Thursday, March 10, 2011

My sincerest apologies Buster Brown

Dear Buster Brown (aka my son)-
   I owe you a sincere apology, I didn't think you had it in you. When we had our conversation a week and a half ago about sleep, I really didn't see this coming.  I know I shouldn't compare you and your sister, you are 2 completely different beings. But when it comes to your momma's sleep, comparisons were being made. People told us we were so lucky with Payton, she wasn't normal.  Maybe she wasn't, your first 2 months of sleeping life were completely different than each other. She slept for long stretches at night, right from the beginning. You on the other hand, really didn't get to experience sleep at night, mostly due to your gas issues.  Even up to 2 weeks ago, you still were up a couple times at night. It was then I realized that you didn't physically need to eat (look at your cheeks) but you were comfortable with our middle of the night cuddle times and your body had gotten stuck at waking up at 1am and 4am-5am.  So when we had our talk recently, I informed you that you no longer needed to feed that much at night and you would be receiving your paci upon waking at 1am. I read it takes 3 nights to break a habit.  So for 3 nights, we danced, crying, paci in, paci fall out, crying, paci in, paci fall out crying, then eventually feed.  I was exhausted, hoping the work would pay off.  I did the same thing with your sister and at 10 weeks she started sleeping 12 hours. Now I was only looking for 6-7 hours from you, just one night time feeding would be great.  Boy did you hit a triple. Night 4 you woke up at 5am for the first time, and we fed. I was shocked, really 3 nights and a new habit? I didn't hold my breath though and expect this to be the new normal.  Night 5, rough night, we did the paci dance again. 

Night 6,7,8,9 HOMERUN!!!!  You have been sleeping through the night! Sleeping the night to me means, I put you down to sleep and don't have to go in to get you until it is an appropriate time to wake up.  You go down around 9pm and don't get up until 7am. I would like you to go down earlier, but we will work on that in time.  You are a stickin sleep stud! We went from up multiple times in a night, to sleeping the whole night in less than a week!  Thank you my son!

Your timing couldn't have been any better, as your sister has had the flu this week and I have been up almost all night with her vomiting.  I can't imagine what we would have done if you both were screaming all night long. I am sure there will be nights you both have rough times, but thank you from the bottom of my heart for pulling through.  I also realized you have discovered your thumb. Maybe you might be a thumb sucker like your sister, maybe that is what is getting you through the night, you are too darn cute with that little tiny thumb in your mouth.

Thank you again Buster for your new sleep habits. I was hesitant to write this too soon, but hopefully this is our new normal.

With love,
Your more rested mother :)

Thanks to aunt callie for your stylin "little man" clothes



  1. So glad you are getting more sleep now Erin!! Little Buster Brown is so handsome!!

  2. Woo Hoo!!! Hooray for better sleep. That is GREAT that he made that change in such a short time. Hope Payton is feeling better!

  3. Love this little letter! Too Cute!