Friday, June 3, 2011

Master Bedroom/Bathroom Make-over

Well, it has been a year and a half since I redid our bedroom, so I guess it is time to finally post about it. I have waited so long because quite frankly I haven't been completely satisfied with the outcome.  Steve and I have never purchased a large new furniture item. Almost everything we have is hand-me-down or bought second hand.

Steve had the dream for our bedroom to be a "getaway" an "oasis" for us as a couple. A place where we block out the world and we come together as husband and wife (in more ways that one hehehe). The room makeover started with the hunt for a new bed.

When we first got married we bought a queen size mattress. Steve wanted a king and I was the new wife who didn't want to sleep in a different zip code because we were so far away. I wanted to cuddle.  Well that desire last all of about 1 week. Then, the girl who has slept in a queen size bed alone her whole life, took up more space than her husband almost twice her size.

Fast forward 6 years and we decided to make this retreat for us, we wanted an amazingly comfy bed, that we loved getting into every night. So the hunt started.

We started with normal spring mattresses and somehow we ended up with a King size tempur-pedic bed. Now this is a huge for Steve to spend this kind of money on anything, I knew he was series when he made the decision to go big.  The mattress was so expensive, we ended up finding a really cheap price on a sleigh bed. I would have preferred another frame, but if in a few years we want to get something else, we probably could get out what we have in to this bed.  I have been so pleased with our bed, I love getting in bed every evening, it is so comfortable!

Steve also wanted our room to be "clean" and "simple." We went for gray walls and white bedding. I am all about clean and simple, but what has been keeping me from being satisfied with this room is that it is too crisp for me, I feel like I need more pop. I am such a bright colored person, that I can appreciate the muted tones, but I do like more. My favorite color in our house is our bright turquoise front room.  All that to say, here is our bedroom...


Looking at this picture I really miss the big mirror there. I did add a full length mirror on the wall at the end of the bed and I felt like it was too much square, large mirrors, hmmm it has me thinking though


New bed

Used the curtain hardware we already had to save money, just spray painted them black

Spray painted the crosses white (I am thinking about painting these again another color to bring some variety)

Since we spent so much on the bed and I wasn't sure what furniture I would want, I painted our hand-me-down dresser)

Amazing what some paint can do, I got new hardware as well

Steve really wanted a wedding picture and our vows up as well. We wrote our own vows and it is a great reminder to what we have committed to each other.  ----- The dresser is one area I really want something more. I have tried different arraignments and haven't found one I like. 

I do feel like it is the room of mirrors --- I just made the mirror above the bed, look for the post tomorrow on it

There are the crosses painted white, thinking about pink or yellow for the future

My only pattern and fun color in the room - Target London of Liberty clearance

I did just add the towels for a little punch (they came from the 1/2 bath redo that I just pained navy and thought I would use that color as the accent. Didn't like it with the navy, but works alright here)

So that is the room for now.  I can't remember the breakdown, but we really didn't spend much money besides the bed, bedding and paint. Mostly everything else was somewhere in the house or in that room and repainted. We did move the tall dresser into our closet to open up the room a little.  With the large bed, we needed more space.

Any advice where to bring in more pattern and color I would love to hear it.


  1. I remember when you guys were just starting the tranformation, picking out the paint and painting. It turned out great!!!

  2. What about adding in some yellow pops of color? Yellow and gray look awesome together!!