Monday, May 25, 2015

Getting outside and Riding Horses

I know I didn't post much after our move to Ohio and during the winter months. That was mostly because I wasn't sure I needed to report that we sat inside most of the winter and hibernated. We moved to a new place and had started making some friends and I had some playdates, but our calendar was pretty clear and we did the same thing every day. Needless to say, we are so thankful for the warmer weather so we can get outside and start exploring Ohio. Moving to a new place provides opportunity for new adventures. 

So we have been getting outside more and yesterday was one of the most exciting days for Payton since we moved here because she finally got to ride a horse. We have new friends Josh and Shala that were in our Life Group and when we first met Shala this winter, Payton learned that Shala used to show horses when she was younger and her parents still had horses. Shala has 2 little boys and she told Payton she would love to take a little girl out on her horse Mack. Payton has really loved the idea of horses for a few years and we looked into lessons that but they were really pricey and we weren't sure about spending that much money on something we weren't even sure if she would like.  She was elated that yesterday she finally got to ride Mack. All the kids enjoyed him.

We have also been exploring different parks, fishing at friends homes, and taking walks and getting rewarded by cops for wearing helmets.

Presley thinks she needs her shirt off right now when the boys have their shirts off.

Payton has 4 days of school left then we head to Florida for our Wiens family beach vacation. We are so excited for summer. We have a lot of fun trips planned and we love being outside!

A little KC in Ohio

This past week we had some of our best friends, really friends like family, from KC visit us. Zack and Hil and their sweet twins Reese and Ava were our next door neighbors in KC. They have been on this blog a lot. Neither of us had family in the KC area, so we were really like family for each other. They were here much of last week and we had some fun outings and some fun hanging home together. We loved being able to kick back and laugh real hard with great friends. Here is picture overload.

We visited our local Children't museum called Boonshoft for the first time since moving here. We got a family annual pass from Grandpa and Mimi Wiens, so we will be going back again soon.

We got donuts for breakfast, had story time, did crafts and played at our house

Friday we visited the Columbus Zoo and finished the evening with pizza and a movie!

 We also had some of our favorite KC food delivered to us. We had our all-time favorite pizza, Michelle had Eric cook some of his famous ginger pork (stetson had for the first time and he out ate his siblings) and The Zimmer's sent some of the best KC BBQ sauce our way. We loved having the KC goodies, but loved have the KC people even more!

MO trip

 Last weekend we made a quick trip to Missouri to celebrate our niece's High School Graduation. We spent one night at the Southards' farm and visited Papa Southards in the nursing home. We know Papa will be going home to heaven soon, so we cherish every time we get to see him. 

We then went to Poplar Bluff to join the rest of the family and celebrate Maddy. Maddy is Tim (Steve's older brother) and Shari's oldest daughter. She is headed to Cornerstone College (in Michigan) next year. She is an absolutely beautiful girl inside and out and we are so excited to see how she grows over these next 4 years. My sister-in-law Shari enjoyed having all of her and Tim's family together for the first time since their wedding over 10 years ago. The cousins loved playing together as usual.

It was a fast and furious trip but we are so thankful that even moving to Ohio, we are close enough to make those trips for special occasions.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Going "Home"

This past weekend Steve and I went different ways across the country to our own "old" homes. Steve sent me to Florida with only Stetson to give me a little down time without all the kids and he took the older 3 to Missouri to go turkey hunting.

He spent some time in St. Louis at his parents and then headed down to one of the family farms to hunt. He got to visit with all four of his grandparents while home. Granny Coats has not been doing well and has lost her eye sight, so he was thankful to spend time with her. Unfortunately Papa Southards is not doing well either and was in the hospital while Steve was at the farm. He was so so thankful to really have some great conversations and time with his Papa as we do not know how much longer Papa has. Oh and he did kill a turkey himself and call one in for his little brother. The kids got to run and play outside and shoot their new BB gun.

This dog just showed up at the farm while they were there, no one had seen it before. It was the sweetest thing and Payton kept asking to take it home to Ohio.

Papa (Steve's dad) treated Colton to "his" steakhouse
While in Florida I had no agenda, mostly relax, enjoy family and the warm sunshine. I got to spend some precious time with my 93-year-old grandma. My older brother and his kids came over one day but otherwise I went on a lot of walks, shopped and ate yummy food. It was just what I needed. Stetson got more attention that a #4 kid usually gets.