Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Different strokes for different folks

This is one of those post about my journey, what I have been learning. No cute pictures of the kiddos, just a little of my heart out there for whomever to read, but more importantly, for me to remember when I need the kick in the pants.

God has had me on a journey, humbling me. Oh the fun times of God spanking your behind, teaching you a lesson. The older I get (at the ripe age of 29) I have come to welcome these learning situations a little more, because I often know something better is on the other side.

I am passionate about parenting. About parenting styles, techniques, theories, etc. I believe a lot of it comes from my amazing mother, whom herself is passionate about this topic and throughout the years has always educated herself in this area. I love reading books, blogs, talking to other "like-minded" moms. The problem for me has come when I believe my way is the RIGHT way. The last few months, God has gently reminded me, that I am not the know-all of parenting. Hello I only have 2 little kids, I haven't even touched the surface of this parenting thing. I have been guilty of judging others on their style.  Now I have learned a little in the 2.5 years of being a parent. Before kids I looked at mom's in stores with kids have fits and thought "my kid will not do that!" As all moms know, your kid will do about everything you swore they wouldn't do. 

What works for me might not work for others.  I recently read a blog post that did a great job putting into words what I have been learning.  You can check out the whole post HERE, but let me share a little excerpt with you (this pertains to Christian mom's specifically, but can be used for all moms).

If principles are the content of what is being said, methods are the languages used. We agree that a good principle is “love your children.”  So we each say it to them in our own language. Some of us might say it in schedule feeding, and some of us might say it with a sling. The problem comes in when someone overhears someone else “talking” to their children. Quickly translating into her own language, she overhears something like, “I do not love you, and you are a fink!” Outrage ensues.
We want to hear people speaking in our own languages. We have labored over all our translation manuals, worked to have just the right accent, and so it grates on us to hear someone come say the same thing in pig latin. We often refuse to admit that it is the same thing – it just can’t be.

Now the point of this is certainly not to say that there are not objectively better ways to communicate to our children. Some people may be speaking in pig latin, some in a random smorgasbord of cliche sayings, and some only speak to their children in Italian sonnets. Some methods are better. Some methods are dumber. My point is not that we shouldn’t have an opinion about methods, but that we should be comfortable with different languages. When people speak in different languages, it ought to give us joy. The world is a crazy place. The church is a crazy place.

So, next time someone says the clearly outrageous, just remember this: there is a wrong way to be right. There is also a right way to be wrong. And there is always a greater right than being right.

Moms need to support one another, especially if you call yourself a Christ follower, we are here to encourage and love others, not judge or look down on, even if you don't understand their "language" we are still called to love one another.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

St. Louis trip

This weekend we headed to St. Louis for a quick trip to see Steve's little brother Ben play his opening football game of his senior year.  It was also our first trip in the new van :) It was quite a comfortable ride. Our weekend trips often are Thursday evening - Saturday evening. Being married to a pastor, our weeks look a little different than the typical.

Friday before the game, Gigi took us to Grant's Farm.

Sister wasn't too sure about the goats

Getting a little more comfortable

Then the goat decided to eat her hair and tick her off :)

The boys watching the goat feeding

She picked the bunny

Buster had to settle for watching sister from the stroller

Buster was sitting tall for the picture while sister tried to escape

Gigi and Buster

Not too sure about feeding the camel

I don't blame her, check out the sign

Getting a little daddy lovin

Sister helping papa collect tomatoes
 Unfortunately Ben's team lost the game by one touchdown, it came down to the last play of the game.  He led the team in tackles though. You would think Uncle Benny was Payton's hero. She has talked about him ever since the game. Talking about him falling to the ground tickling people (while she makes a tickle motion with her fingers, we haven't explained tackling to her). She also couldn't stop talking about Benny waving her to after the game.  We watched him a year ago and ever since that game, whenever we pass a football field driving, or have a game on TV, she thinks it is Benny playing. Needless to say, he is a little 2.5 year old that is his biggest fan!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Colton's Thyroid Update

I love this little stinker, his messy nose and all 4 teeth!

