Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Colton @ home

We are almost 1 week down at home.  Sleep the first night was really rough. Every night has gotten a little better. I am so thankful to have my mom here, she is a huge help.  Mom leaves tomorrow, then Steve will be off next week.

Payton has adjusted well. She is so sweet to her baby brother, she has been trying to the adults though, showing off her colors. 

Here are some pics:
Going home from hospital

Arriving home, Payton was so excited, running around saying "baby brother"

Payton got her own new baby too, she was feeding her baby as I was feeding mine.

Payton got an early Christmas present from Papa and Gigi that was a doll set for her new baby

She has been busy with her doll in the her pack n play, bouncy seat, car seat and more

His eyes are not open very much. Maybe an hour a day. As I looked at pictures from Payton's first week home, the look very similar. You can tell they came from the same parents :)

Payton loves holding and kissing baby brother

I love this picture!

We are so thankful for our Christmas Gift!


Colton David Southards

Colton has arrived!

Colton David Southards
Dec. 16th
7 lbs 13 oz
20 inch
13 1/4 in head

Little man is wonderfully healthy! Steve is a little worried that his sister might have to defend him since she was 1 pound larger and her head was 1 whole inch larger! He is in the sleepy stage right now. I am fighting him to stay awake just to eat, but he seems content right now.

For those who care about the details of the delivery:

Leaving for hospital, Steve thought he was funny acting like my belly weighed a lot!

We arrived at the hospital a little after 7am. We are now 2 for 2 with being induced, I am not sure what it feels like to arrive at a hospital in labor, not having your wits about you. After getting checked in and settled in our room Dr. Snider came in to check on me. I asked if we could just break my water and not start pitocin and he was game.  He checked me and I was 3 cm and 70% effaced.  He tried to break my water but had a little difficulty because Colton's head was so low against the sac there wasn't much fluid cushioning.  For the next 5 hours I walked the floor, got monitored for a bit, walked the floor, got monitored and walked the floor. At one end of the hall Steve and I would stop and do squats. I am sure I did well over 150 squats. At one point my "coach" aka Steve was critiquing my form for my squats, I wasn't too thankful for the advice.  We saw the same nurses and other visitors over and over as we walked. I figured I made some progress but I still felt really good.

On a side note here, my nurse Christy was amazing. She was a true blessing. She was probably as close to having a midwife or doula as one could get for being a nurse in a hospital. She really took her job seriously in taking care of me and being my advocate. She knew I wanted to be as free from drugs as possible and took it upon herself to help me in that process. 

1pm Dr. Snider comes in and sees my happy disposition and can tell I haven't progressed much and he asks if I am ok starting pitocin. We agree to the smallest amount possible and for a short duration.  I am check and have only gone from 3cm to 4cm in the 5 hours of walking and squatting.  So the pit drip starts.  My contractions hit hard immediately. I can't get comfortable, my whole body freezes and tenses up during each contraction that I started begging for an epideral.  Christy knew I wanted to try without, so she suggested stadol to help take off the edge. As she put that in my IV I kept having contractions about 1-2 minutes apart that didn't give me rest and I couldn't stay calm. After 2 contractions with the stadol, I was finally able to control myself.  I still felt A LOT, but I was able to work with the pain and "ride" the contractions. I was very focused and didn't want any noise. It was just me and Steve in the room and I wanted silence. 

Yes my husband took a picture of me "in the zone"

I really didn't open my eyes for over an hour, I just worked through the contractions.  After 1 hour of pitocin, they stopped it because I was progressing. In that hour I went from 4 - 6cm.  The next hour, on stadol I went from 6-9. I progressed quickly. I started feeling the intensity of the contractions again and asked for more stadol as it last for about an hour and was running out. Christy said she had to check me first because if I was too close to delivery she couldn't give me anymore.  That is when I was checked to be a 9! People started bringing all sorts of things in for delivery and I was still in the zone. I really didn't think I was that close. When I had to urge to push (Christy said I would know, and boy did I know) she said to give her a trial push, so I started to and she quickly told me to stop.

