Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Food and Sno Cones!

Buster got to try cereal for the first time this weekend. He wasn't too sure about it. We really didn't get a good picture of his face, but it was of disgust. He is very interested in putting the spoon and food in his mouth, but isn't too sure about the taste once it is there.

I am totally smitten with my little guy, I just can't enough kisses

Bad lighting but you can kinda see his face

Sister thought she needed to give it a try too

After dinner we went with our friends the Zimmers down to an amazing Sno Cone stand in Gardner. Mr. Mike and E-man are 2 of Payton's favorite people. She did her happy dance when E-man showed up at our house!

Rocks and Cones - cheap entertainment

The Zimmers + Buster

Payton being so photogenic

Her hair is getting down right crazy with the heat and humidity

Notice Buster's fingers, he is constantly sucking 2 fingers, I think they feel good on his teeth he is working on

I love this picture, check out what the sign says

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  1. This last picture is hilarious! And the one of Miss Payton trying cereal, I LOVE her hair accessory!