We got another call yesterday, updating us on his latest test results.

All tests came back NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!

This was not what I had prepared myself for. Some might say that the lab was in error, that could be true, but I also believe that my God has the power to heal and he just might have laid his hand on Buster.  We are so grateful! Thank you so much to all of you for your prayers, so many of you reached out to us and it was so touching. We serve a BIG God, even if the results were different, God is still in control, but we are so thankful for the outcome. The doctor does want us to come back in 3 months for more blood work, just to make sure everything has stayed normal.

Yes, this little booger face is healthy has healthy comes. Thank you Lord for your watchful hand over our family!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thankful for medicine - Colton's Thyroid issue

We got a call yesterday, one of those calls that makes your stomach drop.

This little stinker, he should be in ad for Crocs

Let me back up with the story. (This is more for my recollection when in a few years I can't remember how this all went down). A few weeks ago Colton started doing this weird move where he would drop his chin to his chest and roll his eyes upwards. I didn't like how it looked, unsure if there was something wrong, or if he was a baby learning a new move. We had dinner with our friends the Zimmers, and Candice (a physical therapist who works with kiddos under 3 years old) saw him do a "mini" version of it and said she didn't want to scare me, but those could be seizures.

Stomach dropped in that moment. She said many babies grow out of them on their own, but if he continues, to have the doc check him out. I didn't see him do it again for a few days. Early last week, I saw him do it for the first time since she had mentioned seizures. Which when she mentioned it, it totally made sense to me, they lasted a few seconds, but resembled a small seizure. So as we sat at breakfast and he did it again my stomach dropped.

Now I am the mom that is guilty of not going to the doctor for things. Most times when the kids are sick, I figure let the body do it's thing and whatever it is can run it's course. Not this time around. We went to the doctor that morning (1 week ago). 

Our doctor (who I absolutely love) didn't seem that concerned and said if it is seizures, most babies do outgrow them without any long-term negative effects. He did suggest I try a loud, sudden movement right in front of his face to see if I can snap him out of the action (staring off is also another mild form of seizure and he had done that as well, I just assumed that was a baby thing). He did take some blood to check a few levels, but didn't seem too concerned about the seizures. 

I was so thankful for that reassurance. The next day he had a couple "episodes" and thankfully he snapped out of them when I did a quick action with a loud noise in front of him.  Poor sister got really upset when I did this, she thought I was yelling at him and she started to cry telling me not to yell at her baby brother. Somehow I do tend to stay very calm with the kids (even in their rough moments) that my actions startled her. She sure loves her brother.
I hadn't heard anything from the doctor's office last week, so I assumed everything in his blood was fine.  Then yesterday the call came, my stomach dropped before I even answered it.

The nurse told me that Dr. Rahto wanted us to come in as soon as possible, that Colton's thyroid numbers were high.  She said it wasn't life threatening (which in actuality scared me more because my mind didn't even go there, I was much lower in my concern until she brought that to mind). We made an appointment for this morning. I hadn't heard of thyroid problems in babies, I had heard about them in women, often during or after pregnancy. I started googling thyroid problems in babies, then Steve suggested I wait and let the doctor share with me the situation and not get worked up over things I am not even sure of. Great advice husband.
Steve and I have been in prayer, shared our situation with family and people we know who are prayer warriors. I had such a peace going into our appointment, knowing that God created Colton's body and he cares about him even more than I do. My God who created the heaven's and the earth is in complete control. I do believe that with all my heart.

After Steve and Dr. Rahto shared their hunting stories and exchanged pictures of deer, we got down to business. Colton's numbers were high, meaning he has a Hypothyroid. Colton got more blood drawn today for some more testing. First the doctor wants to make sure the initial results are accurate, if so, tests will be done to check a number of levels to see what the cause of the results are. Regardless of the reason, if he has hypothyroid he will be treated the same.

