Saturday, February 6, 2016

"My Happy Place"

It is one of those mornings that all 4 kids are a complete mess. Our fault for keeping them out late last night but it is worse than I expected. 2 little ones were down for naps by 10am!

Great morning to try my new adult coloring book! Steve asked if I was going to my "happy place" while coloring. My dear husband prays for me every morning that "the Joy of Lord would be my strength!" I believe God has been so faithful to answer that prayer.

We have 4 young, loud, active kids. I wouldn't have it any other way (even sweet, "quiet in public" Presley has a streak to her at home). Some days I handle that better than others. Recently I feel like the Lord has been so faithful to give me peace in the middle of the chaos. Rocking Stetson (really manhandling because that boy is strong) this morning while he was kicking and screaming I could laugh and softly tell him that God has big plans for his power and determination. Then put him in his crib to finish releasing his energy and he quickly fell asleep.

I really believe my patience these days comes from grounding myself in God's word every morning. My word for 2016 is Intentional (another post will follow about that). Sleep has been a minimum since moving over a year ago (really since Stetson's birth 20 months ago). I used being tired as the reason I couldn't get out of bed early in the morning. I woke with the kids.

A couple months ago, I decided no matter how tired I was, I was going to rise a little earlier than the kids. I know myself well enough to know that rising early in the morning and starting my day grounded in the word, makes all the difference for me. Most mornings the middle 2 kiddos wake up much earlier than I prefer and find themselves cuddled up on the couch next to me. This used to really frustrate me as this was "my" time and I was sacrificing sleep for it only to have a child up early too. I have created boundaries with them and showed them what 7 o'clock looks like on the clock and let them know that they are welcome to join me and sit quietly but I will not help them with anything until the clock says 7. They may read, but there are no toys, no technology, no breakfast, no help from mommy until 7am. They need gentle reminders most mornings, but it is working.

My patience for the kids, my attitude, my outlook in general are all so affected by how I start my day and how lay my life before the Lord, submitting it all to Him and asking Him to fill me in a way only He can. Now, I also have one more tool in my toolbox to keep myself in "my happy place"... coloring.