Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shower and Valentines

Well I have been MIA this past week due to trying to get taxes done and spending time making different things for Hilary's baby shower that happened on Sunday.  The little spare time I had was taken up quickly.

Sunday my neighbor Ashley and I hosted a baby shower for Hilary and her twin girls. Of course the girls weren't there, as they are still in NICU, but we had a great time with neighbors and her church friends.  The girls are doing great. Reese is in an open crib and is to a very low level of oxygen and Ava has had the top off her isolate, so she is sustaining her body temperature well. Her lung development is a little behind Reese's. The girls are in clothes now and are so cute.

Here is a quick shot of me, Hilary and Ashley.

Valentines Day - Steve and I were spoiled to get to go out together. We didn't expect to be able to get away because finding sitters is hard for the day. Our dear friend Kelsey contacted us and said she was off that day (she is a nurse) and would love to watch our kiddos so we could go out.  Her fiance is in Iowa, so she graciously spent the evening with our kiddos. Steve and I grabbed dinner and a movie and had a great night just the two of us. 

The kids and I arrived safely in Florida yesterday evening. The flight went as well as it could for 1 mom with 2 little ones. I was thankful to get here and have that part of the traveling behind me. We look forward to a great week in Florida!

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