Here is the good news/bad news. Good news, this is treatable. Bad news, he will be on medication the rest of his life. That though to me is wonderful news considering the alternative. Doc said that before the medicine was created, babies/kids with this situation had extremely stunted growth (very short) and often were mentally handicapped. With the medication, Colton will live a completely normal life besides the fact that he will take medication every day and will visit the doctor annually to check things. 

That is wonderful news to me. Now I don't want to get ahead, because we do need to wait for the results, but I am assuming that the initial results were accurate, and this will be our new normal moving forward. If the results were wrong, then great, no need for a specialist or medication.

I believe God was watching over us with the "false seizures." If we had not gone in for that, we might not have found this out for years, when more damage would have been done. I asked how kids are diagnosed if they don't happen to have blood work done like Colton did. Doc said that it is often later, teenage years, when the problems show themselves (lack of growth and mental retardation) is when the issue is diagnosed. Praise the Lord we have found this early. I am not upset about this situation, yes it is less than ideal, but I am just so grateful, that if is a serious issue, we have caught it before there are any problems, and my son can live a normal life!

So that is what we have going on right now. I look forward to hearing the results (I assume we will get them early next week) so we know how to move forward. We often take health for granted, I am so thankful for my God who watches over us, and the medical community who God has gifted to take care of his children. 

I am a blessed woman!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Let's talk about Sex Baby, let's talk about you and me...

Thank you Salt N Pepper for opening up our topic today. Ironically this song was released on my 9th birthday (thanks Wikipedia for that info). I know when it came out it wasn't the type of song I was allowed to listen to (appropriately so).

I do believe that more married couples should heed the advice though, TALK ABOUT SEX WITH YOUR SPOUSE!!!!

I have recently been reading Christian blogs and articles on SEX (I just like putting that in all caps, makes a few people wiggle in their seats).  I do apologize to the all my grandparents that read this blog, I know this might be a little uncomfortable topic, but since the world we live in screams unhealthy advice our way, I thought we would talk about the Godly perspective.

I have stumbled upon a few good blogs and resources that I want to pass along to you. By no means do I have great wisdom in this area, but I am a wife who wants to have a sex life with her husband that puts a smile on God's face. God created us, he created our bodies, he knows how they are meant to work together, I believe he delights in a husband and wife, intimately knowing each other. 

Someone once told me that the devil does everything he can to get us in bed before we are married and does everything he can to keep us out of bed once we are married. He knows the deep bond that is created having sex, and he does whatever he can to corrupt what God meant for good, just look around us, negative sexual influences are everywhere. 

I am calling my married Christan friends to reclaim SEX, God's way, in your marriage. God wants you to have passionate, heart-bonding, heart-pounding :) SEX.


The Proverbs 31 woman liked being on top

5 Reasons I like Sex: Confessions of a Christian woman

Sexual Confidence

Body Image War

What husbands are saying about their sex lives

Other Blogs I am still exploring

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Patience continued...

I am so grateful when the Lord gives me a gentle nudge of encouragement. After writing my post on patience last night, this is what I read in my quiet time with the Lord this morning:

Proverbs 16:32
Better a patient man than a warrior, a man who controls his temper than one who takes a city.

So many people would rather be the warrior who takes a city, someone in the limelight getting attention, and accolades for their efforts. But God rewards those who are patient and self-controlled. As a mom to young children, I don't get many pats-on-the-back for the times I am patient and/or self-controlled in the face of raising and training children. Patient as I wipe poop off my little girl's behind, or for the 4th time today I clean up the kitchen. Patient as my little guy cries, having no idea what is going on, trying to hold him and love on him. Self-controlled as my 2.5 year-old is going through a phase of screaming demands at me and throwing things instead of using her normal voice to ask politely for something. 

