Monday, February 28, 2011

little man and crazy girl

The kiddos have been cracking me up. We arrived home from Florida last Thursday and saw sun for the first time today! We have been hunkering down inside and catching up from being gone. 

My heart has really been connecting with Colton. Being the first 6-7 weeks were so difficult with him (screaming all the time) I hadn't experienced too much connect with him.  There are many moms who fall in love with their child the moment (if not earlier) the child enters the world.  I am not one of those moms.  My loves does grow with time. Colton's rough start didn't negate my love for him, but I wasn't feeling all sorts of lovies towards him as he screamed and I lost sleep.

He has been a different man since I took out dairy from my diet. He has been so much more content. He will actually sit by himself for a few moments happy.

Lying by himself content!

He is so alert these days, look at those cheeks, you better believe I kiss all over them all day!

He is smiling and cooing all the time, when I took the dairy out, he stopped screaming and started smiling, it was a good day in our household

I am pretty sure it is the dairy that was bothering him. Yesterday was my birthday and I had a free startbucks drink, I decided to be crazy and have a drink with milk in it, and just enjoy it and see if it bothered him. He scream with gas all yesterday evening. His stomach has been so upset today and he has been farting like crazy. Unfortunately my plan was to have some ice cream for my birthday and just enjoy that too, that didn't happen because the screaming started before I got any ice cream and I figured it wasn't worth it. Back to no dairy, I will give it another try in a month or so. Yipppeee for almond milk and no cheese (I hope you sense the sarcasm in that).

While Colton is stabilizing, his big sister is going off the deep end. Kidding aside, she is so two and wants to do everything herself. As challenging as she is, I love this stage. I have to be creative in finding ways for her to do what is asked of her, without causing huge fights. Fights do happen. For example, today after Bible study I was letting her play around in the car for a bit while we wasted time in the parking lot as Steve finished a meeting so we could grab lunch together. She was climbing all over. When it was getting close to time to leave I gave her the choice (choices are the best for her) for her to climb in her car seat herself, or for me to place her there. Of course, she chose to do it herself, no surprise there. We weren't in a hurry so I gave her plenty of time to do this, but she proceeded to read books and mess around in the back seat. I explained to her that since she chose not to get in the seat herself, mommy would have to place her in it. As I did, the screaming and thrashing started (which didn't surprise me). I have read a book recently that I am going to do a book review on here for, that spoke about being prepared for the 2 year-old to fight back and have an action plan before it happens, so you don't get all caught in the emotions of the moment. My action plan with her fighting going in the car seat, is to simply take her out of the car, place her on the ground and tell her that mommy will not fight with her, that we will leave and come get her when she is ready. So today, I placed her on the ground in the parking lot (I made sure there were no cars around), closed her door, got in the front seat and told her I would leave her if she wouldn't let mommy buckle her in the car. I delayed about 1 second and all of a sudden she was ready for my to calmly (without a fight) place her in her car seat and go on with our day.  I had to do this once in Florida in my parents driveway. You might ask, would I really drive away, you better believe I would drive a circle in the parking lot, or in my parents neighborhood,  never leaving her sight, making sure she was safe, but letting her know that I was serious before coming back and asking her if she was ready to cooperate.

Some of you might think that is heartless and dangerous. Well, heartless, I don't think reminding my child that I am the adult and in control is heartless, giving boundaries and not stooping down to beg my child I hope pays off in the long run. Two-year-olds are wired to think the world revolves around them, and it is our job as parents to graciously and sometimes boldly, remind them it doesn't. Dangerous, I wouldn't do something to place my child in danger, if it comes to the point I have to drive away (which I believe it won't, but if it does I am prepared to do) I would make sure her safety was a priority. I would never leave her in the middle of a busy parking lot, but the 2 situations I have been in so far, I could drive away 25 yards, her still in sight and make my point. I am sure by then she would know I meant business and would be crying for my return. Creative parenting, without fighting with her. I know I can't and won't do this with every situation she fights over, but I remind her, that I am her mom, I love her, but will not stand for certain behaviors.

Here is a lovely reminder of how crazy 2-year-olds are. She wants to be naked, even when it is 20 and snowing outside and watching a show in her phone with sunglasses on, makes complete sense to her.  I so love my child and she does make me laugh everyday!


Saturday, February 26, 2011


Payton had such a wonderful time with her cousins in Florida. They are at an age that they play so well together. Jodie is almost 4 and Anderson is 21 months. My brother Jordan and SIL Jaime were daring enough to take some pictures of the kiddos. Mom had gotten the girls matching dresses. Colton was inside feeding and missed the photo shoot. Next year he will be running around with them as well. Good news is Boo made the photo shoot :)

Getting 3 kids to look in the same direction is a win!

Anderson  can walk if holding someones hand!


we all crash

dancing girls

classic payton pose (thumb in, boo ear to nose)

Anderson showing off

Jordan with the girls

Mimi and Grandpa with their grandchildren

Colton during photo shoot

Yes it is critical for a 2 and 4 year old to each have their own iPhones, you can tell they are a part of the Wiens family.

we parents are guilty of thinking our kids are some of the cutest ever :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Florida #1

This is Payton's new "cheese" face. She used to hate the camera and a few days ago she decided she was going to "smile"

We are loving our time in Florida. Spending as much time with family and friends and being outside as much as possible. Some photos from our trip so far.

