Sunday, May 30, 2010


Team Southards headed to the Lake for a few days. With a pastor's schedule, we don't get a "typical" memorial day weekend. But since Steve has Friday's off, we still got a few great days of lake time.

I decided Payton didn't need a swim diaper, since it was only her swimming in the pool and otherwise she would be walking around outside, so if she peed, oh well. I was a little worried about poop, but figured she only goes once a day, so we are set there as well. Sure enough, first day, 5 minutes after we are outside, I look in the bottom of her cute white swimsuit with little red hearts to see some dark clump near her rear end. Her nice little clump of poop waiting for me. I had to laugh as I stripped her down. She was content being naked.

She even went swimming in the lake with daddy. She wasn't too sure of it.

This year the life jacket was much easier than last year.

Family boat outing

Payton driving the boat.

Another family pic before heading home.

We got to spend a day with Papa and Gigi and Uncle Ben.

We are so thankful for the lake house, it is the perfect getaway for us!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All 3 meals eating out!

Yesterday for Steve's birthday we ate out for Breakfast, lunch and dinner! That is like a dream come true for me. I love eating out. Staying at home, I don't get many options to eat out. Steve often has lunch meetings at restaurants, but I rarely get to eat out. So even though it was Steve's birthday, I got the day off from cooking!

My dad was in town overnight for some meetings. We were able to grab breakfast with him at Cracker Barrel. Payton loved seeing her Grandpa and so did we. We head to Florida in 2 weeks for the Wiens family beach vacation and I am looking forward to time with my family.

Lunch was at Imo's pizza. It is a St. Louis fav of Steve's and there is one not too far from our house here. Their pizza is thin and has provolone cheese. People either love it or hate it. We love it!

Dinner was just Steve and myself, as we headed to Roadhouse to get him a steak. Sara and Jay next door (have I mentioned what awesome neighbors we have all around us) watched Payton overnight so we didn't have to get home early. After dinner we got Steve a peach milk shake then headed to the movies to watch Date Night.

Good food, good times celebrating Steve!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Southards

Today my husband turns 28. At times 28 sounds old, but it so many ways it sounds young. I feel like I express myself well. But when it comes to expressing my respect, love, appreciation and attraction for my husband, I feel like my words come up short. I know what I experience inside, sometimes is hard to describe. Here is my best shot...

I can describe him
- as humble, yet so powerful and strong;
- a leader, yet a servant at the same time;
- strategic and focused, yet when he is at home, he is the goofiest guy you would ever meet.

A man who loves
- the Lord
- his wife
- his daughter
- his family
- his friends
- seeing people live full lives as God intended
- the outdoors

He has taught me
- to listen and speak from my heart
- to appreciate differences
- what serving your spouse should look like
- to think long-term financially (still working on this one)
- to enjoy nature more
- not to get defensive and take things personally

I love seeing him
- full of life, not depleted and worn down from the problems others place on his shoulders
- on the farm, working, getting his hands dirty
- enjoying nature
- in camouflage, I have never seen a man make camo look Hot, Steve has succeeded
- with his shirt off, tan body :) hehehe
- playing with Payton, watching his eyes as he looks at her
- looking into my eyes, saying a thousand things to me without speaking a word

Steve, today we celebrate you. God has used you to impact the lives of so many people, more than we might ever know. I am privileged to be your wife, it is an honor to journey through life with you. I look forward to the day, we are walking side by side with our walkers, and you reach over and grab my rear end, knowing that even after all the years, and all the history we have, that we are still so in love with each other!

Monday, May 24, 2010

A little bit of nothing

A few random things that do not fit together :)

Two Friday nights ago we went to the Royals game with some ICCC staff and volunteers. It was fun to get out to the ballpark, as this was our first game for the season. We were thankful that Hilary (next door) watched Payton, as we were so high up in the stands that would not have been fun to keep an eye on her and her wanderings.

It was a beautiful evening, cool, but comfortable, and they had fireworks at the end of the game. Steve and I have become friends with one of the players and his wife, we met him last off-season, so this was my first time watching him actually play. It is weird, because to me he is a normal guy, but watching him make plays and showing him up on the jumbo-tron was funny.

Erin and I were glad we were one of the first 10,000 women who got a free t-shirt for ladies night!

We went out to Buffalo Wild Wings with Zack and Erin (below) afterwards. We didn't get home until after midnight (Hilary kept Payton overnight), I told Steve I felt like I was a teenager without a curfew, we usually have to get home to get Payton from the sitter, so it was fun to be out late and eat all sorts of unhealthy, yummy food!

