Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Starting School

Sister Bear has entered the school world. She better get ready for the next 20+ years of this. She started going to preschool yesterday. Yes it is an odd time of the year to be starting, most preschools are getting out for the summer.  She is attending Little Treasures, which is at our church. She is actually in the full time daycare, but only going part time.  With Steve working at the church, we receive a discount, so there was no question that was where she was going. It is also a great school with a waiting list.  For her to be old enough to attend the actual part time preschool, she would almost be 4 years old because if when her birthday falls. Steve kept telling me to ask about going to the daycare part time and I resisted, saying I didn't want to put anyone out. Well during those first really trying months of Busters's life, I was completely exhausted and called Steve asking him to find out if part time was an option. The staff there is so wonderful and a spot was opening, so we got her in.  She is going M/T/W mornings. I love that it gives me some 1-on-1 time with Buster and some more time to get things done. She is loving it. She woke up early yesterday and today, ready for school.  She is such a stinker though, here is the play-by-play of yesterday...

"Seriously you want a picture, no way"

So I decided to pose for the first day of school picture

"No that is MY packpack!"

I have decided to not fight sister for pictures. If she refuses to look at the camera, we take the picture anyways.  I won't make a big deal trying to get her to cooperate. One day when she is grown and frustrated that her 2-year-old won't cooperate, I will gladly get these pictures out and ask her where she think they get that from :)

Yes I will laugh and not fight the warrior child.

Sad that we won't have pictures of her face to remember her by.

"Seriously can we just go and get that camera out of my face"

My child thrilled for her first day of school

I have learned to pick my battles with my strong willed child. This isn't one.

When I picked her up yesterday, I asked her what she did, the first things out of her mouth "I had snack and dinner (lunch)." Yes my child loves her food, the highlight of her first day of school.


  1. I can't believe that she's already starting Preschool! Where has time gone?!

  2. LOVE her backpack! and i love that you took her first day of school pics for her...too funny.

  3. So funny and fun! Love it ~ you look great, too, by-the-way!

  4. How fun! I love that you posed for her first day of school picture! That is great! I was seriously laughing out loud!