Thursday, February 21, 2013

Presley Rae Southards

Presley is here.

She arrived Friday February 15th 4:57pm
8 lbs 10 oz
20 inches

Her birth story is simple, we went in to the hospital and had a baby. 

It was the most drama free delivery we have had yet. We were induced, I got all the good drugs and pushed her out. The whole pregnancy I had wanted to go into labor on my own, but was completely satisfied with how everything turned out, even though it wasn't my original plan. I learned with Payton, most often your "plan" isn't the reality.

Presley is such a sweet baby. The first few nights home were really rough, but she has now got into the routine of eating and going back to sleep during the night. During the day she really is content. She eats well, sleeps well and we are both healthy, can't ask for much more. 

Steve and I agreed on her name about a month ago. Our friends in Florida have a Presley and they said they had read her name means "peaceful spirit." I loved that. I felt like the last year had been a storm for me on many levels and she was my calm, my peace after the storm. Her middle name Rae is a combo of both grandma's names (R from my MIL Ruth and my mom's middle name Kay, which mom goes by her first and middle name Mary Kay). Steve was the one to think of it and I loved how it honored both of her grandmothers. We did change the spelling to be more feminine.

Her siblings have loved having her out of mommy's belly. Surprisingly Colton pays her a lot of attention and is very sweet and gentle with her. 

My in-laws were in KC while we delivered and then took the 2 older kids back to St. Louis for a few days. My mom flew in Saturday (day after we delivered) and it was such a huge blessing to come home and have 2 days without the big kids here. They had a blast at Papa and Gigi's and didn't miss us at all. Uncle Benny came home from college and the kids were thrilled to play with him. Here are the pics we were getting while the kids were gone.

They race down the big hill in their front yard

Big girl bubble bath

Yummy food, Payton said the were having a party!

Feeding Gigi's chickens

Taking care of Gigi's baby

We are so thankful for all 3 healthy kids!

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  1. Congratulations! I thought I had commented last week, but I don't see it here. She is just precious and looks a lot like Payton to me.

    Enjoy this time while she is so tiny and new!