Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 4th @ The Lake

Realized that I never posted our 4th of July weekend. We had our good friends (and next door neighbors) the McNeils down to the lake with us. It was exactly 3 years earlier that Zack and Hil had been to the lake, just weeks before they got pregnant with the girls. 3 years and 4 more kids later (between the families) we had a great time together at the lake.

I thought we had a family picture but I can't find it :(

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Personalized Jewelry

 What you may ask is that adorable necklace I am wearing? 

Ok you didn't ask, but I wanted to mention a new jewelry line I recently found and love.

Origami Owl, it is a unique jewelry line that allows you to create and customize your own lockets and necklaces.  There are a ton of varieties of lockets, chains, charms and dangles to choose from.  Not one creation is alike because it is YOUR design and completely personalized!  It's all about what you like. One more thing I like is the lockets are magnetic and you can switch out charms as you please.

I decided to throw my own party to get the word out about the jewelry and if you are local, you are invited!

Wednesday July 17th @ 7pm @ my house (email for address and directions)

If you haven't seen Origami Owl before I urge you to take a look at our designer Kerry's website at
For those of you that cannot make it or are not the party type, but would like to place an order, feel free to email Kerry with any questions or place an order on Kerry's website, and shop from my party.  All you do is choose my name upon checkout. 

Feel free to forward this invitation to your friends, family, neighbors and/or bring anyone with you that might be interested in having some fun too.  The more the merrier!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Time to be a kid

There are many days I rush through the day, am busy with my agenda or schedule and miss the sweetness of my children. Today was NOT one of those days. This morning we took a walk, without the clock dictating us, we enjoyed a walk in the woods. There is a paved trail near our house that I have walked before, but never realized how many off-the-path trails there were. With the eyes and adventure of a 2 year-old and 4 year-old we enjoyed our sweet time walking and picking up rocks, sticks and just enjoying nature. I had in mind the destination of a playground, and we did make it there, but the kids didn't want to play long, they wanted to wander back through the woods taking it all in. It was just me and the kids, I was able to watch, listen and enjoy the sweetness about them.

I want my children to look back upon their childhood and remember being kids. 

Not being dragged from one activity to the next, not having to keep things clean, not having a mom stressed out yelling at them, but time to just be a kid. 

A kid wandering through the woods, 
a kid throwing rocks in the water, 
a kid walking barefoot with no regard to the rugged ground below. 
A kid with time to look at the interesting trees, 
time to sit still and listen to the noises of the woods. 
A time to be a kid.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Prelsey's newborn pictures

Such sweetness about to ooze from the over abundance of pictures, if you are not family or a best friend, I will not be insulted if you skip this post with too many pics of my family :)

If you are in the Kansas City area, we had Shana from W The Studio do the pics. She was amazingly patient with Presley and the pictures are amazing! She recently moved from Nashville and had quite the photography business there, she is looking to build back up her client base here in the Kansas City area.