Monday, February 4, 2013

38 weeks

Saturday I was 38 weeks. I had contractions all last week (like all day every day) so I got excited that maybe something would happen. No luck. She has measured 1 week ahead the whole time (her due date is the 16th) but we left the later due date (16th) to give me more time to go on my own. Maybe because she has measured big, I think I am going early. Steve reminds me that I should have learned my lesson because I was 2.5 weeks late with Payton. Here are some belly pics. First two from this pregnancy then the second two are from Colton and Payton.

 38 weeks with Colton (I was 25 pounds lighter his pregnancy)

Ironically I was wearing the same sweater for this picture with Payton, yes I went one month longer!

Payton wanted in on the pics too


  1. You look great and I love the picture of Payton pretending to be pregnant, too! So cute!