Sunday, June 27, 2010

Royal's Game

Payton made her first trip to a Royals game. The Cardinals were in town, so Steve had extra motivation to make it to one of the games. We were fortunate enough to get tickets from a friend of ours and we headed as a family out to the game. I was a little nervous to take Payton as it was a 1pm game, limited nap before, hot, hot, hot time of day and her attention span is so short.

She did amazing! We had seats under a cover that were shaded, she was so in awe of all the people that she watched them and sat in our laps for 3 hours! She would clap when everyone else did and at one point gave knuckles to everyone she could reach.

I was proud of our little trooper, she really seemed to enjoy herself and mom and dad were actually able to watch the game. The royals really gave it to the Cardinals, winning 10-3. It was a fun day and we were so thankful for the tickets.

Payton was a mess this evening after church though. She did find time to fit in a few blueberries before bath time. Steve gave her the whole bowl, but not-as-fun mommy didn't let her have at them all.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Farmer's Market

This morning Payton and I made a trip to downtown KC with our next door neighbors Zack and Hilary. We went exploring the River Market's Farmer's Market. I was in heaven. I wish I could have that type of farmer's market in my backyard, so I could go weekly to get my fresh produce. There was so much selection. It was hot, but we had a good time.

Payton was a trooper. She was enthralled with all the people. It was so packed.

Trying to cool off in the shade for a bit before heading home.

Look how beautiful all this produce is! I could have bought everything in sight. I can't wait to take Steve back.

I came home and had a caprese salad that was like heaven for me. I had some fresh baked Honey Wheat bread from the market as well. This is the kind of meal that I sat and slowly savored every bite. We are going to have it again for dinner tonight when Steve arrives home from Indiana.

Yesterday I finally broke down and bought a kiddie pool for our back yard. It will probably be the best $12 spent. Both momma and Payton enjoy cooling off in it.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Daddy BLUE!!!!

Team Southards had a great family morning. We went picking Blueberries!!!!! Blueberries just happen to be my and Payton's favorite fruit. She would eat blueberries all day everyday if I let her. It was a beautiful morning for our adventure.

We drove about 20 minutes south to The Berry Patch and went on a hunt for these bad boys.

Payton about died and went to blueberry heaven. The whole time we were picking all we heard was "Daddy Blue." That would be repeated louder and louder each time until the princess sitting on her throne got another blueberry to devour.

Devour she did. Steve said the rule of blueberry picking is to pick 2 and eat 1. Payton followed the rule of just eat as much as you can. People near us commented how cute it was to hear her asking for more blueberries.

While Steve fed Payton as quickly as he could, I did my best to fill our bucket so we would have something to bring home. We almost thought we should offer to weigh Payton on the way in and on the way out to see how much we owe for her consumption.

After The Blueberry Patch, we headed down to the cider mill for a cider slush. Steve and I talked as we drove from the blueberry patch to the cider mill how we drove past the Christmas Tree farm we cut our tree down each year, and the pumpkin patch we chose our pumpkin from this past year. There are so many cool things about Kansas that I didn't experience growing up in Florida.

We enjoyed our time sitting outside the cider mill, today was so pleasant, that is was a nice break from the Florida humidity we just left (I was informed it has been "Florida" hot and humid here recently in Kansas too).

We got a Large slush thinking Payton would share, that girl sucked down that cider slush. She thought it was so funny to go and drink daddy's and mommy's slush too.

Trying on mommy's glasses.

Payton and I both came home and crashed. Steve had to go to work, but we had a few great hours this morning as a family.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 year reunion

Friday was my 10 year reunion. Steve and I left the beach mid-afternoon to get home in time to shower and head back out. We had to make a few stops on the way home to Orlando. First stop was to buy a dress. If you read my last posting you would see that I had gained some weight on our vacation. So the little cute white dress I had to wear, did not fit me. Quick stop into TJ Maxx, I grabbed every dress in my size that looked like it would fit my belly and headed to the dressing room. I came out about 20 minutes later with 2 in tow, figuring I would let Steve make the decision. I was pleased with the final decision and Steve kept telling me that was one of his new favorite dresses on me.

Our next stop was Parksdale in Plant City, FL. It is one of our most favorite farmers markets. During the season, they are known for their Strawberry shortcakes that are cheap and to die for! In the off season, they have shakes for $0.99 that are made of real fruit. I was in heaven with my fresh mango shake, and boiled peanuts! I don't get boiled peanuts in Kansas and those salty, flavorful little bad boys made this pregnant ladies day.

We cleaned up and headed to downtown Orlando for dinner with friends then off to a bar for the reunion. It was nice to catch up with people. I appreciate those who worked hard to put the evening together.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Work in progress

All I can say about myself is that I am a work in progress. Throughout the last year the Lord has done a great job humbling me and reminding me that it isn't about me. The most recent lesson I have learned happened at the end of our beach vacation.