She picked up the phone and called for the Dr. She said she could see his head and that he was coming. I have heard of women whom are told to not push when they have the urge because the Dr wasn't there for the delivery, I always said that I don't know how you don't push when you have the urge.  Well, I panted, that is what they said to do. I thought in my head that if the Dr wasn't there soon, I would push and a nurse would just have to deliver the baby, I am sure they had done it before. 2 contractions later the Dr was there (He had been told to be on high alert as I was progressing quickly) and he let me push. It only took 1 contraction of pushing for him to come out.  It hurt!!!!!!

Our little man had arrived. I will spare the details of the rest of the yucky part of delivery and the pains that were experienced down south.  After having 1 epideral delivery and 1 non-epideral delivery, I believe drugs are wonderful. I guess I can say I am glad that I experienced a "mostly drug-free" delivery because I really got to feel my body doing what it was created to do. But as of right now, if #3 baby results in an induction (pitocin) I will probably just go ahead and get the epideral and "enjoy" the delivery.

All that to say, I am thankful for a healthy little guy!

Payton was trying to figure it all out in the hospital

Mimi and little man

Papa and Gigi with Payton


Sunday, December 12, 2010

More is caught then taught

Payton has a new manger scene that she absolutely loves. She plays with it everyday, feeding the animals, feeding the people, playing music, and moving them all around the house.  The other day she started doing this...

Where are Mary and Joseph you might ask ...

Payton takes them across the room somewhere, places them together and says "Date, baby Jesus mommy and daddy, date, no baby"

But as she then explains that the mommy and daddy always "Be back"

It amazed me that she has picked up on the concept of Steve and my "Date night." We go on dates nearly every Thursday and we leave her with different people all the time. We are so grateful for neighbors and church friends who watch her for us. I tell her that mommy and daddy always come back for her.  I love that she knows that dates are for mommy and daddy, and no baby. I hope she is learning that our world does not revolve around her, our marriage is our first priority.  A healthy family/home life begins with a healthy marriage.  People told us when we first got married to never stop dating each other, even after the wedding vows and especially after the children. We carve out money in our tight budget for our date nights, we know it will probably get harder and more expensive with more children, but we make it a priority and it is evident to me that our child notices. I pray that one day, when Payton is a married woman and a mom, she doesn't forget date nights with her husband.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

38 weeks (1 week left)

Tomorrow I am 38 weeks. 1 week from today I will be induced if little man doesn't decide to come on his own first. I have been having contractions for a week, but very minor ones that haven't been doing much. For the last week I have been 1cm dilated and 50% effaced, not much progress, but more than my body ever did with Payton.  I would love to go on my own and see what "natural" labor feels like, but not to the extent that I am willing to risk a Christmas birthday for little man. I am down to very few clothes that I can wear. I don't have many maternity tops and have gotten away with not needing as many as I did with Payton because I think I am a bit smaller  (I had borrowed my SIL maternity clothes last time and she is pregnant due right behind me so I was on my own this time). I have gained about 30 pounds (I gained 35 with P), but feel much healthier than I did with Payton and I think a large portion of that is because I worked out most of my pregnancy. 

So we wait at most 1 week. I think my emotional state is more positive this time because I know there is an end date. Not like Payton where I wasn't sure if she would come out with her college degree completed. 

Comparison pics:
38.5 weeks with Payton

38 weeks with little man (FYI 4 day old curls, love it!)

And because Payton wanted her picture included while we were taking pics this morning, here she is enjoy a "cookie" after breakfast. She has been patient watching me bake all week for Christmas parties and got to choose her cookie this morning. She chose the only chocolate one and as you can see loved it. Her Mimi K would be proud she chose chocolate, chocolate is usually my last choice :)


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Tree Adventure

I should have known that when I married Mr. Southards that we would have fun adventures. We don't just take the "easy way out" and we sure don't have fake Christmas Trees.  The last 2 years we have gone to a local Christmas Tree farm and cut down our own trees and then went to the cider mill and had some warm, yummy apple cider. 

