Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Weekend

We had a very nice relaxing weekend. No where to be, just hanging low. I was going to paint the laundry room, but didn't have the gumption, we just hung around getting other things done, swam, took naps, watched movies, it was great.

Steve took Payton on a daddy/daughter date yesterday to the movies. It was her first time in the big theater. She loved it, I put a few treats in her little pink purse and off then went.

Payton kept trying to take a picture of me on her iphone while I was taking her picture

Steve is always getting kisses from his little girl

Steve wanted to clean out the garage this weekend. He had gotten a new mower last week and wanted to get rid of the box, I asked to keep it, because every little kid needs to have a fort made out of a box sometime in their life.  I wanted to let Payton paint the box, but decided to do a base coat so it was cuter, then she could add her touch.  

I had already cut out the windows

Buster slept for some of it, then he watched and learned as I painted

Just because I am so head over heals for his smile, here is another picture of him

The box painted, these colors were "oops" paint that I had on hand

Sister adding her touch, this was her first time painting and she loved it. She didn't like getting her hands dirty though.

Her finished fort. I ended up opening the lid to give her extra space and we used tulle for a roof. More a castle than fort :)

Inside doing her "work"

Inviting me in, I can't fit in the door. I did add some ribbon for little handles to open and close the door. Yes this door is backwards, I really wasn't planning well when I started cutting the box.

Playing peek-a-boo.
Who knows how long she will enjoy her castle, even if she looses interest, no big deal since it didn't cost us a penny!


  1. Oh my gosh...I want to play in there!! That is awesome!!

  2. So awesome!! You're so creative... how precious!

  3. Great idea. So cute.