Wednesday, September 21, 2011

No motivation Day

Today is a day that I have no motivation. Sunday the kids I returned from traveling for the 4th weekend in a row. 3 out of 4 of the weekends were trips more than 4 hours long one way. I drove them myself this weekend to St. Louis to see "My Big Benny" (as sister refers to him as) watch football. We had a great weekend, all the traveling we had was wonderful. I knew that it would be a whirlwind month and it was. (Steve was in Nashville before the weekend and Florida for the 2nd half of the weekend, so he flew in and out of St. Louis, we were glad we got to see him in the week he was away).

Buster fell asleep and was warm under blankets in the stroller. It was a rainy, cool night for football and they won 49-6!

My in-laws :)

I am thankful to be home. I love coming home. I really love our house, our neighborhood, our friends, our church, our city. Since traveling so much everyone has been thrown off on sleep, and it has taken it's toll the most on little man. While traveling I was quick to jump to his cries in the night, and he often got the boob to keep him quiet and got to lay with me in my bed, since I didn't want to wake the whole house and we often all 4 slept in the same room so I didn't want to wake sister either. His sleep the last month has been terrible, and now that we are back home, my once great self-soother, has been screaming to go down for naps and night time. I do everything I know, and as soon as he is laid in that bed, he screams. Most nights he is up screaming multiple times as well.  I really think it is just readjusting to having to self soothe again or the fact that he has learned to stand in his crib and stands screaming, as soon as I put in down, he is up again. Boy am I tired. 

Back to my lack of motivation today, I have laundry piled up, mail piled up, emails piled up,  suitcases that still need to be unpacked, piles of all sorts of other things as well. Dirty bathrooms, dirty floors, dust covering my home, projects piled up that I want to finish, but I sit here with no motivation. 

Old picture I never shared. One of their first baths, now it is a regular thing.
Just one of those days, I know everything will get done eventually, it probably definitely won't be today. That is ok, I don't have it all together all the time, I am human. At least these 2 kids are fed and alive. Kinda fed, sister fought lunch (it was her dinner left over from last night she refused to eat), so really she might not be fed well, her choice though.

So to my husband who reads this blog and asked about clean underwear this morning, the house will be clean again, our life will be organized soon enough, and the good news is I used our Kohl's cash to buy your more underwear this morning :)

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