Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lake with friends

We went to the lake with some friends this past weekend and had an absolute blast. The weather was about as perfect as we could have asked for. 70's in the day, so pleasant that we pretty much spent our whole time outside. We played hard with the kids during the day, took naps while they napped, ate yummy food the whole time, and stayed up late (well late for us) by the campfire. We had deep authentic conversations, and laughed at each other so much I had tears in my eyes. We are blessed to have such great friends. We might just have to make this an annual trip with friends.

E-man and Sister

The Zimmers

Paddle boat with daddy and Matt

Mindy, myself and Candice (I think this is the only picture I am in, proof that I was there)

I think every meal was outside, it was that beautiful!

Lot's of swinging

Hanging in the hammock

Lot's of ladderball

Lot's of taunting when you win ladderball

More swinging

Lot's of roasting marshmallows

Sister said marshmallow's were her favorite part

These 2 goonballs used dryer sheets to keep the bugs away since we didn't have any spray

The men with their fish

cleaning the catch

E-man has a great smile

Sister wrinkling that nose

Matt and Mindy


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