Mom's don't get articles written about them in newspapers reporting that once again, today, just like every other day this week, they were patient and self-controlled while they showed love, grace, and acceptance to their children. 
The Lord sees, and he is so pleased with our daily efforts that are behind closed doors. He will reward those who are patient and self-controlled with rewards that this human world can not offer. 

Anyone who is walking the line of patience and self-control, no matter the situation, I stand and applaud you, but more importantly the Lord applauds you and desires to lavish you with rewards if you let him.  Be encouraged that your efforts do not go unnoticed!

Monday, August 15, 2011


I have realized that I have so much more patience for my children when I am not focused on doing "other" things, whether it be housework, projects, computer stuff. Whatever it is that I want to do with my time, I get frustrated when they are, well, being kids. 

When I put my schedule aside, sit and focus solely on them, it is amazing how much more I receive...





I want to be better about fully paying attention to my children. I know they are only little once. I so love the stage we are in. It has it's challenging times (like when the 2.5 year-old is having a fit about something and the 8 month old is screaming about something else), but there are so many times that I am just tickled to be a mom and have the kids that I do. I love watching Payton's mind develop, and watching Colton explore the world around them.  I am so blessed!

On a different note, Payton get's a new class at school tomorrow. Since she started at an odd time of year, they put her in the older class so she wouldn't have a lot of change in a short time. The director of the school said developmentally she could easily have gone up with her friends, but they decided to keep her down for a few reasons, one big one being her boyfriend E-man. Yes ladies and gentlemen, E-man and Payton will be together in class 3 days a week.

We do so many social things with the Zimmers, they could end acting more like brother and sister.

Fighting, kicking, screaming....

and loving on each other :)

Taken this Easter when P still had her cast

Saturday, August 13, 2011

We Swag

We have entered a new chapter of life....

Yes, as of today we are officially a mini-van family...
Enough said :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Big Sister being a Big helper

While I was feeding Buster, Big Sister decided she wanted to feed him. I let her and was pleasantly surprised that she did well. I am all about independent children, I was a little shocked that she did so well. Maybe that can be one of her jobs :)

I did find out that I think she was eating more herself then she was sharing with brother :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

More Wiens resemblence

While in Florida my mom pulled out some old family pictures, and it looks like Buster resembles my little brother Colin


Colton's eyes squint more when he smiles too, so in person he looks a lot like his Tio.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lake and Wedding

We were at the lake yesterday and today, had a great time hanging out as a family. 

Not sure what sister is doing here, she was eating

Can you see the 2 bottom teeth? Yesterday we saw the top 2 broke through too
Trying to hide from the camera, but caught looking :)

We got home today in time to clean up and head out to our friends Jon and Lauren's wedding. It was a great time with friends, and it was fun being out kid free (thanks Sara!)

our good friends Matt and Mindy

I want Mindy's hair, it can be straight, curly, wavy and all sorts of fun in between

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My piece of Heaven on Earth

While in Florida, Steve and I got to have a date day to good ole' Lake Wales where I went to college. We started out eating at one of the best local BBQ restaurants you will find. I had many meals (mostly because it was one of the few good restaurants in town) and many wonderful conversations at this place. It is completely a hole in the wall, but I love that almost 10 years later, the same servers are there and you run in to people that you know. 

After lunch and cruising around my college, we headed to Bok Towers which is my Heaven on Earth. This is one of the most beautiful places in Florida. In college, I would spend hours alone on a blanket under the huge trees and Spanish moss, soaking up quality time with the Lord. It is one of the most peaceful places for me.

Florida does not have mountains, it barely has hills, but this point is the highest point in peninsula Florida. 

Oh the Spanish Moss!

The walkways are amazing, so is that hot guy who jumped in the picture :)

I couldn't get over the lily pads, and the scrumptious man too

I am so blessed to have him as my life partner and lover

Another view from the top

This is the actual Tower built in the early 1900's
Steve and I had a great day, enjoying each other and nature without the kiddos.