Last Thursday was a rough day for me. We hadn't seen sunshine for what felt like months (it was a few weeks) and it was once again rainy. I was stuck inside all day again, and feeling lousy. I am taking medicine that has helped physically, but emotionally (hormonally) I am still a little off. Steve was leaving Thursday night for a few days and I was feeling lonely. I had a little breakdown, and when Steve asked what was wrong, I had about 10 different things going on in my head, so I knew it was hormonal. While I was crying to him, the door bell rang and it was our friend Amanda (Steve's high school friend who lives here in Olathe) and she said she had just been reading my blog and wanted to bring us dinner. I was so touched by her gesture. I had already been dreading getting off the couch and cooking. She stayed for a bit and shared about her recent trip to Egypt. It totally lifted my spirits and got me out of my poor me episode. She brought Boston Market which I haven't had in years, and it was so yummy! I believe God sent Amanda to me at that moment to love on me. Thanks God that you care about me even in my poor me days!

After we ate Amanda's dinner, I decided to do something productive with me evening. It was still rainy, so Payton and I went down to the basement and cleaned out her closet. We have a closet down there that I throw all sorts of "baby" stuff in. Whether it be toys to transfer out, old clothes, bathtubs, car seats, etc. It is amazing that is 16 months we have acquired sooooo much stuff! And remember, I am the rebel that really doesn't buy toys. I made 1 garage sale run last spring and got a few bigger items for cheap. I think I have spent a total for $30 on toys for Payton in her entire existence. We still manage to get sooo much stuff. Probably because she has a Papa and Gigi Southards that fine great toys and bless her with them. Papa S is the master garage sale bargain finder, and we are thankful for the many great deals he has found.

Here is Payton, in heaven playing with all of her stuff at once! We did get it organized so when this baby comes around, I know where the age appropriate toys (those toys you HAVE to have for 1 month's use) are, so we have quick and easy access to them.

While Steve was gone we made Jiffy pancakes! They are my favorite pancakes and Steve always wants "healthier" ones, so we took advantage of his absence and chowed down on pancakes!

Hello Mr. Sunshine!

Warm weather has finally come to KS. We went from rainy and 50's to sunny and 80's and humidity! We welcomed the warm weather, even if the humidity had to come to early. A few evenings ago I walked outside and thought, boy it feels like Florida, no reprieve in the evening, just humid!

Since we don't really have "official" water toys, I do tend to be a rebel sometimes in buying toys, we found a bucket and paintbrush and went to town! Payton was thrilled to be outside and I loved seeing her in her swimsuit.

We eventually got her car out (hand me down, thank you Sheri) and washed her car as well. Never too early to keep your car looking good.

As soon as she wakes up from nap today, we are heading outside!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ready again?

I was going through old pictures to get an idea of how big I will be at Colin's wedding in November. I will be about 6 weeks out from my due date. Poor Cayla is trying to find a dress that a fully prego bridesmaid can wear. I found this picture from 38.5 weeks (I went almost a month longer) and decided I am not sure if I am ready for my body to do this again. I know I do not have a choice, there is delightful little baby growing inside of me and I too will be growing very soon. I am actually already showing a little, they say you pop quicker with the second. Well I have popped enough that a women today at JCrew asked me when my second child was due. I had a guy in Florida (when I was literally 4 weeks prego) ask me when I was due as well. People have some guts, I have a little belly but it could be leftovers from child #1 that I didn't get off, wouldn't that make them feel bad.

Some women LOVE being pregnant, I do not fall in that category. I am so thankful for the gift at the end, but I prefer my body without carrying a baby around, and all the nausea, heartburn, hormonal roller-coaster, sleepless nights, constipation, skin expanding, ligaments pulling, weird hair growing, clothes don't ever look right time of my life. Yes I am saying publicly that I will do this one more time to have 3 (Lord willing) and then I am done. Put a plug in it, cut, snip, tie, whatever it takes.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Team Southards is adding a new player!

Yes we are expecting! Payton is going to be a BIG SISTER!

Yesterday we went to the Dr for our initial visit and ultrasound. We didn't have an early ultrasound with Payton, so it was so cool to see that little being inside of me with the heart pumping away! I thought I was about 10 weeks, but according to the ultrasound, looks like I am 8.5 weeks, which puts my due date Christmas Eve!!!!! I know due dates are relative as Payton had no regard for hers, but I thought we were lucky to miss having a Christmas baby with Payton. I have learned that I am fertile, and if we don't want to be pregnant, take precautions! We got pregnant the first month I stopped breastfeeding and we weren't trying. Next baby will have better timing. Trust the Lord had this baby planned out perfectly for His plan though :)

I have been very very sick the last 3 weeks with nausea and fatigue. I did not have it nearly this bad with Payton. There have been days that I can barely pull myself off the couch. The house is a mess, dishes pile up, dinners are not cooked. Steve has felt the effects of my sickness too. We know this will pass, I am going to start taking some medicine this week for the nausea. We are very excited, but I will probably experience more joy once the sickness passes. I would ask for your prayers, as I am not myself and this has been hard on all of Team Southards. I really wanted 4 kids, but after this pregnancy I am not sure if I can do this 2 more times. For some reason I am really stuck on having more than 2, so I might do this one more time around for 3 kiddos. I know the gift at the end is well worth it, and this too shall pass. (Trying to stay positive).


