Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend wrap-up

We had a packed Sunday with church, a baby shower and dinner with the new worship pastor and his family.  I had been nauseated the whole weekend with what felt like prego nausea! I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I finally took a test this morning and there was one line, no baby growing, hoping the nausea goes away soon.  I do look forward to another baby, but am good waiting a bit!

Ashley and Nolan the guest of honor. Dan and Ashley are our neighbors that we just love so much. Have I mentioned how we love our neighborhood :)

Sister and Nolan (I love that name)

My peonies are in full bloom and are beautiful, why let the neighbors be the only ones to enjoy them, I have a few vases around the house full of these beauties!

A side note that Buster keeps rolling on his back while sleeping (he is a belly sleeper) and wakes up ticked off. We have been fighting it for over a week for nighttime and naptime. Our sleeping has been interrupted by this. I have thought about trying to let him get so ticked that he learns to roll back over, but that hasn't quite worked yet.


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  1. Gorgeous flowers Erin! Hope you get to feeling better!!