Saturday, June 25, 2011

Potty Training and Sitting up

Well both kids have reached milestones this past week. Sister is working on potty training and Buster is sitting up!

Throughout this past week Payton has wanted to go to the potty. Mind you, for the last 6 months she at times has gone through this, but then just sits and plays. I try not to discourage her enthusiasm, but at times she would just wipe and flush over and over without actually going. If you recall, we tried potty training "boot camp" style a few months ago and ended up with a high fever and an UTI. Needless to say, I was a little worried about her holding it again and getting another UTI.

So this week, when she wanted to "try" she would actually go. She has been wanting to sit on a potty for about a year,  but never once has actually gone to the bathroom.  I figured we would give it a go this weekend. I was going to start Thursday, but we ended up taking full advantage of the amazing weather and went to Deanna Rose Petting Farm with Payton's friend Emma. These girls are 2 peas in a pod. We weren't there 5 minutes and they were both very interested in a snack.

Payton's smile isn't the most natural one I have seen

Emma is a few months older and is potty trained. Payton was in a diaper, but when Emma had to go to the bathroom, Payton wanted to go to. Again, I didn't want to discourage it, but to be honest, I wasn't super excited about getting her diaper off, sitting her on a public restroom, all to have nothing happen and have to get her diaper back on. To my surprise, she went!

So to get to the point. She was in panties all day yesterday and had NO accidents! We had a playdate with some friends in the morning at our home and I was a little worried that she might get distracted by her friends, but it actually worked in our favor, because when a friend would go potty, she wanted to as well.  After nap she even woke up and went poop in the potty and laughed thinking it was so funny. Panties back on this morning and she is going strong. Many people have said it is so much easier when they are ready, and I have seen that first hand. We haven't had to do any rewards (high fives have worked fine for her). My independent child was ready and does it all by herself. She doesn't want the potty ring or a small potty, she climbs on the toilet by herself and does her thing. Whenever she goes she says "It's working mommy," and when she tries and can't go "It's not working mommy." I am assuming we might have some accidents here and there, but potty training this time around has been almost too easy. She acts like she has been doing this her whole life. 

On a side note, see the stool in the first picture. I bought that for washing her hands, but it is her new favorite friend. It folds up and she carry's it ALL over the house, allowing her to reach new heights as you can see her rummaging through the junk drawer in the kitchen.  She loves it because it opens her world to see and reach so many things she otherwise can't. 

Buster is sitting up on his own. I love it when babies can do this, gives them a better perspective of the world around them. For a month or so he has been sitting up for moments at a time, but this past week he is full on sitting with no problem.  

They aren't looking very excited this rainy Saturday morning. Daddy is in Indiana, and we are laying low. 

Payton is so good with her little brother. She is having so much fun playing with him and is really sweet to him. She has been trying to teach Buster how to clap. I pray for my children's relationships with each other. I know they will have their moments, but I pray that they are lifelong friends.

I am so blessed!

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