Here are some pics from our farm trip. Not feeling well today, no commentary, just pics. Enjoy!

(FYI, Payton does smile all the time, it wouldn't appear so in these pictures those)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Not so green thumb

Spring is in full bloom here in Kansas. That means it is time for flowers and gardens. Now this Florida girl was not raised planting anything. I don't recall people in Florida growing vegetable gardens. I am sure there are people who do, but I do not recall anyone in my world as I knew it having gardens. Since I have a mother-in-law who has gardens that belong in Better Homes & Gardens and Steve's extended family (grandparents, aunts, etc) have amazing gardens, I decided to give this whole thing a try. Last year I had it pretty easy. My in-laws were visiting at Mother's Day (which I have learned is about a good time to plant by) and they put in my whole garden for me. My mother-in-law also brought me all my hanging plants and did all my other planters. All I did last year was water often and maintain what was started. I was good at that.

This year, I was on my own. So Payton and I went to the Flower Farm about 20 minutes south of us, out in the country (thanks to Lyndsey for the recommendation) and we bought flowers and vegetable plants. I had no idea what I was doing. If I was educated, I probably would have enjoyed it a little more. I was reading every flower to see if it would be a fit for my needs. It was such a beautiful place though. Here are some pictures of our time there.

Here are the goodies I came home with:

Here is the snap peas and lettuce that Steve planted before we went to Florida. I am better at maintaining then starting for gardens at least. In other areas of my life I have always been a starter and I want someone else to maintain, I guess gardening is different, Steve felt like he was twisting my leg to get those seeds in ground. Also I was pleasantly surprised at my herbs that came back from last year (left side of picture). My cilantro completely died off last year, and it is growing again. The other two (can't exactly remember what they are) are big and strong even after all winter!

Payton has loved being outside. While I worked on my garden and flower pots, she cleaned off the little pots the flowers came in with the water running out of the hose.

She was a mess when it was all done, but loved it.

Well here are the hanging pots. I was a little disappointed, I know they have to grow in, but I wasn't feeling well, my body hurt and I felt like I spend $50 and had nothing to show for it.

My front porch pots will fill in and flower, but I am guilty of wanting instant results. I had pictures of my tomatos and peppers, but they aren't loaded and I am down at Steve's grandparents farm, so those will have to come later. I am excited about harvesting my produce, last year, it was soooooo much fun to walk out into my garden and pick a fresh tomato for an amazing BLT sandwich!

I stripped Payton clothes off her before we came in and as soon as I turned my back she stripped off the diaper. We have entered the phase where taking off the diaper is fun.

She was close to bath time so I didn't want to get a new outfit dirty, so we found cute bloomers to keep her cute little hands off the diaper. Plan worked!

Showing that Payton must have good tanning skin. We had gone for a walk for less then an hour and she came home with tan lines from her new sandals. The color makes her look red, but it wasn't at all, she was tan. She is starting to get little tan lines, maybe like my mother-in-law who is not only a great gardner, but tans better than anyone I know, Payton will have good skin! Both the Wiens and Southards tan well! My first words I ever said to my husband where "How are you so tan?"

Just a fun close up of her crazy hair!!!

Not so small, small group

Monday we finished up our small group for the semester. At ICCC we are on a semester system, where we follow the school year, that way they are planned breaks, which everyone enjoys and it allows for people to try different groups and not be tied down to one for eternity. Our group is a mix of young adults (married, single, engaged, with kids, without kids). We love our group. Here are some pictures from Monday where we celebrated Cinco De Mayo a few days early. Every week we enjoy a meal together (everyone brings a dish around a planned theme for the evening) and then have our study time. We usually split guys and girls for discussion as our small group as over 30 people signed up. Not everyone makes it every week, so we often don't have over 30, but it does get nice and cozy.

Mexican was probably one of our best nights of food, amazing home made food!

The guys somehow seem to always find themselves outside, especially on the beautiful Spring evenings!

We love our group and are thankful for the great relationships we have formed and for the people to walk our journey with, growing and learning about how God is alive and active in our everyday lives. If your church as community groups and you are not involved, you are missing out!