Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baby Quilt

A girlfriend (who has great style) had a son almost a year ago. When I saw her quilt for the first time, I thought she had to get that from Etsy or some boutique, it was the cutest baby quilt I had ever seen.

 Here is her quilt (That has been used a lot and is still in great shape)

When I asked where she got it, I was floored that she said Kathy. Larry and Kathy have watched our kids for our date nights ever since Payton was little. I knew Kathy sewed a lot, but didn't know she was into quilting. I had to find Kathy and give her a hard time, asking how we missed the baby quilt train. She said she actually made one for Colton (it was her first one she tried) and she thought it turned out so terrible that she threw it away. I sweetly smiled and said we would love to have one for our baby growing in my belly. (Which Colton did get a beautiful homemade quilt from Steve's grandma Granny Southards, so he wasn't too hard off).

Fast forward to my shower this past weekend. I was super excited, especially since I knew Kathy would have the quilt. She had come over a few weeks earlier and let me have input on style and color. She was the one that suggested the chevron design. Needless to say, I was extremely thrilled with how it turned out. I love the classic look. The amazing thing is too, that Kathy made the quilt in 3 days! Yes 3 days, she got the fabric late (from ordering it online) and Larry had surgery late last week, so she cranked this beauty out in 3 days! 

The back had a few fun colorful lines too (it is mostly pink)

The colors match the nursery. It is hard to tell but the pink and turquoise have very subtle pattern on them. 

Kathy is starting to sell her quilts in her daughter's Etsy store. They are reasonably priced and if you are looking for something personalized and beautiful for yourself or a baby shower gift, check with Kathy. She is a perfectionist and very humble, and does an amazing job!

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