Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I am super excited. I come from a very technologically savvy family. My father and brothers often have the latest and greatest Apple products. Steve himself became an Apple guy when we got married.  Over the years I have been the recipient of many hand-me-down Apple products.  I have been thankful for them, but my time has come to have my own brand NEW Mac laptop!!! I had been using a hand-me-down from Steve that was about 7 years old.  I originally wasn't looking into a laptop, I was thinking about an iPad2.  I started saving my money before Christmas. I saved all Christmas, End of the year bonus from my mini job, all birthday, valentines and any other just because money for my iPad2. Then, once I had the money, I wasn't sure I wanted to spend it. I hadn't ever saved so much money before, and I wasn't sure if the iPad was a good use of my savings. So during our Daniel Fast, I prayed about it. Yes I prayed whether or not to buy an iPad, God can appreciate that kind of heart :). Talking to the different men in my life (husband, dad and brothers) I decided that a new laptop would be a better use of my money.  My old school Powerbook G4 had become quite the dinosaur. 

So today, Buster and I went to the Apple Store (while sister was at school) and walked out the proud owner of this bad boy!

Maybe it was because I waited and saved for 6 months and it wasn't just given to me, but this might just be the most exciting purchase I have made to date. Off to mess around, set up all my preferences and have fun on my new friend Matty the MacBook (my name selection).

What is the coolest purchase you have made or something you saved and saved up for?

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  1. Very cool! When I was in highschool I saved up for a Video Camera. That was cool to me, I think I was 13 or 14.