Sunday, November 21, 2010

Surprise Baby Shower in Florida

Sunday evening after the wedding my friends and family threw me a surprise baby shower. After a few "slip-ups" I did have a hunch something was happening, regardless, it was a great evening and I felt so loved by people close to me.  It was at my dad's office and it was special because people were in town for the wedding that wouldn't have been otherwise, so it was an extra night with friends.

I held the surprise face long enough for a picture, I wasn't sure if I would tell them that I figured it out, but I am not good at lying, so I did.

It was a surprise who was there, fun to see everyone

This little guy got a lot of adorable items. Even a few Gator items so we can represent in KS.

Payton, a mess from the pizza, walking around like she owned the place!

My sister-in-law Jaime and good family friend Cindy who was in from Indiana.  Jaime had been sick before the wedding and finally went to the Dr this past Friday (a week after the wedding) and was hospitalized 4 nights for pneumonia.  Poor thing was a trooper the whole weekend.

So sad the picture was fuzzy, 2 of my best friends from college, Callie and Jess drove an hour from Lakeland for the shower. They were a big surprise!

I offered to let Steve help open the gifts, he said he was enjoying watching me open them. I do get a little more excited about cute baby stuff then he does!

Janann had to get a belly feel! I enjoy people I know rubbing the belly, feeling little guy move never gets old!


Colin and Cayla's wedding

Last weekend we were in Florida for my little brother's wedding.  The weekend was amazing, Colin and Cayla have great taste, and it everything was beautiful.  We had so much fun with family and friends.

Jodie, my niece, was an excellent flower girl. They flower "ball" and pillow were adorable. They were bought from someone on etsy and they were felt. I loved them!

One of the few pics of Payton. We had a sitter on site and she was more content to play toys with her cousin Anderson then be with the adults, which gave us more adult time. 

My mom about stole the show. She looked so glamorous to me. I have hope since I have her genes I can look so beautiful in my mid-50's. 


My mom with her mom and and sister

Great friends, Steph (who I just visited in Portland and took all these snapshots so we would have some) and the Woody's who we were on staff with in Orlando at the church plant.

My dad with his dad and sister

Dancing with my groom!

Jaime (sister-in-law) and Dad


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

8.5 months

Last Friday I was 8.5 months along in this pregnancy. Went to the Dr last week here are updates:

Heartbeat good to go
Gained 24 pounds (might be less than Payton by the end)
Baby weighs as much as a pineapple
Got the green light to Fly to Florida tomorrow for Colin's wedding this weekend
I feel like I have dropped some, not sure, but indigestion isn't as bad, front of body hurts more than back, and I feel like my belly sits lower
And the most exciting part...

Dr said he will induce me Dec 16th if Mr. Little Southards hasn't made his entrance into this world yet!!!!  I would love to go into labor naturally and see how it compares to induction,  and I am usually against induction for convenience, but I am breaking my own rules.  With a Dec 24th due date, and with my history of child #1 going way over my due date and having to be induced, I would love for little man's birthday to be as far away from Christmas as possible. If it wasn't the holidays I would want to wait to at least my due date to see if he came on his own, but with the current situation (he is also measuring large) I am good to go early.  So December 16th it is. That is a Thursday, which means I am down to about 5 weeks! 

Who knows, he could always come early on his own, I am just not counting on it.

Here are some pictures from Friday when I was 8.5 months. Payton decided she need to be in the photo shoot.

Probably the best belly shot, Payton wanted to share the orange with me while Steve was taking pictures

Payton loves to kiss Baby Brother

Checking to see if there is a baby in her belly

Full shot at 8.5 months!

Another kiss, she loves him already

This was about 8.5 months with Payton,  I think he has dropped more than Payton did at this point


Payton Pictures

Since I know most of the family reads my blog for pictures of Payton, I thought I would include a few from the last few days...

Saturday morning we made a tent in my room as I got ready for the day

Payton found anything she could to add to her fort

Packing her bag for Monday Morning Bible Study. My child is such a happy child, but for the camera and at church she seems to loose her smile and consider everyone suspicious.