2008 Tree, pregnant with Payton

2009 Tree hunt

Well this year we decided we weren't sure if it was worth coughing up the $50 for the Tree farm, since the "tradition" we started really doesn't have any value to our kids yet, being that one isn't even 2 and the other isn't out of the womb.  So we started looking at the local stores for trees and how much we wanted to spend.

Enter my husband's (Mr. Manly Man) idea. He hunts some property just south of us that our friends own and he said he has seen some cedar trees on the property that might work for our tree. As we drove around he was showing me the difference between cedar and pine and asking for my approval.  I know that he is wired to find so much more satisfaction to walking out to the woods and cutting our own tree down, then to have the good ole boys at Home Depot shake, bag and throw the tree on the top of the Explorer. 

So out to the woods we went ...

Conveniently Steve had to move his climbing tree stand since he is in the middle of hunting season, so Payton and I waited in the car for daddy to finish climbing the trees

Boys will be boys, climbing trees no matter their age

We walked the property and Steve found this tree and had the idea to cut off the top since it was way too big

Our tree, ready to haul home.

I feel like I couldn't get a picture to do the tree justice.  

I was very pleased with the end result. We have always had a "family" tree every year but Steve said that this tree could look really elegant or really redneck.  For the first time over I heard my husband say "why don't you go shopping and make this tree a decorative tree."  He gave me permission to shop for decorations, that made my Christmas right there! So this year we have a "pretty" tree. You can't see the top, but it has white feathers for the topper, since the branches are so fragile, it wouldn't hold anything else.


New every morning

This is the sky I saw the other morning as I opened my front curtains. I was blown away by the beauty.  God is the creator of beauty, of color, of contrast, of clouds, of the sun, of everything.  The cool thing I pondered on that morning is that God see's us humans as the most beautiful thing he created. How many of us need that reminder today, that we are made perfect, for his purpose with astounding beauty.

In my quiet time this morning I was brought to Lamentations 3:22-23:

22 Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed,
   for his compassions never fail.
23 They are new every morning;
   great is your faithfulness.

My mind went back to the sunrise and what a fresh start we have every morning. No matter what the day before held, today is new and we get a do over. No matter if I lost my patience with my almost 2-year old daughter who loves to say NO NO NO, or I snapped at my husband for living up to "my expectations," or I grumbled and complained about something now meaningless, I have today to start over.

Right now in life every morning also brings the wonder if today will be the day we meet little man.  We are down to about 1 week (if he doesn't come on his own before next Thursday we will be induced).  Anyone who has been pregnant understands those last few weeks how everyday you wonder if this is THE DAY! 

This morning I rest in today, I rest in my God who supplies all my needs, my God who has blessed my life abundantly, my God who desires for me to know him and walk intimately with him. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Decor

Last year I got tired of using my same old hand-me-down Christmas decor. I had bought some things over the years, but I mostly had a hodge-podge of decor. I really wanted to do jewel tone decor last year that could hold me over all winter, but when I went after the season to find "deals" there really weren't many options left. This year I hit Hobby Lobby (still getting 50% off items) and Home Goods early and found some fun stuff.  Below are the pics from moving Fall into Winter/Christmas.  Steve isn't too sure since there isn't red and green.

Fall Kitchen Table Centerpiece

Christmas Kitchen Centerpiece (the stick is from the back yard)

Fall Console Table

Christmas Console Table

Putting my cake stand and old wreath to good use. Just had a friend spray paint an old wreath silver and it looks awesome, thinking about giving that a try.

Fall Couch

Winter Couch (only had to buy the $3 bird pillows from Target, the others are out of my bedroom which is now bare)

Love my new winter, cozy throw!

Mantle, working with the Oak. I am not an Oak girl but the midwest sure loves them some oak

I usually believe "Less is More" when it comes to my mantle, but I went a little wild this time!

Making my own front door decor. Can't fit too many wreaths between storm door and front door so I had to get creative

My front door present!