Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Colton's Nursery

I am finally getting around to posting pictures of the nursery. It has been done since before he was born, but I hadn't take the 5 minutes to straighten it up and take pictures.

My inspiration started with wanting a Navy room and seeing the giraffe throw on the recliner.  That started the orange accent and it just took off to have a "modern yet rustic" look.  I am pleased with how it turned out, especially on a limited budget of $150. (Check out the before pics of the room at the bottom of the post).

That was my license plate the first 2 years here in KS (when I was still holding on to Florida), I thought the background was so ugly, but it works well for theme

I am still waiting on Steve to kill another deer to have an european mount on the wall, that will pop real well with the navy walls. He killed 4 last year, but they are all in the basement in the man cave. That will go where the clock currently is located, next to the window. The clock will go over the door, where I can see it while sitting on the chair.

I will do another post that breaks down the costs and some of the steps in the room transformation.

Here is the room as it was for Payton's nursery, I really didn't do much for her room, the wall color was there when we moved in and I received almost everything as a hand-me-down.

Mom with Payton under 1 week old


  1. I love it! When you first blogged about the inspiration I couldn't wait to see it...turned out great!!

  2. good job! it looks amazing!!!!!

  3. Oh, so cute. If you are still thinking you need a nap, I am just a couple of blocks away any day of the week, really, I am serious :o)

  4. Wow...what an amazing room and such a transformation! The fact that you did it for under $150 BLOWS MY MIND. I love the blue, that is the same color as my family room and I am obsessed with it. The orange accents are really fabulous. You are such a creative momma! (Maybe just get rid of the Gators license plate ;) I can't wait to read about how you accomplished this!

  5. LOVE the nursery! And from a fellow Gator, love the license plate too :)