I had been wearing either a swimsuit or cotton dress all week while at the beach. We wanted to do a family picture on the beach and I attempted to wear clothes that just a few months ago fell off my body. Seriously these shorts and capris were so loose I didn't like to wear them. As I attempted to to get dressed I barely could get myself into the now skin tight clothes. Even clothes that had fit before I left for Florida, no longer fit. I had a moment..... A moment that many pregnant women experience. That first of many moments when your clothes don't fit. Then all of a sudden, everything was bad, didn't like my hair, whole body was gross, etc. The following irrational thoughts went through my head, "I would be cute if I was 6 months pregnant, but I am 3 months along," "I worked so hard to get in shape and loose my baby fat, all to gain 10 pounds in the last 2 months and loose that hard work." Needless to say I was in a crummy mood.

The next morning I woke up early and went for a walk to watch the sunrise. I love getting up early and getting outside, that hasn't happened much as I have been so tired. I sat on a bench and decided to not focus on myself (what a thought) and appreciate God's beauty around me. The sky, the clouds, the water, the birds, I sat in amazement watching them all. I felt like in those still quiet moments I heard the Lord speak to me (I didn't hear an audible voice, it is more spirit-to-spirit)

"I am enthralled with your beauty, I made you just the way I wanted you to be. I am more concerned with using you for my glory than using you as a magazine model. Why do you feel societies pressure? Why do you feel like you have to look a certain way? I am making a baby inside of you. Growing a healthy human being, isn't that enough to be thankful for? Stay healthy and I will take care of you"

Thank you Lord that you continue to work on me and prune areas that need it. Thank you for your faithfulness.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beach Trip #1

Well we made it to Florida safely about a week ago. Our flight was great, we had a whole row for the 3 of us and Payton traveled very well. Since we had more space, she could move and it was one of our easiest flights.

Saturday morning the girls went to look at bridesmaid dresses for Colin and Cayla's wedding. Cayla has already picked out beautiful dresses, we went to see them in person.

Grandpa convinced Payton to wear her hat and thankfully she wears it everyday now. The sun here is so intense compared to Kansas! Grandpa seems to bribe Payton with blueberries often.

Payton with Grandpa and Mimi. They have kept very busy with all 3 grandkids under 3 years old here.

The first day Payton clung to me like a monkey when we tried to get in the pool. By the second day she was fearless and loving the water. There is a great shallow area that the little kids can sit in and play.

Our attempt at a family picture. It was very hot and we had company coming over so unfortunately we didn't get to look at the picture and make changes. Poor Steve is kinda off to the side and blurry in all the pictures. It was more balanced in real person, but the picture makes him seem way off to the side.

Payton loves dipping anything into a "sauce." I have learned to give her her own bowl of sauce, otherwise she triples dips her chip or cracker into the sauce. She really doesn't even eat the chip, she often just sucks the sauce off.

Steve and I got to have a date night out to Beach House which is one of our favorite restaurants.

Before heading out for date night. Steve isn't too sure about my hat, I got it shopping here without him and he said he never imagined his wife would be wearing a hat like that. Once again, our differences are seen :) I explained since my body is growing I can't purchase many clothes so I need to buy accessories.

It was nice to clean up a bit. We really don't wear real clothes while we are here. We spend the whole day in swimsuits.

Payton with Colin and Cayla before they had to leave the beach house. We are without them this week. She really loves her Tio and tia, you wouldn't know it here by her face.

We have been able to see some relatives while we have been here. Grandpa and Grandma Wiens made a visit on Sunday afternoon for lunch. It was such a special time to spend with them.

We had lunch on Monday with my Aunt Colleen, Uncle Larry and Cousin Landra and her 2 sweet girls, it was great to catch up quickly with them as well. I was so bummed I didn't get pictures of our visits with either of them, I wasn't thinking before everyone left and didn't grab the camera.

Steve has been able to fish 4 times already and has had a lot of success. We have already had some fish dinners and have fresh grouper in the refrigerator for tomorrow. Steve even caught a 400 pound shark! He has been having a great time on the water!

We are looking forward to the rest of our time here. Steve and I have already got plenty of sun and Payton is so cute with her slight tan lines. I am definitely better about getting sunscreen on Payton then I am on myself.

Family Time

Please excuse the tardiness of this post, I thought it was posted last week before I left for vacation. This was our weekend 2 weekends ago before leaving for Florida. (Please excuse the grainy pictures as well).

Friday is Steve's day off. We often don't get to enjoy down time at home, as we are traveling or something else is going on. This Friday was a great family day. We went to breakfast at First Watch to cash in on Steve's free birthday meal. I love eating out for breakfast and there aren't too many reasons for this to happen, so it was a treat for me as well.

After breakfast, Payton and I went looking for garage sales while Steve lifted. When he was done we headed to Steve and Payton's secret playground at Heritage park. Payton loves playgrounds right now. She is getting pretty bold on them so we are on our toes much more.

She loves going down slides all by herself. Even this big one that is a tube!

She asks for more as soon as she gets to the bottom.

