Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Framing is done

Last we left off I shared the plan for our renovation. It took us over a month to demo the house (working mostly weekends) and the framers were in and out in 2.5 days putting walls back together! It was so exciting walking through the house seeing it being put back together. 

This will be our fireplace. We bought the insert after the framing so they will come back and finish. My hope is for the fireplace and the surrounding walls to be ship lap. Yes I am jumping on the train :)

This is the wall we built where there was a railing. Our range will be on this wall and the basement stairs will be hidden behind.

Since we took down a lot of walls the "entrance" to the hall had walls that were uneven. We are putting a barn door (when open will hang on wall to the right) to close off the hallway for privacy from the open living area. We built a column on the left side to make the walls even when closing the barn door.

Kids vanity area, this used to be partly the master walk in closet and a hallway with a linen closet.

Pocket door from kids double vanity area to the toilet and tub.
New linen closet at the end of the hall
We moved the girls bedroom door to allow for the new linen closet and for our walk in closet and a new closet for them.

Girls new closet (we took their old closet for our new walk in closet)

New Master walk in closet. Our old closet is now part of the master bathroom.

Looking from double vanity area of master bathroom to toilet and walk in shower (what used to be the walk in closet)

Basement bedroom and full bathroom we are adding. Almost ready for company!

The framers ended up framing in a new wall for the whole exterior of the basement. The old wall wasn't straight in areas. The area to the right is the unfinished part we will use for storage.

Kids play area in basement. Behind the wall will be Payton's art studio. As the oldest she craves her own space and doesn't have any. She loves art so this area will have a door to keep little siblings out and she can create a mess that will be concealed.

A really special thing we did was have people over to the house to write prayers and scriptures all over the house on the new wood.  It was really neat for our kids to watch this and know how much our home is covered in prayer and literally has God's word written all over it. Each of the kids even added prayers.

Since the pictures were taken the plumbing and electrical have been mostly finished.

We have a few misc items to finish up this week (HVAC work, cutting egress window, etc) and drywall should start next week. I know once drywall is done, the fun work (paint, floors, kitchen, etc) will start rolling quickly.  Windows have been delivered and hopefully installed in the next week!

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