Saturday, September 19, 2009

Garage Sale Deals

Hilary (next door neighbor) and I hit up some neighborhood garage sales this morning. I am a pretty picky about garage sales. First, I like neighborhood garage sales, better chance of hitting up more in less time. Secondly, I drive by a lot without stopping. If something doesn't catch me eye right away, I usually don't stop. I am sure there are deals inside the garage that I might be missing, but I am willing to risk that. Thirdly, I want a BIG deal. There have been items that I believe are overpriced, that people won't come down on, I will walk away. Always be willing to walk away.

Great deals today. Best deal of the day is the $2 wood table and 2 chairs. Yes that was $2 for the whole real wood set. Now the catch was one leg is broken and needs a little TLC. I can afford TLC for that price. All the other 5 toys were a total of $20 from another sale. I had gone to target this week and was floored with the prices of toys. I feel like I got a great deal. Payton now has her own cell phone too. I was happy with my findings and so was Payton.

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