Saturday evening we celebrated Hilary's (our next door neighbor) 30th birthday. Our friends Mike and Candice watched Payton so we could go out. Candice ended up offering to keep Payton overnight and for me to come get her after church. Their little guy Ethan is 1 years old and Candice said they were playing so nicely and it would be no problem.

I woke up Sunday morning without a little one calling me name! What a gift. I couldn't sleep in because as soon as I wake I have to eat to help with my nausea. But boy did I take advantage of my morning alone.

I grabbed my tea, my Bible, journal and the book Primal that I am reading right now and sat on the back porch and had uninterrupted Erin time. The morning was cool and sunny, it was beautiful.

I had time to water my garden and enjoy my flowers!

My tomato plants are getting so big. I hope when I get back from Florida I see even more difference.

After being outside I still had time to take time to get myself ready without a little one emptying all my drawers. This straight hair girl has learned a new way to curl her hair and it is fun to mix it up.

I had a great morning at church, Steve spoke and it was so nice to be able to mingle with friends and meet new people without having to worry about Payton. When I picked Payton up, she had boy clothes on (Candice did put her in a yellow shirt) and she was in no hurry to come home. She loved her time at the Zimmers' and I loved my time away from her. I was so thankful for the gift of a few hours without my child. I do love being with my child, but especially since I stay home with her, I cherish the time away.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2 heartbeats ???????

Yesterday was visit number 2 to the doctor. Since we had just had the ultrasound and this would be a quick one, I went solo. I wasn't sure exactly what he was going to do, I just knew that since I wasn't as far as I had originally thought, the Dr. wanted to see me one more time before we went to monthly appointments.

So after the peeing in the cup and stepping on the scale to see the results of me having to eat constantly to help with nausea, I headed to the room for the Dr.

I really do like my new Dr. He came in and asked if I had questions, which I had a few and he kindly listened and answered, then he said he was going to listen to the heart beat, here is how that went

Dr: pulls out whatever that heartbeat machine is called and puts on the cold jelly and starts listening for heartbeat.

Dr: takes awhile as he listens for the heartbeat and makes a face

Me: starting to get a little worried, the heartbeat I hear is slow and I remember Payton being fast

Dr: I am having a little difficulty because I hear 2 HEARTBEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: I believe at this moment my heart stopped. (in my head) I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST KNEW WE WERE HAVING TWINS!!!!!!! In those few seconds before another word was spoken my whole world was turned upside down

Me: I question the Dr, "2?????"

Dr: Yes, your heartbeat and the babies

Me: My heart started beating again and I sighed a huge sigh of relief

After we got that straightened up, I was a little more relaxed. I couldn't help but want Steve to experience what I did. So later in the evening when I saw him, I told him we found out some interesting news today at the doctor. He asked me what it was and I told him I would tell him once he sat down (we were heading inside a restaurant to eat). He immediately sat down on the chair outside and I told him the doctor heard 2 heartbeats today. PAUSE............ I let it sink in then said one was mine. He face was priceless!!!!!

All that to say I am glad there is 1 healthy baby growing inside my belly!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

Team Southards had a nice Memorial Day. I spent a few hours in the morning having some much appreciated Erin time, while Steve and Payton headed to the park to explore the slides that she can't seem to get enough of right now.

Mid-afternoon I planted a few more tomato plants my in-laws gave to me while we were at the lake. Payton helped....well kinda. I had a sprinkler going for her but she was much more interested in the dirt. She loves dirt! She had her preppy pink and white Ralph Lauren swimsuit on and she was anything but clean, but oh so cute! Here is a shot of her right before I stripped her down and gave her a mini bath in a bucket outside.

Caught in the middle of the action, right after this shot she tried to eat the dirt!

Helping momma

During my morning outing I had to stop at Target for a few items. I don't know if I have ever "just run in" to Target. I seem to find myself checking every clearance section in the store, that is how I score amazing deals! My deal this day came out of the little girls section. I have loved the London of Liberty line that Target carried early spring. Since everything goes on sale at Target, I decided to check back when the clothes were on sale. I never found anything I liked in the women's section. I had seen some cute dresses in the little girls and on my way out of the store I stopped in the little girl's clearance to find this dress waiting with my name and a $4.24 price tag on it! So this XL girls dress came home with me and I was thrilled that it fit. The most exciting part is it has pockets! I love dresses with pockets, especially ones under $5!

While I was gone in the morning Steve managed to hang his 4 European mounts from his deer this year. Yes all 4 from this past hunting season. Our basement, which is the man cave, is filling up more and more with dead animals! It is his place, and I am glad we have an agreed upon space in our home that he can display his trophies and his proud accomplishments (and it isn't when you immediately walk through our front door).

We had a cookout with friends from our community group. Had a great time catching up since we haven't seen each other in a few weeks. Our group takes the summer off from meeting regularly, and enjoy some social time throughout the summer. I didn't snap any pictures, as I was enjoying time with friends. Hope you all had a great day!