Saturday, June 4, 2011

DIY Mirror

I have had it on my mind to do a sunburst mirror over our bed. I was thinking of something like this..

There are so many tutorials online using bamboo sticks, paint sticks, even plastic spoons. But when I stumbled upon a large round ikea mirror for $2 at a garage sale, my plan changed. So I searched the web and found inspiration.

ZGallerie had this one for $200

So off to Hobby Lobby and I was fortunate enough to wander in there when the mirrors I needed were 50% off. Here is what I started with

I wasn't really sure what pattern I would do, I just got different sizes. Unfortunately, many of the mirrors were broken, so my default of what was available, my pattern was formed. I hot glued the mirrors down, crossing my fingers that it would hold. I was really happy with the 2 layers, but didn't consider how I would pick up the mirror to hang it.

So while I was trying to hang the mirror, little mirrors started falling off. I was about ready give up. I thought about just pulling all the mirrors off and going a different route, but most of the mirrors were stuck for good, just a few were temperamental.  So I decided to leave them off, get a better hook, because I didn't trust the little nail in the wall, hang the mirror, then hot glue the little mirrors back on.

I was so happy with how it turned out, I am just praying that the mirrors don't fall on us in our sleep. 

So instead of a $200 mirror, I have a lovely $17 dollar mirror hanging above our bed.


  1. Love it. Even better than how you described it! I'm trying to think of some genius way for you to be able to pick it up. So far, I've got nothin'. I'll keep you posted. ;)

    Great job!

  2. Looks fabulous Erin and it looks like you spent a fortune on it!! Those are the best! ;)

  3. Ahhh! I LOVE this mirror. I've been wanting to make a mirror for our living room for a while now and wasn't sure if I wanted to make the "sunburst" mirror out of paint sticks or skewers... this is 100x's better! LOVE this and I'm now your newest follower!

    I would love if you'd link this up at Sew Woodsy today at our What's Up Wednesday's link party.

  4. I'll say this is even better than the $200 version! clean, simple and perfect!

  5. I'm truly in love with this mirror, and am ready to attempt to recreate this very soon! Your project will be featured on Sew Woodsy tomorrow. Please feel free to grab a featured button and display it proudly! Of course if you have any new craft projects you'd like to link up we'd love to see you back! ;)

    Katie from Sew Woodsy

  6. You did a fantastic job! If you are worried about the mirrors falling off, you can always get some Liquid Nails from the hardware store:)

    Just hopping over from Sister's Stuff

  7. This is awesome! I can't believe this is only $17. I'm pinning this to try later! Thanks for sharing!!


  8. Love it! It is beautiful! You did a great job!

  9. Oh how pretty! You are so clever!