Sunday, October 16, 2011

7 Years as a Southards

7 years ago today, we committed our lives to each other - Happy Anniversary Mr. Southards
(our vows we wrote)
Erin, I love you and I desire to spend the rest of my life with you. Today I commit to you my life. You are the one that through out life’s journey, I desire to humbly succeed with and gracefully fail with.

Erin, I bring a heart full of promised to you. I promise a richness of love that you have only dreamed about. A love that is so strong that is can only come from the one who is connected to the Creator of love Himself. I promise a love that sacrifices, submitting myself for the sake of oneness with you. Erin, no matter what life brings our way, I promise that it will be your name I gently whisper, your eyes I long to look into and your lips I desire to kiss.

My pledge to you is a commitment that is unshakable, a hope that is unbreakable, and a love that is eternal.

Erin, God created you and your parents have raised you for a time such as this. I promise to your parents, everyone here, to God and you that I will cherish you, protect you, lead you and love you I promise to.

Steve, today I commit my life, my heart, my mind, my soul and my body to you. You alone will I adore.

Steve, I commit to be your wife and lover forever, your best friend to hang out with, your biggest fan to cheer you on, your caretaker when you are sick, your safe-haven when the world has you down and your partner in ministry.

I confidently submit myself to your leadership. Through pressures and uncertainties of the future, I will faithfully stand beside you and support you.

I love you Stephen Edward Southards, on this day I pledge myself to you.

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