential Conference in Orlando. I am very excited to be able to join him, I really enjoy these venues. It is a conference for church planters. The other Indian Creek Pastors will join us there as well. Mimi K will have Payton while we attend the conference, I am sure they will have some good times together.

Steve will come back Sat the 24th so he can be back for Sunday. Payton and I will stay until Tuesday the 27th to have a little more time with family. On Saturday, Mom, Jaime, Me and maybe Cayla are all going to a Beth Moore conference together (a simulcast of her new book "So long insecurities." I am so excited to do this with mom and sister-in-law(s) because since we don't live near each other, I don't get to do these kind of things with them. Looking forward to our trip!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Great Escape

During the Sunday evening service, our dear friend Judy watches Payton. While we were in the room chatting, Payton found an interesting new toy....the door handle.

She is in the babies room, they can't move up until they are walking steadily, as they don't want the younger kids to get run over buy the movers and shakers in the older kids room. Payton is still in this baby room, as she just started walking recently.

I emailed the childrens director these photo's, showing Payton's escape and wondering if it is time to move her up. She loved her Great Escape!


It is that time of year that we start making our way to the lake as much as we can. Hopefully we can make it once a month, that would be great. It was such a beautiful weekend. We got some Spring cleaning done and got out on the boat. I ended with the flu while we were there, so I was a little slower than usual. Here are a few pics from the weekend.

I forgot the booster seat so we went the old fashion way, phone books!

Payton only likes to swing for about 30 sec, then she is over it.

Payton likes to be clean, so I was proud of her for digging for rocks and getting dirty.

Daddy showing her how to throw the rocks in the lake.

Not sure how she did this, but she ate her book on the way home.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Colors

Winters can be long here in the great state of Kansas. I have been told all 3 winters that I have lived here that "this is the worst winter I can remember." That statement is starting to loose it's power in my book. As long as winters can drag on, I will say that I have been in awe every Spring. Maybe it is because I didn't grow up with Spring, but it amazes me how trees are transformed. I appreciate my God, who cares enough about us, to allow such life and brightness, after the dreary dark winter. I hope I never loose the wonder of Spring. Here are a few pictures from trees in our front yard. We only have a few trees, and once their leaves are here, they don't look that different to me (I am sure my mother-in-law who is a green thumb knows the difference, but to a novice like me, I can't tell) but the few weeks before the leaves arrive, they are radiant with different color.

This is my favorite, the whole tree is brilliant purple!

There are a lot of these white trees around Olathe. Driving I stare at them, thinking how pure they look.

These bad boys have already started to loose their flowers, they are all over the ground.

And because family members really want to see Payton, not trees, here she was yesterday playing with her oatmeal box and a couple odd and ends out of the drawers. It seems as though our trunk of toys doesn't get as much attention as the items from the kitchen.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Last year I remember being really sad on Easter. I remember being at church, and what seemed to me like everyone had their families all around them, smiling, laughing, taking pictures. I had a new baby, and a husband who was really busy and felt very alone. This year was a different year. My heart does long to be near family, especially around the holiday's, but that isn't our reality. When we chose to follow God's plan for our lives, we submitted to his process, going where he called us. I am so thankful for the friends we have made here in Kansas. We don't have family, but we sure have a great group of people near us. I still feel lonely at times, because there is nothing like family, but we are so blessed for the wonderful people here. We had a great morning at church, then had some of those wonderful people over for brunch. There were 10 of us at brunch, I am so disappointed I forgot to take a picture of everyone. My casserole wasn't fully cooked at the time we were ready to eat, so I was busy trying to microwave pieces to hurry up the process. I do not like it when my plan does not work out. Oh well, we rolled with it, ate fruit and yummy breads first, then had the egg casserole later. Here are some pictures from the day.

Payton in her Easter dress. It was passed down from my wonderful sister-in-law who has given me so many amazing clothes. This one still had the tags on it. It is 6-12 months, but fit little miss wonderfully. I had to laugh though, because it is dry clean only. Really, dry clean only for a toddler? Who thinks of such horrible ideas? I don't even dry clean my own clothes, let alone my 14 month old clothes!

Payton has a new thing she does where she puts up her hands when I ask a question, it is the most adorable thing. I saw "where is it?" and her hands go up.

I had to trick her into wearing the bow, while distracted, I slip it in her hair, as long as she doesn't know it is there, it won't come out. Worked for part of the day.

Our table set for brunch. I love pulling out my nicer dishes for fun meals. The guys ate outside, it was a beautiful day, first nice Easter we have had since moving to Kansas.

Family picture on the back porch. I wore my bridesmaid dress from my girlfriend Sandra's wedding. Yes, a bridesmaid dress I got to wear again!

Payton and Daddy doing fishy face.

Payton receives a lot of lovin!

Wouldn't leave the ears on the head, took a quick picture before she took them off. The hands were on the way up to rip those ears off.

Ended the day in a diaper, enough of that getting all dressed up, especially in dry clean only dresses!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Friday we had a great morning hanging out, experienced the prayer walk at church and spent the evening with friends watching a movie. Saturday was a picnic, and watched the basketball game with some neighbors, I am sure I have said it before, but we have some amazing neighbors on all sides of us!

Payton and Daddy seem to watch "movie" on the laptop a lot on his days off. Payton was trying to love on her daddy and give him kisses.

Focused in on the animals on screen.

Payton is starting to cheese it for the camera, if I am quick enough, I can catch the smile.

I was sitting on the computer and I heard Payton pull her Easter basket off the table. I knew there was candy in it, but didn't think she could get in the wrapping. Boy was I wrong. I started laughing so hard as she walked by me with a Butterfinger package opened, chocolate on her lips and a huge smile across her face! She enjoyed her few minutes of fun before mom took away the candy. The rest of the candy got moved to the counter :)

Picnic on a beautiful day.

Hilary next door, gave Payton bubbles for Easter, she loved watching them fly away.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Spring is here and we are enjoying it! Some pics of Payton for your pleasure

Now that she has the walking thing down this is often my view of her, she is not afraid to wonder off.

Schedules are out the window right now. Some days we do 2 naps, some days 1. Everyday is different and I am learning to be flexible. Had to wake her up Tuesday at 4:30pm, I wanted to make sure she slept that night. She was so cute with the thumb, she really only sucks the thumb while she sleeps.

Went for a long walk yesterday, she won't leave those glasses on. She won't leave bows in her hair and she won't leave hats on her head.

We had our friends Matt and Mindy over for dinner last night. It was such a nice evening, we sat and ate dinner outside. We had shark stir-fry which is one of my favorite dinners. We lit candles and stayed outside way past sunset and the temp was so pleasant.

Payton not only feeds herself the spoon, she has started insisting on dipping her spoon into the bowl as well. She is an independent child.

Today was a crazy hair day. I think she wasn't feeling well. She is still teething, and when she got up from morning nap she was a hot mess. Her hair was curly and crazy all day.

Enjoying our first popsicle outside. Papa Southards had picked up this picnic table last year at a garage sale. We are so excited to be using it. She looks like a big girl sitting at it.

She wouldn't let go of that popsicle!