Thursday, November 29, 2012

Halloween, Florida & Thanksgiving

Since it is almost December and it has been a month since I posted, I thought it would be good to get caught up before we head into the Christmas season. 

My last post was about how difficult this pregnancy has been, I stand true to that post, but I am thankful to say as we have entered the 3rd trimester, the emotional/hormonal part has gotten better. I feel my mood is more positive. Physically I got on medicine for my heartburn/indigestion and I feel soooo good about that. I still feel big and full pregnant (and get comments every time in public about how big I look and having so long to go) but I am thankful for my health. I weigh more than I have ever weighed in my life (even full 42 weeks prego with Sister) and I can feel that weight, but I know it will come off after baby. Steve has narrowed the field down to 2 names, one of them is my top name, so we will see what name is chosen for little girl.

The kids and I were in Florida for Halloween. They had so much fun trick-or-treating with their cousins. It was also my grandmother's 91st birthday (on Halloween) so we were thankful to celebrate with her. My SIL had told me she was making a shark and mermaid costume for her kids and wanted to know if she could make them for mine, I was all game. She did an excellent job.

Grandma and Mom on Grandma's 91st Birthday

4 generations

My little shark who wasn't sure about the hood and teeth

The Boys as sharks

The whole crew

Tears over the hood having to be worn for pictures
I met up with my best friend from college (Callie) one night for dinner. My time with her is always life giving. I love friends who know you and your story.

One night we put a movie on for the kids to watch. It was past Buster's bedtime and I went to put him down to find him cuddling in his great-grandma's lap. He sat there for 45 minutes without moving. Little Stinker got to stay up way past bedtime because there was no way I was taking him from her arms. He barely sits still long enough but what precious time for them to cuddle. 

The 4 great-grandkids (and dad because the boys didn't want to get in the picture). The next time we will be in Florida will be April. I asked grandma if she was planning on going anywhere before we come back in April, she proceeded to tell me she might go visit her niece. I said I was thinking more like going up the highway in the sky to heaven, she is 91, I don't take anything for granted. She has 2 great-grandkids being born in Feb/March (my SIL is pregnant and due right after me), so I told her she needs to stick around to see them. She said she is planning on it.

We did hit up Ikea before heading home.

Buster's first chopstick experience, both of my kids LOVE white rice!
 Our Thanksgiving plans every year involve getting together with Steve's family. We usually end up in St. Louis but have met at their lake house too. This year was special because it is Uncle Benny's first year away at college, so all the boys and their families were home for Thanksgiving. I didn't get any pics of the day, but we did go to a nursery that has over an acre of Poinsettias for Christmas. It was beautiful.

This was Payton's first year not scared of Santa. Brother didn't want to talk to him but she sat right down and gave him her list of things she wanted. 

We are so thankful for family to spend Thanksgiving with. Christmas is usually spent alone as Steve is preaching and we can't travel anywhere. I really like having our kids wake up in their own home for Christmas as well. We are heading to get our tree tonight and are looking forward to the wonderful holiday season!