Monday, January 20, 2014

Presley's nursery

Now that sweet thing is almost a year-old and we are about to change the nursery for baby #4, I figured I should take some pictures of her room. I loved working with the Navy walls that we had from Colton's nursery.  When I decorated Colton's nursery and I chose the navy walls I knew that if we had a girl in the nursery I would use fuchsia and turquoise with the navy. I spent well under $100 for the update and I am so glad as this nursery will be changed back to a boy nursery in the next couple months (different than Colton's decor because I like change). This room will be 3 styles in 3 years. That is exactly why I do not spend much on my decorating. Even if we didn't keep adding children, I love changing up decorations so I do my best to spend as little money as possible. 

Here are more pics from the room and I will break down the few items I purchased or made throughout the post.

The rug is Target clearance, the throw is HomeGoods (one of my favorite places for throws), crib sheet is Target too and fabric for Pelmet box is Ikea.

The canvas with her initials and the framed scripture were both gifts from girlfriends.

The little rabbit was actually from my nursery as a baby and has my birth information on the bottom.

A few of my favorite projects on this shelf were the color blocked antlers and the gold glittery owl. My husband (the hunter) looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for some small antlers and pulled out bright colored paint. The owl was from a friend who was cleaning out a foreclosure home. He gave it to me for Colton's nursery and it was a trivet that was all rusted. Nothing a little gold spray paint couldn't fix. The block is a custom gift from a friend and on different sides it has all of Presley's birth information on it. 

The paper mobile was a beast to do. I am not sure if I would do it again. I was at a girlfriends Christmas craft party over a year ago (right before P was born) and she had a huge scrapbook collection. So instead of making a holiday craft, I spent the whole evening punching out circles to sew together. I do loved how it turned out.

I had the mirror and the lamp was a target clearance and I made the shade from a Hobby Lobby shade kit that I added white linen to. 

The frames were reused from previous nursery I just added some pics from Presley's newborn session. 

Table, lamp, frame and ball are all reused from different rooms. This ball (and the ones of the wall shelves) were actually part of my Christmas decor. The frame with the P was in Payton's room. The table was green and got a fresh coat of spray paint. 

The "PS" were in Payton's nursery (you can see below). It worked well to use again for Presley but I wanted to add a little design to them. I got out stencils and paint that I already had and did the P first and did not like how it turned out. So I went to see if I could wipe off the wet paint and ended up liking the paint job so much better when it looked "worn" that I tried to duplicate the look for the S.

Here is the evolution of the room

Payton's room 5 years ago

Colton's room

Presley's room

My thoughts for Stetson's nursery are the colors below, but we will see what I find in person. It will probably have some dead animal on the wall if my husband has anything to say about it.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

While we were gone

First time Steve has worn KU gear, we were headed to a KU basketball game and our friends insisted he wear appropriate attire.

Steve and I are so thankful for the wonderful people who love on our kids while we have date nights. Being that we do not live near any family to watch the kids while we get time alone, we are so blessed to have a few families who love our kids as if they were their own family. The kids look forward to our date night and often double check that they are staying at our friends home and we are leaving.  As you will see below, they have much more fun without us.

Friday, January 17, 2014

December/January Update

About a month ago my parents came to visit, we love having them here around the holidays but their Florida blood can't take too much cold weather. We had a great long weekend and really didn't do much but hang around and enjoy each other.

Colton turned 3 while they were here.

Christmas was low-key we were home alone as a family.

Christmas afternoon we met my in-laws at the Lakehouse for a day then headed to the farms to see both the Southards and Coats families

Since the holidays we have been staying home and trying to stay warm.  This winter has been extra cold and we have had a lot of quality time laying low enjoying new toys and making up things to do. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Payton is 5!

Today our oldest turned 5!
We love watching her mature and grow into a beautiful girl, inside and out. 
She is a little mother to her siblings and super responsible (1st born syndrome).

Friday night she invited 5 girls over in their PJ's and we had pizza, popcorn and all the girls favorite candy. They watched The Little Mermaid. It was so simple and low-key but the girls who came just loved it. I think the idea of getting dropped off at a party that is at night (they all left by 8pm) seemed like they were big girls. It was girls only so Steve and Colton left after the pizza. 

Camping out on the floor for the movie

Today was her actual birthday and we did our traditional waffles and whip cream for breakfast then she chose Chick-fil-a for dinner and we had ice cream with friends afterwards.

Trent and Colton spinning some coins

The McNeil Clan

Larry and Kathy who are some of our "local" grandparents

Jessica and Trent (our youth pastor and wife)

There is so much sweetness in this face!

Presley was done, the girl likes to go to bed early like her momma!