Wiping Boo's bum bum, making sure he is clean for the car ride to Bible study

She woke up with a bruise on her cheek, not sure what she was doing in the middle of the night

Heading to Rhyme Time this morning at the library. It was almost 70 degrees today so we took total advantage of wearing short sleeves. After Rhyme Time (where Payton says we read books and clap) we headed to the park for a picnic, soaking up the sun.  Payton insists on wearing her rain boots almost everywhere, as they are the only shoes she can completely put on by herself!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Month 8

I can't believe that I am in month 8 of this pregnancy. Actually this Friday I am 8.5 months!  It has gone very quickly.  Some women love being prego, I do not fall into this category.  Overall, I have a pretty healthy pregnancy. Sick the first trimester, heartburn the last, but otherwise not too much to complain about. I know women have it much worse and reason to complain.

I am really entering the stage that I don't like because I am limited. I have had back pain this pregnancy more than with Payton. My back had felt pretty good (while in Portland) but started hurting Wednesday when  I got home. I had worked out that morning and I thought maybe that was it. Then I realized on Wednesday I also carried a 25 pound sick child around most of the day, pulled dead flowers out of our flower bed, painted a dresser, 2 small tables and 6 small chairs. And on Sunday I slipped and fell at church, right on the hard floor, what a sight to see people running to pick me up.

Those all could be reasons the back hurt. But those are the reasons I don't like being pregnant, I can't do what I am used to. I don't feel like I go crazy running around all the time in life, but when I am limited to what I can physically do, I get frustrated.  I can't lean over and get things, I can't hug my husband closely, I can't get up off the floor easily.

I do not want to sound like a whiner. I am so thankful for the life inside of me. I love feeling this little guy move all the time!  The Dr wants me to count his kicks to make sure he kicks at least 3 times in 1 hour. That is no problemo, he moves 3 times in 1 minute. I am excited to meet this little guy and get to know him and see how personality develops.

Here are a few pictures taken about a week ago. I have been busy doing so much stuff that I haven't had time to sit and write, so the picture is a little old and we are definitely not wearing short sleeves and flip flops this week in Kansas. The weather has gotten much cooler. 

People are quick to say "you are all belly" which is very kind of them to say. I am mostly belly, I know other places have filled out too, but that is part of the process and things go back. The fact that I carry mostly out front does put a lot of pressure on my pelvic bone. I feel like I have a constant bruise down there. I am still working out a few early mornings a week with my girlfriends, but my routines have changed. This morning I tried to do a reverse crunch, and there wasn't any space left to crunch up. Push-ups are a little easier because I can't go down very far before the belly hits the floor. I am hoping the fact that I have stayed more active with this pregnancy pays off. Getting up at 5am, tired and cold better have payoffs either in delivery or in post-delivery recovery!

I have gained 24 pounds already and supposedly I will gain about 1 pound a week from here on out. I gained a total of 35 with Payton, so I will probably be pretty close to that. I visit the Dr again today (I have started going every 2 weeks now) so we will see how much that has changed. I might have more updates after our appointment.



This was Payton's first year dressing up for Halloween. Last year we were down at my in-laws lake house and no one was going to see her, so she was just festive. 

Halloween 2009

Her costume this year was a hand-me-down dress that we decided looked like a cowgirl. So with a good excuse to buy her some cute boots that she can wear all winter, we were good to go for her costume.

Indian Creek hosted a Trunk or Treat, it was such a busy night, at least 800 kiddos.

Before heading out to the parking lot. I should have put a smiley face on my belly to be a pumpkin!
It got really cold as the sun went down

It was very windy, after visiting a few trunks, Payton spent most of the evening handing out candy with some people from our community group.  She got to stay in the Alina's trunk where it was a little warmer.

Some of Payton's best friends and their daddy's. Mike and E-man Zimmers, Terry and Addi Blunt and Steve and Payton