Saturday, December 14, 2013

Picture Update

Here are some pictures updating the last few months for Team Southards. I finally feel like I am entering the land of the living again, after 15 weeks of being sick I am starting to feel good again. I am 17 weeks and hoping to enjoy this 2nd trimester and the holiday's with family!

Papa and Gigi came to visit in October and we went to the Cider Mill that we love.

We picked apple's 

Mid-October Steve went on a once-in-a-lifetime hunting and fishing trip to Alaska. He was gone 10 days and I broke my foot the first day he was gone. I was so thankful for all the family and friends that helped care for us while he was gone. My brother and his family made their first trip to Kansas during that time as well.

The kids enjoying being kids.

Late October, Steve and I took the older 2 kids to their first (and our first) Chiefs game.


First of November, Presley and I took a trip to Florida to visit family and celebrate my Grandma Anderson's 92nd birthday and Grandpa Wiens' 85th birthday. I got to see a lot of family, friends and the beach!

November hit hunting season hard and we went to Papa and Granny Southards' farm for opening weekend. A tradition that takes Steve back to some of his fondest childhood memories. We also got to visit Papa and Granny Coats while in Southern Missouri.

 End of November we packed our bags again and headed to St. Louis to spend Thanksgiving at Steve's parents' house. That weekend is one of my favorite times of year as it is usually the only holiday we actually get to spend with family. We have started traditions there (amazing Christmas light show, Ted Drewes custard, Santa at the poinsettia farm) that our kids now look forward to.


Steve has continued to hunt and unfortunately has not gotten a buck yet this year. 

Little miss P is moving everywhere and getting into everything. She has started to communicate by screaming and I am sure she will make herself known and will not get lost in the mix when baby #4 trumps her as the baby.

Payton had her annual Christmas Program for preschool. She was more interested in twirling her dress this year than signing.

I was actually sending this picture to a friend to show her my early Christmas present of new boots to keep these toes warm as it has been sooooo cold here, but you can also get a view of my 16 week bump under winter clothes. 

That is a 3-month update, hopefully won't be so long until I blog again, but if it is, oh well :)