Had our traditional Dunkin Donuts coffee and donuts with my Grandma. Payton joined the tradition this time. Note my extremely pale face, I look sick and tired. My goal is to have some color upon my return to KS. I still might look tired as I am not getting good sleep, but color will help.

One of our many wagon rides

Playing with Mimi on the playground

Swinging, (note the smile)

Great-Grandma on lookout duty

Getting my workout. Payton loved flying and falling down together.

Callie got to meet Colton

Most everyone knows Payton's boo, but this is Boo Sr (Callie gave Payton her Boo when she was born in honor of her own)

So thankful for my best friend

Her smile once more

I am still amazed she keeps looking at the camera

I hope I look as good as my mom does at her age :)

Cousin Jodie has joined us for the weekend, the girls having a tea party

My high school girlfriend Katie and her little guy Andrew came for a visit. Can you tell which one of us lives in Florida? Katie is expecting #2 little guy in May. So thankful for friendships that have survived the years!

Cousins cuddling

Colton gets to join them

These 2 have played so well together, it is so fun to watch them at this age

Payton wants to do everything Jodie is doing. We are even wearing a bow because Jodie wanted one. Payton has also learned "I'm scared" from Jodie, not as thrilled about that one :)

Warm enough for water!
The girls     

Missing our daddy, but loving Florida. Trusting Steve is having fun hunting, we haven't heard from him, so assuming no news is good news.  

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shower and Valentines

Well I have been MIA this past week due to trying to get taxes done and spending time making different things for Hilary's baby shower that happened on Sunday.  The little spare time I had was taken up quickly.

Sunday my neighbor Ashley and I hosted a baby shower for Hilary and her twin girls. Of course the girls weren't there, as they are still in NICU, but we had a great time with neighbors and her church friends.  The girls are doing great. Reese is in an open crib and is to a very low level of oxygen and Ava has had the top off her isolate, so she is sustaining her body temperature well. Her lung development is a little behind Reese's. The girls are in clothes now and are so cute.

Here is a quick shot of me, Hilary and Ashley.

Valentines Day - Steve and I were spoiled to get to go out together. We didn't expect to be able to get away because finding sitters is hard for the day. Our dear friend Kelsey contacted us and said she was off that day (she is a nurse) and would love to watch our kiddos so we could go out.  Her fiance is in Iowa, so she graciously spent the evening with our kiddos. Steve and I grabbed dinner and a movie and had a great night just the two of us. 

The kids and I arrived safely in Florida yesterday evening. The flight went as well as it could for 1 mom with 2 little ones. I was thankful to get here and have that part of the traveling behind me. We look forward to a great week in Florida!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Date Night All Night Long!!!!

The Mr. and I got our first date night since C-man was born. With Payton our first date night was in the first week of her life, she was such an easy baby that we left her with whomever and she was quite content.  Little Man has not been quite as content. We didn't want to scare away anyone who has been gracious enough to watch Payton, loosing our chances for future babysitters. 

In come the Zimmers... Mike and Candice have E-man (Ethan) who is one of Payton's top 5! Ethan was very colicky for the first 4 months of his life, they went through a lot with him. They completely understand a fussy baby. E-man is one of the cutest little guys now, with one of the best smiles I have seen a little kid have.  They graciously brought dinner to us this week and Candice listened to my frustrations (completely understanding) while the kiddos played. They offered for us to have a date night and they would keep both the kids overnight (if we were comfortable with it). That was one of the most gracious offers we have received in a long time. 

I went back and forth whether or not to leave Colton. Payton was a no question, she has had multiple sleepovers before, she was good to go. I completely trust Mike and Candice, I just hated for them to be up all night with little man.  Well, C-man had 2 good nights leading up to last night and I figured we wouldn't have this offer anytime soon, and I really missed time alone with my husband. After discussing it again and making sure our friendship wouldn't be over if they were up all night with a fussy baby, we left both kids and headed out. 

E-man was not about the pictures

He was thinking "Mom, get this lady with the camera out of my face!"

No Florida tans for us, sunshine what?!?!

The lovely couple Mike and Candice

We had a great dinner out at Japanese Restaurant, and headed home to cozy up to watch a movie.  I was so craving some Frozen Custard (even though the temperature was probably in the single digits) but due to my dairy free diet for little man, I settled for some Purple Skittles. When we walked in the house, I soaked in the silence!

Side note here ..... I believe the dairy free diet is helping him BIG TIME. We are on day 4 and I have seen a difference in gas and his contentment.  I am hoping this continues.

It was so wonderful to sleep all night and wake up to our own bodies alarm, not the cries of one of our children.  To me a big splurge is breakfast out. That isn't something we get to do often, so we headed out to Cracker Barrel before picking up the kiddos.

Cracker Barrel Fireplace (Steve makes so much fun of me for the pictures I take for this blog, I see the eyes roll often)

Thank you so much to the Zimmers for the complete night out! That was a gift that was rejuvenating. The good news was Colton was so good. He fell asleep at 9pm (he hasn't gone down that early for us yet) and didn't wake up until 4am, took his bottle and slept until 7:30am. I am so glad they had a great night, he was a content, happy guy and Payton was thrilled to be with E-man. She did not want to leave and is now asking when E-man is going to come to go night-night at Pay Pay's house. I am now more confident to leave them with other sitters, without the fear of losing relationships due to his fussiness.  We are so thankful for wonderful people in our lives.

Have a great Saturday, I am off to nap while the kids are down!