Monday, April 21, 2014


We had a great Easter yesterday. What a great day to celebrate Christ's Resurrection! Steve delivered a powerful sermon (yes I am biased) and then we had friends over later in the evening. This is the 4th Annual Southards Easter Dinner and I believe this year was the biggest yet. Here are pics from the day.

Egg Hunt

 Presley caught on very quickly

Miss Michelle brought the highlight of the evening, live chicks for the kids to hold!

Payton was really into the chicks while Colton ate his candy the whole time just watching the action.

We have had many of the same families over the years and added some new ones this year. We invite families close to us that do not have any extended family in town to celebrate with. We have added 3 babies since last year plus Stetson on the way.

Trent and Jessica with baby Titus 3 weeks old. Last Easter was their first Sunday in KS as our Youth Pastor and Titus has been a sweet surprise this past year as Jess wasn't sure if she would be able to have kids.

The McNeil Family (neighbors)

The McAtee Family (missing Cali who is 2 months old who was sleeping) (neighbors)

The Zimmers Family who added baby Alton this past year (good friends from church)

The Gaeddert Family (Jenna is on staff at church)

The Reiswig Family (Jason is on staff too)

Our growing family

I had to include the following picture as it was our first Easter we hosted and Payton is wearing the same dress Presley wore to church in the top picture and Colton is my belly.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Here Turkey Turkey Turkey

Since this is Team Southards blog and the captain of this team happens to be a hunter, it is probably appropriate to share his hunting success stories for memory sake. 

One thing I love about my husband is his appreciation for making memories. Hunting is more than a hobby to him, it really is his time away from it all. Sitting in the woods is one place he feels closest to God. He might use that line on me so I can't argue about him going, but it really is refreshing for him. He is great about documenting each kill that he has, writing the story behind the hunt. I have failed to include any of these stories before, so now I am changing that.

Spring Turkey season is here and he scored early. Here is his story

Early Bird  4/11/14

After an exciting Friday morning sunrise, talking to 2 gobblers on the roost but resulting in nothing more then my heart racing and seeing 3 hens, I decided to slightly change my position and use a different call.  Immediately a bird responded 300 yards to the west.  Believing I had plenty of time to close the distance, I moved 75 yards, sitting up against a tree near the old home place of the original farm house on the property.  I settled in and called again and he quickly responded, this time he was much closer and it was clear he was committed and coming.  With the words of Papa Southards going through my mind reminding me “don’t over call him,”  I put the box call down and picked up the Browning 12 gauge.  It was less the 5 minutes later, the interested gobbler showed up, strutting down the lane I often use when I drive in.  After watching him looking intensely for the hen responsible for luring him in, I decided I better take the shot.  I did and he flopped.  As I ran to get him, I was in disbelief that it happened so quickly.  It was a perfect spring turkey hunt: green grass, birds chirping, jonquils in bloom near the old homeplace, and of course a gobbling turkey.  Life is good.  9 in beard, 1 in spurs.  The second picture is from a bird Jim (our family Dr who delivered Presley and will deliver Stetson) and I called in a couple days before.  Jim pulled the trigger and he was a real nice bird: 12 in beard, 1 ½ in spurs.  

Creative outlet

I do not consider myself to be artistic. But I do love a fun project every now and then. It seems like it has been awhile since I have done a fun project and I needed a little outlet. 

About a year ago I found this adorable hand painted bangle. Unfortunately it was $60. I do not trust myself enough to paint letters onto anything so I just kept the idea in the back of my mind. I did but a wooden bangle from Hobby Lobby for a couple dollars in preparation for doing something similar. 

A few weeks ago I ordered a monogrammed sticker kit off Groopdealz for my iphone. It had 2 circle monogrammed circles and one strip that was meant for wrapping around your iphone charger that goes into the wall. Knowing I have no need to add a monogram to my charger (but really wanted one for my iphone case) a light bulb went on.

I got out my wooden bangle, my paint, my sticker and about $8 later

It isn't perfect but my goodness it is going on my arm and not a museum so it doesn't have to be. The inside is a great gold paint color that it actually used for model cars (called Testors and you can find at Michaels for cheap). I started looking around my house to find what else I could add a little gold to :) So I got my fix for projects for a bit.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

33 weeks and powerful

Monday we hit the 33 week mark. This boy feels sooo big to me. I keep saying I wouldn't be surprised if he is the biggest yet. I was telling Steve yesterday that he is the first one of all 4 kids whose kicks actually hurt me. They sometimes take my breath away. Colton was so much more active than the girls, but I do not remember pain from his movements. As I mentioned this to Steve, he said "do you know the word I pray over Stetson right now?" 

(side note: a great parenting book Praying Circles Around your Children challenges parents to pray specific words over each of their kids lives. Words that you choose through prayer and knowing each of your kids individually. We often pray Compassion for Payton, Strong and Courageous for Colton, Peaceful Spirit for Presley).

I asked him what word he is praying over Stetson and he said POWERFUL! I asked him to wait and continue that prayer after Stetson is out of my uterus as I do not want to experience his power inside my belly nor would I prefer a powerful entrance into this world out of me. Nice and simple delivery would be fine with me.

2 belly pics from this week

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weekend update

This weekend the kids did their 2nd Annual Bug Run. It is honor of our family friend Jadon who battles SMA. The kids get super hero capes and have worn the ones from last year all the time. This year the McNeil girls joined them.

Payton loves sweets and remembered there was cotton candy last year and specifically asked if they would have it again. I think she ran fast to the finish line because she wanted the cotton candy.

My in-laws came in town for the weekend and it is always a fun treat to have them here. They came to the race then we had breakfast out at Cracker Barrel.  Later that afternoon we took them and Daddy (since Steve doesn't do our weekday outings with us) to Deanna Rose our petting zoo and farmstead that we just love here locally. 

We had a great weekend with friends and family. The weather is beautiful and we are taking advantage of it!