Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sister is 3 years old!

Sister turned 3 years old today!

She is such a joy. She has her phases, sometimes challenging everything, sometimes being cooperative and lovey. 

I love how her mind works, she is so funny.

She is independent. She has already started dressing herself completely in the morning, and actually matches. She will show me the colors that match in her shirt and pants. She wants to do everything herself, she loves to mother her brother. While I was in the hospital this week and grandparents were taking care of the kids, she had no problem telling them exactly how they should be doing everything. She observes and remembers so much.

We had a small party this morning with a waffle bar.  After our week, the party was anything but fancy, we were thankful to have some close friends celebrate sister bear with us.

Her and E-man enjoying their waffles

Not sure what they are giggling at, but such a cute picture

Every girl needs a pink boa :)

Even a momma can sport it

The girls hard at work

 Attempting a family picture with 2 kids who both want to sit on momma's lap

Payton has forever changed our lives, we are so thankful for her.


  1. Happy Birthday Payton! I have been thinking of you guys Erin. I hope you enjoy your break with your hubby! I like the first family picture the best.. So candid and cute! :-)

  2. Well shoot, I wish I'd read this last night....I would have wished little miss a happy birthday (a little late) when we saw her this morning. :) Glad you got to take time to celebrate in the midst of such a trying week.

    Travel safe and have a great time away. Will be thinking of you.

    Much love,

  3. I very much enjoy reading your blog, Erin and hearing about Team Southards. I'm not sure if we've ever met, but I hear so much about you and your kiddos. I go to church with Steve's grandpa & grandma Southards in Dora :) Happy belated Birthday to sweet Payton!!