Monday, February 25, 2013

Father/Daughter Dance

Saturday night Steve and Payton had their annual Father/Daughter Dance. Being that Presley was only a week old, we decided she would stay home this year.

This little stinker stayed home with me. Colton and I played together and I was floored by how many words he said, the colors he knew, how high he could count. He has a sister that talks a lot for him and rarely do I get time alone with him where we are just home playing. I did not realize how much his little brain knew, or has picked up since he doesn't get the floor to speak without interruption from big sister much. We had fun building high towers and crashing them down.

And this cutie pie slept the evening away

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Presley Rae Southards

Presley is here.

She arrived Friday February 15th 4:57pm
8 lbs 10 oz
20 inches

Her birth story is simple, we went in to the hospital and had a baby. 

It was the most drama free delivery we have had yet. We were induced, I got all the good drugs and pushed her out. The whole pregnancy I had wanted to go into labor on my own, but was completely satisfied with how everything turned out, even though it wasn't my original plan. I learned with Payton, most often your "plan" isn't the reality.

Presley is such a sweet baby. The first few nights home were really rough, but she has now got into the routine of eating and going back to sleep during the night. During the day she really is content. She eats well, sleeps well and we are both healthy, can't ask for much more. 

Steve and I agreed on her name about a month ago. Our friends in Florida have a Presley and they said they had read her name means "peaceful spirit." I loved that. I felt like the last year had been a storm for me on many levels and she was my calm, my peace after the storm. Her middle name Rae is a combo of both grandma's names (R from my MIL Ruth and my mom's middle name Kay, which mom goes by her first and middle name Mary Kay). Steve was the one to think of it and I loved how it honored both of her grandmothers. We did change the spelling to be more feminine.

Her siblings have loved having her out of mommy's belly. Surprisingly Colton pays her a lot of attention and is very sweet and gentle with her. 

My in-laws were in KC while we delivered and then took the 2 older kids back to St. Louis for a few days. My mom flew in Saturday (day after we delivered) and it was such a huge blessing to come home and have 2 days without the big kids here. They had a blast at Papa and Gigi's and didn't miss us at all. Uncle Benny came home from college and the kids were thrilled to play with him. Here are the pics we were getting while the kids were gone.

They race down the big hill in their front yard

Big girl bubble bath

Yummy food, Payton said the were having a party!

Feeding Gigi's chickens

Taking care of Gigi's baby

We are so thankful for all 3 healthy kids!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The mental game of waiting

I am ready for this little girl to arrive. Technically I have 3 more days to my due date that is on my charts but my early ultrasound and all my measurements actually had me due last Sunday the 10th. The 16th was my due date according to my cycle (which was not consistent since the miscarriage) and I was the one that actually chose to keep the 16th as the due date to give myself more time to go on my own. But somewhere in my head I had the idea that this might actually be my one child to go early on their own. Payton was induced 2.5 weeks overdue and Colton was induced 1 week early (he had Christmas Eve due date and we totally induced so he wouldn't have a birthday right at Christmas). 

With both Payton and Colton I had very little activity showing signs of labor. Nothing really with Payton and very few Braxton Hicks contractions with Colton. The pregnancy I have been having "signs" for almost a month. I was convinced my body was prepping to go on it's own. For the last few weeks I keep thinking "this might be the day." Symptoms I have keep playing tricks with my mind thinking I might be going soon.

I have tried so many of the wives tales, walking, spicy food, sex, and more. Nothing yet. Yesterday was the breaking point for me. I went to the Dr to have my membranes stripped. This has pretty much worked for almost everyone I know. I took the picture above yesterday really thinking that would be my last day pregnant and wanted to get a picture. Unfortunately due to her low head position that was making my cervix opening point backwards my Dr could only partially strip the membrane, he physically couldn't get to the back part of my membrane. He didn't seem too optimistic about it working, and needless to say we are 24 hours past it and nothing. 

This morning I woke discouraged, really hoping to be done. I am so grateful that I am healthy and that I can carry babies, this isn't a whine fest, just a tired momma. It really would be convenient (I know babies don't come when it is convenient) for her to come now. Since we don't live near family, and we have 2 kids that need to be taken care of when we go into labor, it isn't as easy as just calling parents over whenever we need them. Bless my in-laws they are 4 hours away and keep waiting for the call. Mom comes in town next week and Steve is supposed to travel at the end of next week, so logistically it would be nice for her to come NOW :)

I don't think I have mentioned that this pregnancy I have Carpel Tunnel in my hands. They have been in pain and numb for 6 weeks now. It is due to the excessive swelling in my hands. I have not experienced this in either of my other pregnancies and it has been hard to do much. There are a few sewing projects to finish up the nursery that I can't do because of my hands. Even typing this is weird because the tips of my fingers are all numb. I have been told this should go away within a few days of delivery as the swelling goes down.

So sister, we wait for you to come. My Dr said that he seems to see a pattern in women, you tend to always go early, right on time or late. I guess I am a late one. Even as I sit here and have multiple contractions while typing this, I have learned to not get excited, they don't mean anything is happening. I am excited for her arrival and know she won't come out a toddler, so she will be out one way or another soon. In the meantime, I am trying to keep my mind off delivery and not assume every sign is pushing me towards delivery. 

I think these 2 are tired of the waiting game too :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

38 weeks

Saturday I was 38 weeks. I had contractions all last week (like all day every day) so I got excited that maybe something would happen. No luck. She has measured 1 week ahead the whole time (her due date is the 16th) but we left the later due date (16th) to give me more time to go on my own. Maybe because she has measured big, I think I am going early. Steve reminds me that I should have learned my lesson because I was 2.5 weeks late with Payton. Here are some belly pics. First two from this pregnancy then the second two are from Colton and Payton.

 38 weeks with Colton (I was 25 pounds lighter his pregnancy)

Ironically I was wearing the same sweater for this picture with Payton, yes I went one month longer!

Payton wanted in on the pics too