Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Weekend

We had a very nice relaxing weekend. No where to be, just hanging low. I was going to paint the laundry room, but didn't have the gumption, we just hung around getting other things done, swam, took naps, watched movies, it was great.

Steve took Payton on a daddy/daughter date yesterday to the movies. It was her first time in the big theater. She loved it, I put a few treats in her little pink purse and off then went.

Payton kept trying to take a picture of me on her iphone while I was taking her picture

Steve is always getting kisses from his little girl

Steve wanted to clean out the garage this weekend. He had gotten a new mower last week and wanted to get rid of the box, I asked to keep it, because every little kid needs to have a fort made out of a box sometime in their life.  I wanted to let Payton paint the box, but decided to do a base coat so it was cuter, then she could add her touch.  

I had already cut out the windows

Buster slept for some of it, then he watched and learned as I painted

Just because I am so head over heals for his smile, here is another picture of him

The box painted, these colors were "oops" paint that I had on hand

Sister adding her touch, this was her first time painting and she loved it. She didn't like getting her hands dirty though.

Her finished fort. I ended up opening the lid to give her extra space and we used tulle for a roof. More a castle than fort :)

Inside doing her "work"

Inviting me in, I can't fit in the door. I did add some ribbon for little handles to open and close the door. Yes this door is backwards, I really wasn't planning well when I started cutting the box.

Playing peek-a-boo.
Who knows how long she will enjoy her castle, even if she looses interest, no big deal since it didn't cost us a penny!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Oh Boo, where are you?

we have lost boo...

He is kinda a big deal to sister. Like her best friend that she hasn't ever slept without until last night, like her her calming effect when she has a tantrum, like her Dr when she has a booboo. Needless to say, we are a little sad in our house right now. The worst part is that we know he is somewhere in the house. Steve saw him yesterday morning in the basement but an hour later when it was time for nap, he was no where to be found. We have searched the whole house 5 times over looking in every place he could possibly be. We believe at this point he will show up when we aren't looking. Until then, sleep hasn't come easily for little miss. She woke up 3 times last night screaming looking for him. If you notice one of the pictures, we actually have another boo (boo #2) but when we tried to introduce him at 6 months old, she wanted nothing to do with him. Needless to say, if we couldn't trick a 6 month old, we can't trick a 2.5 year-old, we tried. So the search for boo continues.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend wrap-up

We had a packed Sunday with church, a baby shower and dinner with the new worship pastor and his family.  I had been nauseated the whole weekend with what felt like prego nausea! I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I finally took a test this morning and there was one line, no baby growing, hoping the nausea goes away soon.  I do look forward to another baby, but am good waiting a bit!

Ashley and Nolan the guest of honor. Dan and Ashley are our neighbors that we just love so much. Have I mentioned how we love our neighborhood :)

Sister and Nolan (I love that name)

My peonies are in full bloom and are beautiful, why let the neighbors be the only ones to enjoy them, I have a few vases around the house full of these beauties!

A side note that Buster keeps rolling on his back while sleeping (he is a belly sleeper) and wakes up ticked off. We have been fighting it for over a week for nighttime and naptime. Our sleeping has been interrupted by this. I have thought about trying to let him get so ticked that he learns to roll back over, but that hasn't quite worked yet.


First Fish

This past weekend we spent some time at the lake. It rained hard most of the time we were there, but we did manage to squeeze in a fishing outing, where Sister caught her first fish!

Sisters's pose for pictures most often these days, remember I am not fighting it, just documenting it for down the road :)

Buster getting ready for his first boat ride

Daddy taught Sister how to eat sunflower seeds, she just loved being able to spit them out with him

Catching her first fish, her little Dora fishing pole came through and caught 3 fish this weekend!

She was excited for the initial catch and once the fish was in the livewell, she wasn't too sure when it was out of the water close to her.

Buster slept through the whole adventure

We got a quick visit from the in-laws too, it was a great time with family.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Playing Hookie

Payton didn't go to school today. She was up vomiting last night, I hate it when little ones throw up! She gets so scared. She found a bottle of teething tablets yesterday evening that she helped herself to. When Steve called the number on the bottle, they said since the tablets are homeopathic, they wouldn't harm her, but her body might rid itself of them later.  Rid itself, it did. She slept in late and I figured school might not want her there, even though she technically wasn't sick. It is absolutely perfect weather here today, so once we got around this morning (after a major blowout of Colton's diaper - enough poop and vomit for my day) we headed to Deanna Rose petting farm.

I think every stay-at-home mom and their child were there today along with many different schools for field trips. The place is awesome for little kids. We are so thankful to live in a place that has so many wonderful FREE things for kids to do. I didn't have my camera, but here are some phone camera shots.

Buster just loved being outside, he really didn't get to see much from his carseat, but it was fresh air!

These are the days I am so thankful I get to be home with my kids and do fun things like this. Payton was so funny feeding the goats and looking at all the animals and the kids. They are both sleeping hard from our morning, and I am working outside, taking full advantage of this day. I remember sitting in my cubicle (before having Payton) looking outside on days like today, dreaming about being outside. Being able to enjoy this weather is a perk with my current job :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Free Bathroom Makeover

#15 on my "30 before Thirty" list was to Paint and decorate my 1/2 bathroom.  My budget for this project was $0. That means I could probably find $20 from my slush fund (Steve and I each have slush fund money each month for non essentials) to find a few things. I went back and forth on a few things, and when it was all said and done, I spent zero, zilch, nada, nothing.


Almost all old decorations are free from my husbands dumpster diving days

I had decided to use the leftover paint from Colton's nursery

I had in mind to accent with a fuchsia or yellow. If money wasn't an issue, I would have gone with a bold yellow geometric pattern rug and new accessories. I would have also painted the vanity and cabinet white, but since we do not own the home yet, I didn't want to paint the wood.  I had found some fuchsia rugs and towels at Target months ago, but when I put them in the newly painted room, I didn't like the look at all. So I pretty much put all the same items back in, while switching up a few accessories from other parts of the home. 


It is amazing what paint by itself can do. I also removed the towel bar, since for a 1/2 bath, there is no need for a large towel to be hanging, and I felt like it opened up the room a little.

To be honest, I guess I did spend $2 on this makeover. My in-laws and I went to an estate sale last weekend and I picked up two pieces of coral reef for $2 each. Forget pottery barn's $40 coral reef! My apologies, this bathroom was a $2 makeover