Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Friends like family

This past weekend we celebrated our sweet little friend Grace's 4th birthday (it was a PJ/Donut party and the kids definitely came home sugared up). Paul and Amy have been our friends since we first moved here and they have become like family to us. There are a few other families here that feel more like family then friends (especially since we do not have blood family in the area). I tell people who first meet them, they are about as good as it gets. Paul and Amy are amazing examples of people who have given their lives, future, family, decisions, finances, etc to the Lord. And they really are about as loving as you will find. I also tell people, if someone doesn't like Paul and Amy it is usually their own dang fault, they are just that wonderful and kind! We are so thankful for their friendship!

The party was mostly girls so Colton was thankful E-man was there to wrestle with!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Buster Buster BUSTER

 I love 3-year-olds.

I love how their minds are putting things together and exploring the world around them.

They become little people and conversations can become so robust.

They say the funniest things and words as they are figuring out vocabulary.

Colton is so much fun most of the time.

He has the silliest personality and loves to make people laugh.

He usually has a big grin on his face.

He is already a story teller and wants people's attention and loves to make people laugh.

He is a ball of energy.

He is active and passionate.

He is also amazing destructive and sometimes drives me crazy.

The picture on the left is just an example of his self expression through tattooing himself up. This is how Steve found him after nap one day. He had just woken up, hence the drugged looking face, and his pillow case was covered in blue. We keep taking markers and hiding them and he is a pro at finding ones sister has used and left around the house. Unfortunately he has colored himself like this many times.

Just this week this wonderful 3-year-old has explored the world around him by:

- Tested gravity by throwing my iPad off our second story balcony (gravity won and shattered the iPad) * note - the iPad was deliberately placed high on a dresser, but he got a stool and climbed up to reach it. ** 2nd note - he threw my nice camera and brand new lens over the same balcony a year ago (his college fund is dwindling with repair costs)

- Ran away twice from me at church, one time finding himself in the parking lot and our church is on a very busy street, second time he was running laps in the dark basement without a care in the world. Let me tell you that this momma cared. So if you see him holding my hand and not running around with the other kids this week, you will know why.

- Tested his artistic abilities by decorating his sisters sheets with a pen (markers are all up too high)

- Most meals he considers cause and effect as he pours his drink or food all over the place, or mixes food and drink together or uses his fist to smash whatever food he can. He is getting quite experienced at cleaning up.


This boy drives me wild and crazy all at the same time. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

St. Louis

Steve was gone all this past week to Texas and Florida (yes he got some refreshing warm weather).  The kids and I loaded up and headed to St. Louis to spend some time with his parents. It is a 4-hour drive and I am so thankful we have family within driving distance, especially for times like this. My week went much more quickly and was much more enjoyable not being home all day and night alone with the kiddos. 

It was my 32nd birthday while he was gone, so we went to dinner last weekend before he left town. We went to Bonefish and I realized this is 3 years running as Bonefish being my birthday dinner out. His gift to me is a girls weekend away with my dear friend Mindy who is going to be driving up to KC from OK in a few weekends for some girl time, kid free!

In St. Louis we went to the Magic House, played outside on the one decent weather day and spent time with Papa, Gigi and Uncle Benny who came home from college. I got to choose my birthday dinner and got an afternoon shopping by myself where I hit up new outlets and scored some AMAZING deals at a few stores that are usually way beyond my budget!

Most days Colton still wants to be as naked as he can be. Nevermind it is below zero outside, the boy does not like clothes.

The Magic House had a whole kid town, where kids got to act out grown-up jobs. They loved it.

We all got home Saturday night before the bad weather hit and are hunkered down in the cold weather. There has been a lot of that this winter, we look forward to warmer days to be outside soon!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Father/Daughter Dance

Last weekend was the event that Payton talks about ALL year long, the Father/Daughter Dance. The ladies hosting it really went above and beyond this year with a castle/princess theme. The even have 5 "real" princess there. Payton seriously talks about the dance all year long. This year Payton still got daddy to herself for dinner and most of the dance. I worked the dance so Presley was there for some of it, but Payton enjoyed the last year alone. Colton went to his favorite friend E-mans house and wrestled the night away.

Colton's night

Years past




Presley is 1!

Presley turned 1 a few weeks ago.

She is a delightful addition to our family. 
She has the sweetest temperament and loves her sister and brother. 

We are so thankful for the gift of Presley Rae to our family!