Saturday, December 31, 2011

Play room make-over

This post was created over a month ago but never got posted, hence the Christmas manager, but better late than never :)

Well the play room is finally done. It has pretty much been done for a few months, I just hadn't gotten pictures on the wall and didn't want to post without them. I tend to get projects 95% done, then not post about them because I want the final 5% complete. This room is the immediately on your right when you walk in our home. Most people have it as a formal dining, we always had it as a sitting room. I had resisted a play room, but finally came to the conclusion that we have little children who need room to play and an organized play room works and looks better that chaos all over the house. So here is the transformation of the room in the 3.5 years we have lived here.

When we first moved in with plain walls

After allowing paint to bring life to the room

The last look before the play room took over

The Play Room

The lighting still leaves something to be desired, but I am going to paint lamps once the weather warms and would love to get another overhead light once we actually own the house. 

My goal was organization, hence the wicker ottoman, the baskets and the cube system, all full of toys 

The kid's nativity made it to the top shelf for the holidays after finding it spread all over the house multiple times a day

The "couch" was my old crib that my brothers and I used. It was missing hardware and would cost a lot to be safe to use as a crib so I was ready to get rid of it until I saw an idea to use is as a couch. 

10 cans of spray paint later (it really needed more I had already gone to the store twice during the painting process and was over it, should have primed it first)

The table and chairs were a garage sale find for $20, a little clean-up and white paint, and we were good to go.

Another full view. I have already actually moved the furniture around to a few configurations. I loved having the table and chairs out in the middle of room (so you can use all 4 chairs) and I had the crib in the corner, allowing more access to 4 sides of the kitchen (another cheap garage sale find) but like having the room open for little man to crawl around and daddy to wrestle the kids. If we have more friends over, I just pull the table and chairs out.

Holiday Wrap-up

I figured I better wrap up the holidays before the new year, so here we go.

Since moving away from family, Christmas has historically been a hard time of year for me (THIS post from last year will support this). Granted 2 of the past 3 Christmas's I have been delivering babies, so my hormones have been whacked out. I am pregnant and still breastfeeding this year, so I am not sure if I am much better, yet I seemed more level to myself :)

Christmas Eve we video chatted with the whole Wiens family, and that often makes me sad when I hang up. I cried because I so wish I could share the holidays with my family, but it most likely won't ever be a reality. When you marry a man in ministry and you live half-way across the country from your family, the likelihood of being together is slim. 

I think the reminder of being away from family actually hit me about a week earlier. While sitting in Starbucks I witnessed multiple mom/daughter units (all different ages) and I got so sad that I had to leave because my emotions were getting the best of me. I am not much of a crier, so Steve was very surprised as I walked in the door home early from my alone time with my eyes and face all red. I would love to live by my parents, I love my parents, they are amazing people, I would love to do life regularly with them and my brothers and their families. Even amongst the tears and pain, I have such confidence that Olathe is home, I do love Olathe, it is home to me, I just wish I could share it with my family. I know we are in the place God has us, there is no place I would rather be. But a sacrifice for following the call of God, is not living near family. That is much harder for me around the holidays. 

Needless to say, I was very thankful to have my in-laws be with us this year. This is the first time they have made it to Kansas City for Christmas and we so enjoyed our time with them. Steve spoke at Christmas Eve service, then we headed home for lasagna and had a cozy night at home. 

Papa and Buster

Papa and Gigi with kids

With sister's BIG BENNY (she loves her uncle benny - not her most photogenic night, she refused to wear a bow and was fixing her hair all night)

Our dear friends the Brantons, we have a Christmas Eve picture when little Miss Grace was in Amy's belly

Sister wore her Santa hat to match her Santa dress
 Christmas morning the kids actually slept in until 8. The adults were up at 7 enjoying the quietness and a cup of coffee. Everyone got so many wonderful things from Santa and family.

Monday we headed down to the family farms to spend time with both sides of Steve's family and then headed for a few days to the lake house. I didn't get any pictures but we had a wonderful visit with so many of Steve's extended family and some nice R&R at the lake house. The weather was in the mid-50's and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Since most people are now taking down their Christmas decor, I am finally putting up a few pictures of ours. This is really more for my benefit so when next year rolls around I like to look to see what I did last year and mix it up a bit.

Last year I had a really busy mantle, this year I wanted to keep it simple

I was anti red and green once again this year. I made these fabric trees to support my cause :)

Hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas with your families and are safe ringing in the new year. Steve and I are going to enjoy a quiet evening at home, probably will be in bed before the clock strikes 12 :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Buster is 1!

*** Here is your warning, there is an abundance of pictures of my son, I completely understand not everyone finds him as adorable as his mother, no offense if you scroll through quickly ***

Buster Brown, Little man, Brother bear, Colton David Southards has turned 1 years old! (Yesterday Dec 16th). Many people have stated how this year has gone so quickly and I agree. After his first few months of an extremely rough start, he has been such a joy. 

