Thursday, June 2, 2011

I need your skin care advice

Ok Ladies, I need to hear from you. I am in the market for new skin care and make-up products, so I want to hear which products you LOVE! Not just, "this is what I use and it is ok," what products have you used that you can notice a difference.

I have used Arbonne's Anti-aging line for the last few years and have loved the product. I was a consultant for awhile to receive a discount. This is the only product I have used that I have seen a difference (small red bumps are gone, color more even, under eyes looked great, make-up went on and stayed on better). The only problem is the high $$$$$$. Retail the set is $300 without tax or shipping. I have been able to find it on craigslist many different times (at least individual bottles) but I haven't been able to in a long time. My problem areas have come back and I need to find something new and cheaper that works. 

So, please pass along any helpful info on your skin care regime that works, I need your help!

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