12 month stats:
- weighs 20.5 pounds (20% bracket)
- Loves saying Dadda and Mama
- Cruising and will walk holding hands, but no steps by himself yet
- Loves "cheesing" is for the camera (as you can see by all the pictures)
- Loves showing off his tongue
- Loves going up and down stairs all by himself
- Eats well - loves meat and grapes - eats a big breakfast and lunch
- Still feeds from mommy morning, early afternoon and night
- A great sleeper - sleeps 12 hours at night and take two good naps (we had to work on him waking early somewhere in the 5 or 6 o'clock hour - he is finally going until at least 7)
- Has 6 teeth
- Sucks 2 fingers backwards - never took to any sort of lovey
- Loves playing with balls, always has one in his hand
- Sister is starting to get more annoyed with him because he is in to a lot more of her stuff

He is naturally outgoing. He is happiest with people around. When we are in public, he lights up at anyone who gives him attention. People often ask "is he always that happy?" He has two modes, really really happy, and really ticked off. For a month or so he has been in a phase that from 4-7pm he wants to be held all the time. He will literally drag himself on my leg crying large tears and whining if I don't hold him. I really try to sit and play and give him attention (and hold him) but I can't hold him for 3 hours as I have dinner to make during that time. I am lost on how to handle it. So yes, he is mostly really happy, but if he isn't getting the attention he wants, he is pretty ticked off.

Another side note (more for my memory) he went through a phase for about 4 months where he hated baths. As a little guy, he loved them. Then one day he fell face first in the water and that was it for him. He would scream every time he came near the water. Just the last few weeks, I have been able to slowly get him in the water to the point where he is happy and now enjoys baths again.

Happy Birthday my Son!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pregnancy Details

For those few of you who care (and for my memory sake) here are the details of this pregnancy so far. If you read my blog you might remember THIS post about thinking I was pregnant. I had all the symptoms and signs. I had blood taken by my family doctor and it was completely negative, like I couldn't have even conceived yet since my hormone levels were so low.

That was late September that my blood was taken. Fast forward to Halloween (Oct. 31st) and as I was sitting in my Monday morning Bible study listen to Beth Moore preach it,  I realized the pants I was wearing were really tight and digging into my belly. These same pants fit fine a month ago. I had continued to experience nausea and hadn't had my period, but up until this point, I figured my body was just thrown off, after all, I was still breastfeeding, isn't that supposed to prevent pregnancy? After the tight pants episode, I went home and took a pregnancy test... POSITIVE. So I did what many women do, I took another.... POSITIVE!

It was surreal, since I had just experienced thinking I was pregnant to find out I wasn't. I went to the Dr the next day for blood work, just to confirm that the 2 at home positive results were not in error. NOPE, sure enough, prego. The question was "how far along?" I had to wait almost a month to see my doctor. With the holidays and him away at a few conferences, the wait felt like forever. 

Finally Tuesday September 29th, my doctor confirmed the pregnancy with an ultrasound and a beautiful picture of a healthy baby. We saw a great heartbeat and I was relieved. I was more anxious about this pregnancy then the other 2 with the weird situation surrounding it. I was 10 weeks 1 day at the ultrasound, making my due date June 25.  To be as far along as I was, I must have conceived within days of my original blood work. Steve and I laugh because I don't recall too much intimacy during that time since I felt absolutely terrible. I guess it only takes once :)

We got pregnant with Buster the month I weaned Sister. So in our minds, breastfeeding worked as birth control for us. The Lord had other plans. I am still breastfeeding and thankful that I am healthy enough to. Buster is 1-year-old next week, but I plan on breastfeeding a few more months as long as he is up for it and my body can handle it. I have read that often the taste of the breast milk changes at month 4 or 5 of the pregnancy and some babies wean themselves. Little man sure likes the boobies, so we will see about that. I really only breastfeed longer than a year because both of my babies have been winter babies and the extra few months can really help keep them healthy in the winter. He will be down to only morning and night feedings in the next month or so. 

I am thankful that I feel better with this pregnancy than either of the other two. It is hard to remember Sister's, but I haven't forgotten Buster's. I was knocked out sick, on zofran, wanting to quit life all together. I have nausea and fatigue, but it is manageable. I am able to go and do mostly everything I need to. I still whine to Steve as I really don't like being nausea at all. Instead of rough days, I have rough moments of the day. Usually 10am and 2pm, between meals. I literally eat all day long to somewhat satisfy my stomach. I usually gain the majority of my pregnancy weight the first trimester as I just eat non-stop. It is usually healthy, but that many extra calories add up, but it is the only thing that makes me feel a little better. Good news with breastfeeding is that I have barely gained any weight and I eat all the time, just an extra perk of supporting 2 babies at once :)

To prepare myself for what is ahead, here are pictures of the end of both pregnancy's.

38 weeks with Buster (He was born 1 week later)

38.5 weeks with sister (I went almost another month, 2 weeks over my due date)
I am currently 11 weeks and have a little pouch. A few women from church shared with me that they suspected I was pregnant because of belly already showing. Round 3 and this close to round 2, it happens. I can still wear most of my jeans but I have already had to resort to the rubber band method. 

I haven't taken any pictures of myself, I am kinda running around crazy this week as we are hosting a large open house in our home Friday night. I am looking forward to it, but it is the largest party I have hosted on my own, needless to say my list is long this week, so maybe next week after our 2nd Christmas party we are hosting (for the church leadership staff) I will take some pictures of myself and the kids and start posting more regularly. I will be leaving my first trimester next week so I am hoping to leave the yuckies behind.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Can it be?

Look and see....

Can it be?

This is not my current belly, this was prego with Colton. I am 10 weeks and thankfully not this big yet.

Baby #3 arriving June 2012